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DecriaNew Player event
Good afternoon Prophecy, 

After a recent chat with one of our admins I'd like to propose a small in game event and a small give giveaway event with community donated prize's for new players to the server.

During this event I would like to see if we can get guild representatives will be in attendance for recruitment purpose's to offer unguilded players advice and info.

The event will run from FRIDAY 20TH and SATURDAY 21ST of DECEMBER.

Also if established players would like to offer any prizes to be raffled off that would be fantastic.

A time and date is yet to be confirmed so any input on that to maximise support is appreciated. 

If you are a guild rep and would like to attend, please sign up.

Current list of prizes  (donated by myself atm):
Neutral ace field backpack.
1 full set of 35s of your choice (no rares)
1 5 piece of choice 
1 5 piece of choice
1 Reek dna
1 nexu dna
2x hoth itv 
1 whistler schem 
1 ISD polearm schem

Donations from Nitro and Erotica:
A280 rifLe schem
E-Web rifle schem
Massasi carbine schem 
The legendary Vortex rifle schem
The legendary Starlight schem
2x mustafar injectors

Donation's from Arwin/DJ
1 98% light saber crafting kit

Donations from Chavex:
Hoth ITV
1x Permafrost lightsaber crystal
1 hoth backpack 

Donations from Pooks:
Jedi master cloaks
Heavy mineral mining installationsx7
1 sandcrawler house schem
2x guardian mkII droids
Senate pod vehicle deed 
USV-5 landspeeder deed
Mechno chair deed
Stap-1 deed
Yt-2400 deed
1 legendary loot chest
Devastor lava cannon
CCV Cyro projector schem
2xBlackwing saber crystals
1xlair crystal
1xshard of retaliation crystal
1x cunning of tyranus saber crystal
1x concentrated bacta tank
Astromech serving droids term
2x Data disk hologram
Stardock coordination terminal
10 camp's
10 crafted armor colour kits
Jabbas bar table

Donations from Adork:
60 point pangrak egg
Dewback mount

Donations from Ipro
Suits TBC of capped armor with a mod of your choice baked in.
I will be asking CSR/staff to run the draw and will be restrictions on entries to new players up to 6 month's 

Hope to hear from you all soon

Confirmed times are:
Friday 20th midnight GMT/19:00 est/16:00 pst-Lucky despot cantina in Mos Risley
Saturday 21st-20:00 GMT/15:00 est/ 12:00 PST-out door theatre Verni Island
Saturday 21st-00:00 GMT/19:00 est/16:00pst-vernI island
Sunday 22nd- 23:00 GMT/18:00 est/15:00 pst Vengeance outwist.
I can check on some tidbits I may have laying around. And I can be a rep for TEF as well, I will get with you on some items I find
put me down for armor, no mando armor you greedy F****S ( lets say 5 total sets, regular comp or padded with mods baked in of choice)
1 set of battle field armor of choice( rebel or imperial )
I’ll donate a 60 point pangrack pet and a dewback mount. I’ll also rep Exile tho the activity in my guild is slow atm.
[Image: MgWVMnW.png]
I'll try to make a couple of "New Player" kits with items I have lying around. Mostly for Jedi but there could be something for other professions here and there. I'll just have to see what I have that I wasn't selling and put them as giveaways Smile
you can toss me down for 2 or 3 hoth items. ITV's, backpacks, permafrost, etc
Final list of donations confirmed in the main post but this is a donation from Strafe and the good fellows at MANDO:

4x recruit a friend token
Hoth itv
Quenker and pangrak DNA
Biological and synapse crystals
Jedi meditation house-TCG
Sith meditation room-TCG
Crafted heavy weapons
Scyk light fighter deed
Z-95 deed
Shard of ferocity
Sith holocron
Shard of serpent
Mk3 PSG x4
1h 4th generation saber schem x2
Full POB crafted load out

No longer taking donations as I'm overwhelmed with them and just wanted to thank you all.

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