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SygnetixLand's End Outpost, Lok - Home of the ENDERS
Land's End Outpost, Lok (home of the ENDERS guild) was created on Prophecy in March 2020. From the start, our goal was to grow Land's End into a player-driven hub of activity for the server community through a well planned layout, decoration (perpetually pending of course), and city sponsored events. Shortly after the creation of the city, it became obvious a guild of similar mindset would become successful here and the ENDERS were born a few weeks later.

The mission statement of both guild and city are identical. Serve the community by offering these services free of charge:
  • power leveling services in Frosch.
  • a suit of attachments for a new players main (armor and 1 weapon usually also available).
  • a Research Center with no housing restrictions aside from no harvesters or factories within 450m of city hall unless authorized by the militia.
  • publicly available capped crafting stations, including a second isolated weapon station for lightsaber crafting.
  • a well designed and decorated public square for use by any RP communities as an alternate location...as well as storyteller token support, provided free of charge (all building decor is currently pending).
  • a (partially operational) public buff house and vendor mall
Seeking Full Time:
  • entertainer
  • combatant rebel medic buff bot
  • officer stim bot(s)
With no previous loyalty to any guild, server, or city, LEO and the ENDERS who inhabit it are given equal opportunity to hang out, grow, lead, and play on equal footing. We run publicly available heroic runs multiple times a week, have a growing space and pvp community, and multiple crafters in the resource gathering stage of their gameplay.

The Outpost also plans to host many types of events:
  • Bare Naked Brawls is a single elimination dueling tournament that limits what buffs participants can use to bridge the gap between new member of the server and 5th row of buffs.
  • Fight Nights (start date TBA) are no restriction fights and will alternate between faction fights, 1v1's, 2v2's, and 3v3's.
  • Beast Brawls (start date TBA) is a night dedicated fully to beastmasters and their pets.
  • Story Night (start date TBA) is an interactive storyteller/chronicle event that will weave the tale of the Outpost and it's inhabitants (RP-lite).
  • Junkers Bazaar (start date TBA) is a throw back event to the days of 10 minute shuttle waits where players will be encouraged to bring their wares and engage in spatial conversations. Will there be an impromptu bidding war?
Those who elect to become an ENDER are given guild sponsorship, accept, title, and rank permissions so they may customize their experience as they see fit. Eventually, members earn the rank of militia within the city and additional permissions within the guild. All members are encouraged to add as many alts as they see fit and recruit those lost souls wandering the server alone.

Importantly, membership with the ENDERS is not required for your first free set of 35's, nor is citizenship within Land's End Outpost...but the more you support the city and guild, the more benefits you receive. If you join the city (and it's Discord), you are entered into a drawing for a second set of 35's. If you become an ENDER and run two non-consecutive heroic instance runs (enough for 1 full set of jewelry on Prophecy), you can claim an additional full set of 35s.

If by then you decide we're not a good fit for you, you're welcome to leave with no ill will and up to 3 sets of attachments in your pocket with a hearty farewell and welcome to the server from us. We are not trying to buy guildmates or citizens, but rather attempting to encourage people to get to know us, get geared, and enjoy your experience here on SWG Prophecy.

Come by and say hello in Discord or contact Sygnetix#4436 for more information.

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