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EroticaThe Empires Finest Imperial PvP Guild
[Image: bcJeqhg.png]
(Guild Brief Info/History)
Former guild history ~ Radiant TEF - Eclipse DAWN - Gorath DAWN - Chilastra  RPD - Legends RPD/TEF - VoH TEF/RPD -

We are a heavy focused PvP guild that strives  and focuses on teamwork , we are a guild that consist of  mostly veterans from live who have 7-13 Years of experience , some of us have played since SWG was in beta. we do run other content such as heroics , mustafar , collections/slayers , Space and even have guild fight nights where everyone gets around and duels or some switch to rebel alts and we pvp each other for shits. we are a laid back guild we have a sense of humor and love to troll each other and help each other. we have been going strong now since Reborn>Legends>VoH>Now prophecy.
You will find that we are also currently the oldest guild on the server . our sister guild RPD houses our crafters and ents and rebel alts.

We have quite a two cities currently and the very first city on here which is behind the imperal base in restuss. we also have a city on naboo (Heart of darkness) 

if you are interested in some of our PvP footage you can find them below or visit my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvuL3Ll...subscriber

We also have 1 Twitch channels we stream from.

Guild Requirements (A must)
1:Have/Install Ventrilo (Mic Not required)
2:Must be willing to learn from mistakes and take criticism. we are a very experienced guild and some of us have 10+ years under our belt.
3:Use Discord
4:Follow commands
5: Play a support role (Meaning not jedi for PvP sometimes PVE)
6:Must be willing to PvP when the callout is out. this means dropping what you are doing and buff up/come PvP if online.
7:Must be able to take a joke we like to mess aroud.
8:Must be self sufficient we are not into lazy players who can not help there self. but we do help others
9:Must be active inactivity=boot usually this means if your mia don't expect to be in the guild. 
10:Must PvP this is our main focus in TEF (Formly RPD of Chilastra) but we do run heroics/other content and have quite a few who space etc.
11:Willing to help others if needed.
12:Willing to run group content
13:Setting up the proper assist keybind/macro for PvP. no looping assist does not count.
14:Expect to be hated by the rebels in PvP or just for having the TEF tag cause well..we are TEF.
Upon joining you will be on a 4 week max trial period to see how you fit and how active you are. can be shorter if we see someones who's always active they will likely become a full member sooner.

Guild Leadership

Guild Master/Messiah: Nitro 
Guild Co-GM/Boss Lady: Erotica

Guild Officers

Guild Raid Leaders (PVE Leaders)

None atm.

If interested in joining contact @nitro on discord  @ Nitro#8237 
Guild Inactivity Timers
30 days=derank
90 days=boot (unless you are a former vet member of the guild)

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