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Some tips for Entertainers and Traders
This may be common knowledge or it may be news to some. Either way, I felt it would do well to write it all down here. When first starting out as an entertainer most people get off the station, run to the back of Mos Eisley cantina, and start that slow dance grind to 90. THAT IS A TERRIBLE IDEA!!!
  • First, when you make an entertainer, make sure you do the Tansari run through and get your horn. You'll need that to level up instead of all those terrible dances.
  • When you arrive at Mos Eisley, get that Yacht and fly it to Mustafar (yea it'll be alright you won't leave the facility). 
  • Head down to the cantina and talk to Diskret Stahn. He's the extremely tall bothan to the left as you enter the door. He'll talk about a melody in his head and hums it for you. Once you finish that, you'll be able to play that song.
  • From then on, you are gonna fly through levels pretty quick. Get the flush with success unlocked, give yourself a buff and in a couple of hours you'll cap out at 90. Enjoy.
Now for traders, there's a good way to level them up with minimal work and little loss of resources after you hit level 46. All traders unlock gcw tools at level 46. Now with that bit outta the way, you can now go hit an invasion, any invasion, as either a faction member or a merc. Once there do the following steps for some quick xp, make sure you got an xp buff from your favorite ent to boost it more.
  • Make sure you have a couple general crafting tools and hit the terminal and grab all the tool resources. Make three of each tool but DONT experiment on them, it'll be clear in a bit.
  • With your tools made, pick the nearest pylon and start building. It'll only be 4 or 5 each hit, which is what you want. To complete one pylon it takes 25 uses. Each mission is for a total of 10 and you need 5 missions to complete that particular collection so you'll need to build 2 pylons to 100%
Once you complete a collection you'll get xp for that collection, a lot of xp! It scales to your level as well and from my personal testing and that of my wife, Nisha's, you can get anywhere from 2-3 levels per collection. With seven collections (8 if you are in range when the general is defeated) you are looking at up to 20-25 levels of xp. Going by the amount of resources used to level the higher end levels, thats a great resource and time saver in my book. Hope these help and good luck!
100% correct on the trader suggestion... I figured it out by accident, had my traders kind of stalled in the 80's and did some gcw stuff just to try it out... hit 90 the first battle! Great way to get your trader over the hump!

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