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IogoomBring all space resources to the same level
(Yesterday, 05:13 AM)PioneerSX2 Wrote:
(Yesterday, 04:57 AM)Aunvyrae Wrote:
(Yesterday, 04:01 AM)PioneerSX2 Wrote:
(Yesterday, 01:33 AM)Aunvyrae Wrote:
(05-29-2020, 08:10 PM)Iogoom Wrote: I don’t know where you learned to Math but June 2003-December 2011 is nowhere near 15 years. Prophecy/VoH has been generating resources longer than SWG was live before the NGE and because RNG is a factor, it would be absolutely possible to cap every resource in that time. Luckily, time is not a factor in RNG.

Doesn't matter if it was 5 years or 20.... VoH/Prophecy and Legends doesn't hold a candle to the amount of resources available for live servers. 25 servers for 6 years and 13 servers for the remaining 2. SWs where transferring servers to get the best resources by the end AND THEY COULD NOT CAP CHASSIS. The algorithm doesn't let you. best you can do is 99%. I believe one of the sabers did the same thing, best you could get was 99%.

Also, when is 3-4 years > 8?

100% cap is completely possible.  If I can hit within 3 points of game cap on a T/A, it's completely possible.  Don't give me this bs.  I figured this out as soon as I've discovered that the calculations of mass was incorrect. I did about 5 hours of testing, consulted multiple devs across multiple EMU projects and I found out WHY no one could cap.  Time to flex.

You were rolling on the wrong stats.  MA does not affect mass. HR does.  Look at the following:

First notice something odd here.  One calculation is showing MA. The other on HR.  You won't see this bs on any other SW craft.

So... I spent a day on TC testing server bests and discovered a resource which stat wise should of been server best had the worst mass crafts. Next photo - read bottom up.

66622 mass was achieved by switching which resource stats I stacked going full  HR,OQ,SR,UT.

This was conclusion of a team of people who helped me find this extremely old 10+ year bug.

LOL ok whatever. That "bug" was found a long time ago. Still can't cap because it's not based on RNG.... the equation literally won't let you cap.... it will never be 100% it will always be 99%. It has nothing to do with RNG, Resource stats, ect. It has every thing to do with the actual equation. I wish I had SS of me crafting that saber that had the same issue. didn't matter if I got 5 amazings or 8. it always capped at 99%. there is another item from PRE-CU (can't remember which one exactly at this moment) that also has the same issue. it can't hit 100% it's always 99%. It does not matter what you do it will not go to 100%. You keep think that RNG will miraculously change math, but it won't.

By all means. point out all the information about how this was already discovered. I'll wait.   When I cap the first ship on the server, you'll get to pound sand because it's very.. very close to being done.
The Experimental Mass line depends on 25% HR, 25% OQ, 25% SR, and 25% UT. Experimentation on this line will increase the Maximum Total Mass attribute on these items

look at the date. you really want to be a discoverer of new things in SWG.... let me tell you. All the "bugs" have been found.

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