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ChavexAll Valley Jedi Championships
[Image: 0Jei87h.png]
Calling all Force Sensitives! This Saturday at 3pm EST (2pm CST, 1pm MST, 12pm PST, 8pm GMT) we will be holding an Arena Jedi Tournament. All players who wish to participate are to report to 
Vengeance Outpost on Endor and prepare for battle.  Below are the rules/guidelines for the tournament.

-Event will be 1vs1 round robin until the winner is crowned.  Each fight will be best of 3 in order to "win"

-Competitors will be chosen randomly (all names who enter will be placed on a wheel and chosen via chance)
 Wheel will be streamed in discord for transparency

-No groups allowed during the battle (to prevent group buffs/heals)

In order to provide a more level playing field, players will be restricted to the following buffs: Med buffs, Entertainer buffs, food/drink, spice, pups, crafted and/or base heal stims,  concentrated bacta tanks, officer tactical and heal stims.  NO OTHER BUFF ITEMS ARE TO BE USED.

(This is not to "nerf" players, but give everyone a fair shot. Bio/Focus crystals, Lair crystals, Dented IG head, GCW buffs, etc will not be allowed and if used will be grounds for disqualification). 

-Cloner duties will be provided by Vengeance Outpost

-Entertainers will take station in the crashed shuttle at Vengeance Outpost


Grand Prize

-Light Bending Barc Speeder
-Jedi Meditation Temple (Donated by Korr)
-5 Piece Heroic Jewelry set (Donated by Korr)
-5 TCG packs
-10 Million Credits

Second Place

-5 TCG packs
-5 Million Credits
*We hope to see you all out there on Saturday, spectators are welcome and will have a priority viewing area safe from the activities in the main arena.*

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