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RangerPhenomSpace Convoys Suggestions
I was chatting a bit ago with Ceena in Space Chat and we came up with what we believe to be an outstanding idea to help incentivize people to run Convoys more readily.

First off Convoys would reward tokens to each participant in group scaling to the level of the convoy
    Level 1 - 4 tokens
    Level 2 - 7 tokens
    Level 3 - 10 tokens
    Level 4 - 15 tokens 
    Level 5 - 20 tokens

Secondly the boxes would continue to only be awarded to one person but also have a chance to contain extra tokens scaling by level as well
    Level 1 - 2-4 tokens
    Level 2 - 4-7 tokens
    Level 3 - 7-10 tokens
    Level 4 - 10-15 tokens 
    Level 5 - 15-20 tokens
with a new added item available for drop in the box as well, "A Crate of 10k Asteroid Resources" Deed

Third is to have 2 new vendors for the tokens, 
    1 vendor would offer the new Asteroid Resource Deeds at a cost of 200 - 250 tokens and offer chassis schematics for new ships (Razor Crest, Heavy Vaksai, Chiss Clawcraft, etc) as well as the items that drop in the boxes from the convoys.  Also on the vendor would be loot boxes from each level of the convoy for 10 times the tokens awarded for the convoy (lvl 1 - 40 tokens, level 2 - 70 tokens, level 3 - 100 tokens, Level 4 - 150 tokens, level 5 - 200 tokens) 
    The second vendor would be similar to the duty missions vendor in that you can use the tokens to buy different levels of space loot at a random drop rate similar to the duty missions vendor 
i second this, i think it would encourage those who are new to space or maybe not as well geared/skilled to participate in convoys. the token reward would help to keep players interest because they could be farmed for chassis, deco, possibly asteroid crates, or many many other options that could be purchased.
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