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DecriaNew Player Giveaway Event 2020! Date confirmed 5th April 2020
Good afternoon Prophecy!

After the success of last years New player event(link below) I have decided that I will run another one for our new members to the server!


Again I am asking our fine community if they can dig deep and see what they might have laying about and are willing to donate <3

The event will be held on Sunday 5th April at vengeance outpost on Endor.

Times: 11pm BST/6pm EST/3pmPST

To Qualify for the giveaway all you need to do is attend and be a new player to the server who has joined since the last event was held.

1 character per player may enter, no more no less!

current prizes at time of posting are:

2x full sets of 35s of your choice
Muunilist relaxation pool
Any battlefield weapon of your choosing.
5 piece set of choice X 2
3 hoth ITV
60 point Kimo egg
Snowtrooper backpack
2 YT 2400 deeds
TCG Geonosian speeder
Mechno chair
Nuna Ball advertisement
Armored bantha mount
full sets of storage collections (all 5 sets, 700 extra storage slots)
1 Set capped primus layered scout trooper armor
set of bio and synapse buff crystals
Imperial AT-ST vehicle
Tantive IV landspeeder

I have a vendor up and ready for any further donations at Lok,Farstar /way -935 -1236

Hand sanitiser and face masks will be issued upon arrival on Endor, meantime you all stay safe at home and get ready for the event
Thank you in advance
mark me down for 2 Hoth ITV's and a 5 piece of choice
Absolutely fantastic!
Can put me down for a 60 point Kimo, snowspeeder itv, snowtrooper backpack, and 2 yt-2400 deeds. I'll update here if I find some other items.
[Image: MgWVMnW.png]
I can supply a TCG Geonosian Speeder and Mechno Chair deeds and a Nuna Ball Advertisement (for the XP).
I would like to donate a Bag with all 5 storage collections and a armored bantha mount.

I donate a set of capped primus layered scout trooper armor, a set of focus crystals and a mustafarian injector.
Mark me down for a imperial at-st and a tantiv iv landspeeder and a 5 piece of there choice uav-5 landspeeder
Where do we deliver the stuff we promised?
Due to unforseen circumstances the event is postponed until further notice, the company that runs the infrastructure on phones and Internet are doing maintenance and have said we may experience down time.
I'll update as I know more

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