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IogoomCreate an Appearance Slot for weapons
Repeatedly over the last few months, this topic has come up, but no one (that I saw) has submitted the suggestion.

Within the game, there are a select few weapons that are top tier, and those few weapons tend to be aesthetically displeasing.

By creating a Weapon Appearance Slot, someone could have the appearance and effects of Nyms Slugthrower, while sporting a higher end carbine with more DPS output. Let's be honest, the Legendary T21 has the best DPS of any rifle, but the Legendary T21 is also super ugly.

The other idea that has been floated, is to make weapons like armor. Simply a skin for the core, where the core affects the overall weapon, and the skin has no effect on the end weapon. 

All in all, something needs to be done so the same 1-2 weapons aren't exactly the same for every class.
I would love this. Best thing about NGE above preCU is customisations but falls short when comes to weps.
I would be 100% in favor of this, it would be excellent for all professions but in particular I'd love to see it applied to Lightsabers.  This way if you wanted to use something like the Old Republic Saber, for the extra strength, you wouldn't be locked to either the 1H or 2H animations and skins. Personally, I'd love to be able to use the double blade animations as I think they're a lot better looking than either the 1H or 2H animations. More variety and flexibility is always a good thing.

On a side note, I'd also love to see Mustafar Weapons get some love, make them de-constructable so they're actually useful again.
I really like the idea of an appearance slot for weapons. You would still need whichever weapon for stats and a second junk weapon for appearance. If you would use different styles of sabers than the one equipped would that mean I could equip a rifle but have pistol for appearance?
YES TO THIS! but IDK about using different types of ranged weapon skins like Syfer is saying. that could get confusing and throw people off.

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