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SygnetixLand's End Outpost - Inaugural Bare Naked Brawls
When: Sunday, May 3, 2020 starting at 6pm EST (GMT -5)

Where: Land’s End Outpost, Lok

What: Single elimination dueling tournament.

How: Participants are restricted to the following:
  • Anything available through expertise, including Beast Master
  • Mustafarian Injector
  • Medic buffs (provided on site)
  • Entertainer buff
  • Heroic Jewelry
  • Favor of the Elders buff
  • Officer tactical and heal stims (yes, this means Officers are the only ones with Officer buffs)
  • 1 food or drink or spice item
  • PUPs
  • 35s and PSGs
Participants will send their duel requests, then move individually to the top-level square of the large gardens located to the East and West of our City Hall (approx 100m apart). At the FIGHT! signal, they will move to close with each other and begin the brawl. The boundaries of the brawl is the front of our City Hall to the front of our Shuttle (N/S) and the front of our Crafting Hall to the front of the Community Center (E/W). To ensure fairness, spies will be grouped with a non-participant event judge (both judges controlled by me) to ensure they remain within the boundaries. 

Fights will be recorded to ensure both accuracy and full transparency. Fight recordings will not be posted publicly but the link to them will be available upon request. During recordings, I (as judge) will be in a publicly visible, locked Voice Channel and server muted.

The winner of the fight will return to the base of the steps of the City Hall and their next opponent assigned. This will continue until only one person remains standing. At that time, a short ceremony will take place at the steps of City Hall and a statue dedicated to the winner will be temporarily placed before being moved to it's permanent location within the city.

Note: Use of GCW banners, GCW officer buffs, Mustafar (or other) buff items (excluding injector), etc will result in immediate disqualification.

Why: Bragging rights and immortalization at Land’s End Outpost! The winner will be granted the title of Land’s End Champion within our Discord (if you choose to join it) and a statue featuring their name and the date they won (and by how many victories) will be erected in their honor within our city limits! The winner is offered a duplicate of their statue as decoration for their homes or city (official statues crafted by Giala).

Prize: Buy-in is 1 million credits. Winner claims 90%, house claims 10% to help finance future events and giveaways. Registration closes two hours prior to the event! 

Registration: You can register by sending a Direct Message to Sygnetix#4436 via Discord.

Note: Opponents randomly assigned; EU players will be moved to the front of the queue so as to negatively impact their Monday as little as possible. Please let us know if you are EU when you register and want to utilize this policy.  Our prize pool ledger is publicly available on our Discord. An in-game screen cap of it's current balance will be available at any time to ensure full transparency. Lastly, Melee, Ranged, and Beast Master templates will have their own brackets in future events. This inaugural event is merely to iron out any issues before moving on to more structured BNB's.

ENDERS Guild Leader
Land's End Outpost, Lok

A and B: Participant start positions.

1 and 2: N/S boundaries

3 and 4: E/W boundaries.

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