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EroticaSWG:Prophecy Weaponsmith caps
All Caps are a WIP and subject to change. i will say if you are getting into weaponsmith here..expect for some badly bugged weapon rolls. when i was QA. i have offered the staff a alternative to moving the  Aug,Enhancer,Power Bit over to the weaponskins. and giving jedi a option to put augs and enhancers into their sabers but nothing ever got tested past alpha. till something changes expect weaponsmith to be a complete bitch and if you are not interested in rolls such as wasting 30 sets of augs to get one capped core i'd advise against going weaponsmith if you are not able to throw away tens of millions or hundreds if going for some of the top stuff with top augs.

however below is a complete re-work on RoK'n Weaposmith skin caps.

[Image: LFbOgIa.png]

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