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ChavexFriday Feature: Buffing 101
[Image: klIZiH4.png]
Welcome to another installment of Friday Features.  Today's topic comes to us from Decria and will help get you going in game with some basics on buffing and how to get ready to head out into the Galaxy.  Hope you enjoy!

A basic guide to buffing and being prepared for combat!

So you're new to the server and want to get right to it and start killing things and bringing back all those memories?? Ok that's great but lets take a moment to prepare!! Preparation takes only a few moments but will only increase your enjoyment!!

First off lets look at what buffs are around already that you can access, credit for the link to Player Kitty for the link below

But I am here to go through the basics of being combat ready and where to get these buffs from on Prophecy.

Firstly you'll be seeking the skills of your local entertainer for a buff, now this is considered one of the most important buffs to use.
To find one you might already have your own or be able ask in your guild or in the SWG Prophecy Discord channel assigned to entertainers-medics-buffers section.

Once the ent buff is sorted you'll be wanting to see a medic and obtain the 7 buffs that they have to offer, now thanks to the community there are usually some in the Mos Eisley medical centre and are ready to provide 2 hour long buffs.( SWG Prophecy was the first NGE Project to bring this QOL change) 

To find these Buff Bot that player's have so kindly left out for us, you will need to head to Mos Eisley and head out of the Star Port and at /waypoint 3530 -4762 inside the building there will be a some of fine heroes we mentioned earlier, eager and keen for you to sit in front of them and buff you!

[Image: S7eWqgP.jpg]

So, now you have you Ent and med buffs(shortened down name that most players refer to them as) you will now be looking for the officer to drop you stims, tactical stims and heal stims, both very useful!

Again, you might need to ask in the discord channel if none are available but normally there is someone kind enough to leave one out, in this case we have local Tuskan wannabe Montross dropping those stims!

[Image: DYZLY84.jpg]

Right! so you got your ent buff, seen the medic and got your stims, now you're ready to head off? WRONG!!
Don't forget about any profession buffs that you might have, if you're an officer for example.

You'll also want to be using food or drink buffs,power ups for your shirt/weapon/and armor breastplate if applicable. These items are crafted and bought from vendors and you can search these on he galactic trade network via the bazaar terminal or the trade forums and Discord trade section and provide great boosts to your stats.
Almost ready to go!

The final few things that will aid you in the galaxy and easy to get are the favor of the elders buffs(from your combat tab) and the Mustafarian Injector which is obtained by a Quest:

With the things listed in this feature even the newest of players without high end gear will get the most out of their character and survivability will increase hugely!
These are what most of us veteran players would call the basic's of SWG buffing but there are other things one can do to further increase buffs from items obtained via the Rare loot system, Quests, treasure maps and officer ranks obtained through the galactic civil war,
but this how to be most effective with the least amount of fuss but we will cover that in further editions

So in the meantime as you roam around the Galaxy having endless hours of fun I hope after this brief guide you will be better able to enjoy your experience and have the most fun possible!

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