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ChavexAdditional Movie Posters
[Image: 2fl6aS9.jpg]

[Image: the-last-jedi-poster-hd.jpg]

[Image: dqcvbm8rlfi31.png]

[Image: 63a84638ee8fb02c4dbaa2eb49e25178.jpg]

[Image: 813W-CNd1nL._SL1500_.jpg]

[Image: 519NYVKNh1L._AC_.jpg]

[Image: 51stMHDpdGL.jpg]

[Image: The-Mandalorian-posters-1-600x911.jpg]
idk, the movies in the time line before RTJ, I can give that an ok, Post RTJ, I have to say nope. Would feel out of place having a poster of rey looking at me when she hasn't been born yet.
One you could do is the Star Wars Christmas special. If you google it you will find the image for the poster. I know that it wasn't a major hit but it would add to the satire of what your trying to do.
New movie stuff likely isn't fine... i woulden't touch anything new DISNEY just incase they decide to DMCA notice for using it...then again Daybreak tech really owns rights to SWG still not disney till Daybreak decides to sell it but they keep keeping the license alive in there name and even though they have..they made comments they don't care what SWG Servers do and no one from SOE is left there.

as for the rey comment Lol. yet we have ewok fest of love an event that isn't star warsy with wings or halo's but thats okay..lore/cannon went out the window long ago on every server when people realized only way to keep a server alive is new content new items. we already have stuff on here that is not time wise right. yet it was popular with most.

personally though i would avoid anything movie related unless its fan made and none of the above are. hence why i was constantly looking for paintings the community would like. before the last set. but that's hard cause the sizes now may not fit into SWG's limits.
I've never really been a fan of the movie posters I have to admit. What I am interested in is how are you getting them into game? Is there an import/export tool? If so is there a means to make sure the textures and polys are not taxing the render engine? I ask because one of the things I've always wanted to do was rip that damn carpet out of the mustafar bunker, re-texture the yacht. (its carpet suxxors also). There is so much that I'd love to fix or just work on. At one time I had the entire yacht in blender and was reworking the model but there were no tools back then to bring in the lighting, psychics, rigs, or export it back to the game with correct weights so I just stopped. If there is a team working on game content I'd love to find them, do grunt work for them and learn a little more.

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