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RangerPhenomCrafting Assembly Terminal
Good afternoon Prophecy,

    The Crafting Assembly Terminal has been an outstanding addition to game and one that has been of immense help to the crafting community.  I would like to propose that instead of requiring to click on the terminal to receive the buff rather it work like a crafting terminal and give the buff passively as long as the crafter is in the same room.  I know I have been in the depth of crafting runs just to have the buff run out on me unknowingly.  Thank you once again Prophecy and I hope y’all stay safe and healthy.
going to have to NAY this, until the LS crafting bug is resolved. I think in this instance it will compound already a long existing bug.

For those who do not know:

If a weapon station shares same space as other craft stations, the experimentation phase of LS crafting is removed. The work around is having the weapon station in a separate room.

Once that bug is fixed, Sure why not. It's not a big deal as 5 minutes is enough to get through any craft phase and you can consistently re-click it to refresh duration.

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