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EroticaBuffing 101
First of all i see a lot of people who refuse to buff or don't know what buffs are and foremost, if you do not use the buffs smartly you will feel in  combat. on average 1 buff shaves off about 1-4 seconds on kill time in PvP this is even more you will notice it.  a player completely buffed can almost instantly kill someone who has no buffs if they know their profession.

Please remember all the below buffs minus food stack together meaning you can have 1 food buff and every other buff below. it is priority that you obtain them all..you will notice a massive difference in damage and surviving in not only PVE but PvP Combat. i have put  together an entire list of buffs below what you should have and strive for.

if you would like the wiki to find where each can be obtained from visit  https://swg.fandom.com/wiki/Buff please note not all buffs on here will be useful. i left TCG buffs out as they are useless and they have to long of a cooldown to use vs having both a lair and shard.

Buff List that should be used everyday and always up.

  • Accarragm
  • Breath of Heaven
  • Deneelian Fizz Pudding
  • Flameout
  • Parwan Nutricake
  • Thaktillo
  • Vercupti of Agazza 
  • BoleruueeIthorian 
  • MistVeronian 
  • Berry Wine
  • Ahrisa
  • Timpian
  • Mandalorian wine
  • Rancor Aide (can be used with other food/drink)
Medic Buffs
  •         Nutrient Injection
  •         Stamina
  •         Enhance Strength
  •         Enhance Block
  •         Enhance Agility
  •         Enhance Precision
  •         Enhance Dodge

Category C.
  • Favor of the Elders (Special)
  • Biological Focus Crystal
  • Synapse Focus Crystal
  • Experimental Electrobinocular
  • A Hoth Radio
  • Aurilian Crystals
  • Powerups
Buffs you can activate for a short time that stack.

  • Lair Crystal
  • Shard of Retaliation
  • All GCW Rank Buffs
  • GCW Banners
  • Tactical Electrobinoculars
  • A Hoth Radio
  • Force Entry! or Smuggled! (ISD buff)
  • Powerups
  • GCW Base Stims
  • Veteran Reward Familiars
  • Ewok Festival of Love familiar
Category B.
  • Shard of the Serpent Does not start 60 minute cooldown on other buffs in this group, but does occupy Buff Slot B and is seen as more powerful than the "Mustafarian Injector" which will be overwritten by this buff.
  • Mustafarian Injector
Category A
  • Tactical Serum (provided by an Officer)

Misc Buffs for shits and giggles that you'll often see on TEF Members that do nothing mostly for e-peen among  the pvp community.
  • Crafting Stations
  • Healers Touch
  • Exceptional milking buff
  • Undead QZ buff
  • Event buffs (can be useful depending on event)

Extra items that are  bit harder to obtain but worth having.
  • IG-88 Head ( Can give you a major heal or a insane dps buff or the old BH Shields or can backfire and root or snare you)
  • Concentrated bacta tank (Gives a major heal in or out of combat does  not seem to matter much very much worth having)
  • Fried Ice Cream..(not worth it to most but can be used)
  • Meatlump buff can give you 100+ Luck or debuff you.

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