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EroticaBring All buff crystals/TCG on par with Lair/shard
title says it...

bring all the Buff items below to be on par and usable .

TCG Buff items (currently mainly just deco..reduce CD To 15 minutes) brings the alrdy useless TCG Buffs to be on par if your lucky to obtain one
Hoth radio on par with tac binocs. 5minute cooldown.
All Class Buff items to 15 minutes. great for starting players.
Musty Buffs that are still 30min/1h reuse to 15 minutes.

This would give access to more buffs and make them usable . currently they are really not worth using unless you do not have shard/retail . this would also help for harder content down the road allowing TCG buffs to help out.
how about giving the tcg buffs/treasure map buffs/profession item buffs their own unique categories so they dont interfere with shard of ret. sprint stim should be unique as well.
Would 100% support moving those buff items to their own unique categories so some of them would actually be worth using. Decreasing the cooldowns would also help.

There are a couple Mustafar buff items in particular that are either useless in their current form or have been broken since the NGE went first went live.

The broken item I'm talking about is the Synaptic Stimulation Collar, it's looted from Sher Kar and was meant to provide defense against mesmerizing effects, which have been out of the game since the CU. Maybe change it up to be a defense against pet stuns or a one time dire root/snare break on a long cooldown?  Just throwing things out there and would be interested to hear others feedback on it.

One of the currently useless items would be the Old Republic Repulsion Generator, which is a DF1 loot and currently gives +160 agility, it's useless because there are buff items in the same category that give +200 agility and +200 to two other stats, so why would anyone use that? Maybe make it a short term damage reduction effect or a short term damage reflect? (kind of like Return Fire or the GCW buff but not as powerful)

Another currently useless item, as far as I know, is the Cooling Spray, which is a Beetle Cave loot and currently gives, I think, something like +160 Luck. It's useless for the same reason as the buff above, you can get different items in the same buff category with +200 to luck and two other stats, no reason to use that at all.  For that one I'd say maybe make it a short term DOT reduction mechanic (either specific to Fire DOT's or something more broad spectrum) or something similar, keeping it in line with what it was originally designed to be before the NGE.

It'd be nice to have a bit more variety in our buff items and I look forward to hearing what other people come up with or seeing what the dev team can do to make these items actually worth using again.  Thanks for reading.

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