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ChavexDEVELOPMENT ADDRESS Development Roadmap V 2.0
Greetings Prophecy!  Something that was brought up during our last AMA, and something that we have been delinquent on is posting our Development Roadmap.  Where we wanna bring the game to, what we are working on and things of that nature.  Our first Roadmap (V1.0) was close to completion, but we ran into some issues with Atmospheric Flight.  While we are still  working on that as time allows, we didn't want to delay too much with other content/ideas we have.  With that being said, here is what we have in mind:
Game Update 5  Kashyyyk Heroic (Name TBD)
- A whole new heroic which takes place on the Wookie homeworld.  Anticipate a new unlock for the quest, coordinated group movements similar to Tusken King, and a myriad of other dynamics which will not only test the players and offer new rewards, but will be a building block for the development team for future content.
-Bug Fixes/content adjustment
Game Update 6 Hard Mode Heroics
-Heroics (or end game PvE content) in general are fairly easy now once you know the mechanics.  This update is aimed at making not only the content more difficult, but also adjust the rewards as well to be more viable.
-Bug Fixes/content adjustments
Game Update 7 Kashyyyk Revamp
-Kashyyyk has some great story arcs and content on it, but not many people do it due to the way the planet is instanced, and the rewards are for the most part obsolete.  This update aims to correct that.  Loot revamps, mob level increase are just some of the initial plans.
-Bug Fixes/content adjustment
Game Update 8 Weapons Revamp
-We have heard you!  Weapons in general need a thorough cleanup, to make more of them viable, or options for players to use other weapons minus the handful with the best stats.  This will initially be aimed at Kashyyyk content that we are working on, but will also expand into other planets/content/faction weapons/ etc.
-Bug Fixes/content adjustment
**Atmospheric Flight**
-Again, we will still be working to get this usable as time permits, but it was thrown in the game and implemented at the end of live very poorly, so there is a lot of rework required to even begin.
**Bug Fixes/content adjustment**
-You will notice in between each Game Update there are bug fixes/content adjustment.  Not only is that for the Updates themselves, but for us to work on Bug Bashes for existing items.  Intent is as we get each update implemented, the team is working on existing bugs as we develop the new content for the next update.

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