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ChavexTrading Card Game (TCG) 101
Hi everyone!  Wanted to take a bit of time and show you all how to use TCG and how to redeem your card packs you get while playing SWG: Prophecy.


-Full credit to Iosnowore for his team's development of the TCG.  We are lucky to be the only server currently using it and can't wait to see it back up and fully running.
-Gameplay functionality of TCG is still under development, however we can still use it to collect the cards and redeem the loot cards from the packs.
-In order to use TCG, you must be using Windows 10 (Windows 8 and below is not supported).
-On SWG: Prophecy you get 5 free TCG packs every 30 days.  They DO NOT accumulate, so you must claim them every 30 days in order to reset the timer.  In order to get your free packs or see how much time you have left until you can get more, simply type /getb  
-Those players that don't want to wait 30 days to get their fix can also purchase packs from vendors located in Vengeance Outpost on Endor inside city hall.  Each vendor's name is the associated pack name that you can purchase.  Cost for 1 pack is 3 million credits.

Pack Opening and Loot Redeeming

1. Type /getb  to access the pop up window to pick which packs you want:

[Image: SbVC3d6.png]
Click okay once you have made your selection.

2. You will then get another popup menu saying that you received your 5 packs.

[Image: P7p85IY.png]
Simply click OK and lets now open our inventory by pressing "I"

3. With your inventory now open, locate your packs.  Once you have found them you can either double click them, or radial menu them and select "use"

[Image: zZKG4PW.png]
Don't worry if your packs disappear, thats supposed to happen.  They now reside within TCG.

4. Open TCG.  
You can do that by typing /TCG in the chat window, or by using the pull up menu at the bottom right of your game window. You can also open it from the Launcher by selecting "Trading Card Game"
[Image: 6R0WF7A.png]
Login to the TCG using the same information you use to login to SWG: Prophecy

5. Once open click on either of the circled areas to go to the card inventory.
[Image: 6hnWf6J.png]

6. Next from the "Jump To" drop down menu, select "Packs"
[Image: AYcd2wq.png]

7. Here you will see the packs that we just got while in SWG: Prophecy
[Image: c6A4XMM.png]
Simply right click on the card pack and it should open.  You will get a pop up window that shows you which cards you got in that pack you just opened.  Click close when you want to open the next pack and then repeat for all of them.  (The Loot cards that can be redeemed have a golden border, but we'll get to that next)

8. Go back to the "Jump To" drop down menu and select "Redeemable Items"
[Image: WduhKVU.png]
Any items which can be redeemed in SWG: Prophecy will be listed in this window.  In this case, I have Skywalkers Cybernetic Arm which I can collect in game.
[Image: qny0DYm.png]

9. Right click on your items to open a new window and click "Redeem"  *Note, sometimes when you right click, nothing happens and a new window does not pop up.  If that happens just close TCG and open it again then navigate back to the Redeemable Items menu and it should be fine*
[Image: ZPEglCD.png]

10. Repeat that step until all your redeemable items have been redeemed. You can now close out of TCG.  Now, back into SWG: Prophecy.  In your chat window type /claim to get your items.
[Image: p2lzjjR.png]

Select an item in the menu and click okay.  Continue doing that for any remaining items.  Those items will now be in your inventory!  I hope this will help you out in the future.  Feel free to ask if you run into any issues!
Just to give a heads up, I came back to the game tonight and was able to launch TCG on windows 8. It's good to be back Smile
Good to know, and welcome back. Yeah some people have had luck with Windows 8, and some haven't so that's a good bit of info that can be fed back up to the TCG dev team.
(02-25-2020, 02:36 PM)Chavex Wrote: Good to know, and welcome back.  Yeah some people have had luck with Windows 8, and some haven't so that's a good bit of info that can be fed back up to the TCG dev team.
Thanks, Chavex Smile

Do you know if there are plans to add the rest of the TCG game packs? like The Nightsister's Revenge

I do hope they get the game working again. I never got into the player vs Player but did all the solo play stuff and enjoyed it[/size][/color]
Yup we add them regularly Smile
I get an error message , ,,,not sure how to attach a pic to this message
New to server here. I followed all the steps above but when I do /claim says no rewards currently but I had 3 redeemable items from packs. Any help would be appreciated.
Yeah unfortunately the /claim function for the TCG is bugged, as soon as we get it sorted we'll make an announcement. Don't worry, you're not the only one with the issue, I have some stuff I wanna get too lol
Thanks for reply

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