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ChavexCOMMUNITY EVENT Battle for Theed
Greetings Prophecy!

The time has come, tensions are rising on Naboo and the Royal Security Force is expecting a full scale assault on the Capital of Theed.  Martial law has been declared and a planet-wide state of Emergency has been declared. 

Imperial troops are asking for all volunteers to report to Theed Shuttleport A for familiarization training and supply requisitions.

Rebel Insurgents are to report to Theed Shuttleport B in attempt to hold back the Imperial might.

Theed starport and Cantina are designated as "NO FIGHT ZONES" and are available to Entertainers/Medics/Officers etc for buffing your factions.

All available fighters should arrive and group up.  From there you will declare yourself special forces to assist your faction.  Expect heavy resistance from both sides, so be prepared. "High Value Units" will be on site to assist both sides. (Those who wish to participate as "Combatant" may do so as well as there is plenty of assistance needed.  Various collection items will also be hidden throughout Theed (for those who are non combat toons or haven't chosen a side in the Civil War), so come support your side and help decide the fate of Theed!

The Battle of Theed will commence on Saturday 21 March at 3pm EDT (2pm CDT, 1pm MDT, 12pm PDT, 7pm GMT)  Participants will receive a Live Event Badge, and Rebel or Imperial Fighter Badge.
Nice curious as to the collections you speak of I always like collections XD
Looking forward to this, hope to see everyone here.
The event was recorded pvp wise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95v88wYr8Zs&t

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