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JayceusCommando's Double Time ability Change
I would like to see a change to the Double Time ability for Commandos.

I'd like to see it be able to break snares, roots, etc. Almost every other profession has a snare break, yet a commando's run ability, which cost kill counts... doesn't. Maybe a little pep in the step too...

I understand there needs to be a counter balance for it, since Commandos are viable, even while barely moving. Maybe raise the required kill count to 20 or among those lines.
This was pointed out a few times on live. It was shot down quite quickly every time because using a root break could be abused with position secure. I would like the run to be comparable in speed to other professions though, as the speed of double time is much slower than others.
Gotta remember that this isn't live. As this server, likely has more QoL updates based off community feedback than any other NGE project. If properly implemented, a snare/root break would not interfere with the mechanics of Position Secure's root. And by increasing the required kill count, would factor in on when to properly use it. As Position Secure is a situational mechanic, that shouldn't be heavily used on in PvP due to the immobility factor. Otherwise you're a sitting duck. We can both agree that Double Time needs to more than a glorified power walk.

It was brought to my attention, the ideal implementation would be how an officer's scatter or charge reacts. Where it's not a guaranteed to break a snare or root, and has no effect on PS. Also, Double Time would need to negate "You'll Regret That" upon activation and duration of the ability. Or else, that'll make commando OP as hell. Hell, in a perfect world I would like to see Double Time being another possible group snare break, but I think that's asking for too much.
I have to agree with Logoom on this.

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