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JayceusDuty status within a Heroic instance
A guildie of mine brought up that there needs to be a QoL where you can change faction status whilst in a heroic instance. Example, group member(s) (especially those playing officer or medic) forgets to change duty status before engaging the instance; thus causing the group to wipe due to the inability to recover from losses.

 Heroics have become a chore to most of us. So if someone dies due to said issue in ISD, they'd have to fly back on their own after correcting the mistake; adding the said suggestion would improve this mishap's negative effects. It was also mentioned that if we can get a command to change duty status to go "On Leave", it can correlate perfect with the general suggestion.
This is a good idea, hopefully we can look into this.
Do you mean like everyone us just automatically set to on leave?
just being able to flag up sf or combatant I think, we had a run where our medic was on leave and couldn't flag combatant like the rest of the group and had to exit the heroic (ISD) and fly back
Exactly what Nitro said. If you would be able to flag up instantly, a run can be quickly saved. And if a command were to be introduced to go on leave, it'll be beneficial for mix faction predicaments. Imo if such a command were to be made possible; I'd love to see combatant tick down in 30 secs & SF to leave in 5 mins.
flag up of flag down, maybe something like a commlink to command in inventory with say a 12hr CD timer that would allow you to flag up or down SF>COM>Leave and vice versa in heroics
rather just remove the limit dont need a item..for something that should of been possible on live Lol
agreed a / command would be more ideal
I would say add it the same way as space flagging up is for ground inside your ship you can go ground combat/sf by /pvp should extend it to heroics , musty and avatar/nk

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