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PioneerSX2Space RLS box changes
Hello there.... (GENERAL KENOBI!!!!)

This is a rough guideline of some changes to the SRLS that could improve on the new existing framework for the future.  - Tweaking bits and pieces I'll leave up to staff/community to achieve a good game balance without over doing it/underwhelming.

First lets address the rarity + item count.

1.  We keep current rarity, but add chance to roll a lot more items.  (instead of 1-2)  maybe 4-8. <-- personally I like this one. It makes it exciting.
2.  We decrease rarity 50%  and maybe 2-4


1.  Collection pieces need to go. These are extremely common and shouldn't be rare reward.

Possible Replacements:
a.  Duty tokens -  50, 100, 200 -  your call.  (more is always better as it won't make a huge difference considering how space RNG works)
b.  *rare drop*  Resource deeds.  God knows Shipwrights always need more resources.
c.  No replacement,  just removed all together.

2. Items we'd love to see:

Convoy loot, flight plans,  nyms parts,  convoy crates, space decor,  random tcg packs *very rare* - this will maybe interest some of the ground pounders.

Why increase the amount of items?

Space RNG is a fickle mistress.  If you were to use dev commands to create a QID (lvl 8 nyms engine known for high pyr/ts)  to create  1000 of these engines,  Out of 1k  maybe 2-4 out of these might be semi-useful but you'll likely not get the most desired stat for this engine, Top Speed above 104.  (it can hit 111 on the ultra power ball odds   1:1 billion)

Even with seeming large increases in loot, your over all prospect of rolling at least 1 useful stat is extremely abysmal.  Pilots are used to this. 

Other factor, server size.  You have to remember the drop rates for this wasn't so bad when you had 10,000+ pilots plugging away at space content.  Sooner or later someone hit the jackpot and the great trade wars began.  (always exciting stuff - we love/live for this.)  -  20 or so pilots grinding away - odds are made even more difficult for desirable loot to be made available.

This is all extremely important when getting pilots geared up for basic content as well as PVP.  Also reward vs risk.
Got 6+ Space RLS boxes in the past few days, all with 1-2 collection pieces.  So I concur that the collection loot is real annoying and shouldn't be in there.

Duty tokens are usable and more "liquid" (can convert into whatever sort of part you want), but fairly boring.  And if the amount is in the 50-200 range, you'd be making well more from the duty payouts than sporadic random SRLS drops.

Resource deeds are nice, but sort of indirect benefit to the actual pilot.

As for removal altogether, I think the RLS / SRLS mechanic is fun so it'd be a shame to remove altogether.  One problem is that the variety of stuff in ground chests is more broad, so they can have random non-extremely valuable stuff in them that is nonetheless fun and potentially new/useful to the player.  I think that either the drop rate of SRLS could stay the same with a big variety of that sort of thing being added to the potential contents, OR the drop rate should be significantly lowered but you know that if you get one you are going to get something good.

My ideas, from most common / basically junk to least common / definitely good:
Any space-related posters/art
Starship / space holograms
Duty tokens (maybe 1000, for 10 x level 10 parts)
Nyms Starmap parts
Collection *schematics* -- the parts themselves are useless since anyone that flies much likely has them already AND they aren't repeatable.  But a single-use random collection schematic could be useful.
Flight plans
Space Battle tokens?
Raw reward parts (S8, Borstel/Tri-Cannon, etc.)?
Random part with a 98-99th percentile stat?

Agreed - with collections not being in boxes. RLS is supposed to be rare. Collection pieces which is the most common drop in space, shouldn't be in a rare box. It completely takes away the point. I think it's such a bad loot, I haven't flown since looting the server first RLS box.

1. yes, duty tokens are useful - but boring.

2. at no point did I ask for RLS to be removed. just collections.

3. Collection schems - have to veto this. will completely screw over SW's and replace the base recipes.

4. GCW space tokens - have to veto this. It's already extremely easy to earn these.

5. specific stat weigh parts - have to veto this. Would flood the economy too fast for experienced farmers like Nick and myself. Not including a technical nightmare for Reedux to try to figure out.
Ahh, I misread removing (collection loot) with removing SRLS. I get it now. Smile

Fair enough and good points on the other stuff.

About the collection schems, from what I've seen in SW little helper etc. it seems like collection caps are clearly a very solid upgrade, engines are definitely better than standard crafted ones of same tier (but not to the extent that caps are better), but the reactors are still meh compared to a minimum acceptable RE. Boosters I don't pay much attention to because I place extremely low priority on them personally (I use a lot of RE'd level 2 and 4 boosters) -- how do the collection schems compare to standard crafted on those?

To me it seems like collection schems in SRLS boxes wouldn't be a big problem as long as they were fairly rare. But, I'll bow to your take on the issue because I'm definitely not an expert on the collection craftables.

As an alternative, how about replacing the collection parts with 2(or more?) times as many straight-random standard loot parts, but for the specific types keep metrics on what parts/tiers have been the most popular with Kash Nunes in the past week/month/whatever? For example, say in the past week people have purchased 1000 total items with duty tokens from Kash: 300 W0s, 200 W8s, 100 E8s, 200 C4s, 100 C2s, and 100 E0s. For each loot table roll that would previously have been a collection part, replace it with 2x random loot items just like Kash gives, but with weighted popularity based on recent duty token purchases. So from the example, 300/1000 chances to get a W0, 200/1000 chances to get a W8/C4, 100/1000 chance to get an E8/C2/E0. That would keep the stats completely random, but give you parts that are more likely to be things that the pilot community tends to find useful. And seems like it wouldn't be too hard to implement the metrics and the random weighting in the code.

Regarding boosters:
MK1 boosters are among the very best in the game. RE2 don't get the energy of the re4 - due to unique quest part. - Either way, it's too much mass dedicated for too little speed. A collection game capped mk1 can have 37 TS, which is higher than any RE booster in the game. Many ways to build them too. Unfortunately we need a better HGP before game capped is possible. I did a test run with SB on just a regular Mk1 and hit 33.4? I don't remember. Somewhere around there.

Regarding collection schems:

issue is if you flood the market with schems, it completely replaces the default crafts and then everyone expects SW to do collection crafted. SO NO SCHEMS. You take away both rarity and crap on the SW profession.

Regarding RNG loot:

We get all the RNG we need from convoy parts/nyms. Adding regular trash loot is pointless when we can just get duty tokens to do the same thing. TBH, I'd rather deal with the unique part RNG than random/random part RNG. Least there is a (very) small chance for something worth keeping.

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