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ReeduxTrading 101
Credit To Erotica.
(NOTE THIS IS NOT WRITTEN BY ME I JUST EDITED IT TO BETTER SUIT OUR FORUMS AND ADDED SOME STUFF) Original creator is Batman_TWB From Live the Original post is here i have added a bit to help newer players or crafters with the basics. http://webpages.charter.net/asmodeus...%20message.htm

Using the Trade forums is a primary way to sell high end items that have value well beyond what players might ask on the bazzar. There are ways to make use of this forum in a more efficient manner, and the following is a set of guidelines to help you remember all that you might do to facilitate a sale or trade. These are NOT rules, and should NOT be treated as such - rather, this is intended to provide some guidelines to make your use of this forum easier for all.

This information is summarized from an excellent thread originally created by Batman_TWB below. Auctions optionally include all of the following, inserting your preferences and specifics where I have used red font:

Auction Rules:
  • Auction will end at time/timezone on date
  • Anti-snipe rule in effect: any bids within 15 minutes of end time will extend the auction 15 minute increments for that item
  • No new bidders will be accepted in the last 15 minutes
  • All bidders must include in-game name (do not assume your signature will suffice)
  • If items have a reserve, it will be indicated thusly: ®
  • No in-game bids will be accepted
  • Bids should be in minimum $10K increments
(Let me add that a lot of folks, myself included, NEVER bid on auctions with a reserve, and in general reserves are frowned upon)

Additionally, here are some general guidelines:
  • An auction isn't valid without an end date! Alternatively, you can post items for instant sale at a price you specify.
  • Posting items asking for "best offer" with no additional guidelines is not appropriate
  • Be sure to include a minimum bid for each item, and either state a buyout price or state "no buyout"
  • If you are selling skill enhancing items, consider whether they actually work before you set your prices. NOTE: it is not dishonorable or wrong to sell tapes that are believed to be broken. There is some debate about whether some mods work, and many people purchase mods known to be broken in the hopes that they will be fixed at some point.
  • Title auctions with some indication of the items you are selling
  • Weapons should list damage & Combat Level required as well as profession if applicable
  • All items should show their skill mods, if any
  • If you are selling resources, be sure to state the actual name - as important as the stats on it
  • State your delivery terms very clearly, especially if you do not wish to personally deliver items
  • Make sure you, the seller, post YOUR in-game name
  • The only time it is ever appropriate to change any rules of an auction is if no bids have been placed - especially end date/time
  • Prices can always be lowered, but should never be raised. However, a buyout should never be lowered to a current bid price thereby making the sale immediately

  • Use color, bullets, numbers, etc. to help make your post readable
  • Use color, bullets, numbers, etc. to help make your post readable
  • Bumping creates clutter - nobody likes to scroll through tons of bumps or multiple pages if they can avoid it. Refrain from bumping more than once or twice a day.
  • Update (edit) the original post with current high bids as much as possible, and when doing so post a new message stating "Updated"
  • When the auction is over, edit the title of the auction to state "Complete" or "Over" or something similar
  • Post images of your item(s) whenever possible. It's a good idea to do this on a second post, as the links can get screwed up when you edit your main post to show updates.
  • If you will accept items in lieu of credits, be clear on exactly how that will work. The simplest way is to assign a "value" to the items so they can be compared to credits, or to simply state an item that can be used as a buyout.

Finally - from a buyer's perspective:
  • Buyer beware! Skill enhancing tapes and other loot may not work as intended.
  • Bids should never be withdrawn. If there is some chance you may not have the money or you might get a better deal elsewhere, don't bid in the first place. The one exception to this is if you find that the item(s) you have bid on are not, in fact, what they seem... ie - skill enhancing tapes that do not work.
  • Do not clutter an auction with unrelated posts. Commonly called highjacking, the most dishonorable version of this is to make mention of your personal auctions or items for sale. Similarly, any flaming (negative comments about an individual) are extremely poor form.
  • Do not complain about high prices. The seller has made a decision about what the items are worth to them personally. If you think the prices are too high, move along citizen. There's nothing to see here. These are not the droids you were looking for.
Trade and general forum lingo (taken from Madek on Bloodfin)

Sales Terms:
  • LTB = Looking to Buy
  • LTT = Looking to Trade
  • LTS = Looking to Sell
  • WTB = Want(ing) to Buy
  • WTT = Want(ing) to Trade
  • WTS = Want(ing) to Sell
  • IS = Instant Sale, poster is usually posting with one price
  • AUC = Auction
  • PC = Price Check (poster wants to check price of mentioned item)
  • OP = Original Poster (player who started the thread)
  • IC = Interest check
  • CPU = Credits Per Unit (seen when selling/buying resources)
  • FWIW = For what its worth

Auction Terms:
  • B/O (BO, bo, etc.) = Buy Out [price], price at which auction is ended by a bidder paying the BO price
  • Min = minimum or starting bid
  • Inc (incr, in, etc.) = Increments, as in so much more than the previous or starting bid
  • snp = sniping (bidding at the last minute or second in an auction in order to win the auction)

  • Musty = Mustafar
  • Kash = Kashyyyk
  • Cnet = Coronet, Corellia
  • SW (in the context of space) = Shipwright OR (of course) Star Wars
  • SWG = This game (hopefully no one needs reminding of this, although by now.... who knows )
  • /bump = Bring Up My Post (move it to the top)
  • IGN = In-game name (name a players uses in-game)
  • w/p (wp, WP, etc.) = waypoint (coordiantes in-game of the location tpyed out, e.g. 645, -2098)
  • Enh = Enhancement (similiar to a modifier) Max 30 Crit
  • Aug = Augmentation (similiar to a modifier) Max 250 Health/Action
  • Mossey = Mos Eisley

Some [currently] popular specific item abbreviations:
  • PLC = Protective Liquid Coating (looted in the Death Watch Bunker)
  • BL = Binary Liquid (also looted in the Death Watch Bunker)
  • DWB = Death Watch Bunker (dungeon located on Endor)
  • DW = Death Watch
  • JP = Jetpack
  • JPB = Jetpack Base
  • Mando = Of or relating to Mandalorian [Armor]
  • BS = Black Sun (spawn on Endor and Yavin IV) OR Blackscale (spawn on Kashyyyk)
  • Holo = Hologram (Blue 3-D Mode) OR Holocron (currently useless in game- decoration)
  • Prem = Premium Power Crystal OR Premium Krayt Pearl
  • GLC = Guardian Lighting Cannon (looted from the Factory Guardian in the Droid Factory on Mustafar)
  • CA(s) = Clothing Attachment(s) (modify stats on clothing) OR Cybernetic Arms (looted on Kashyyyk)
  • AA(s) = Armor Attachment(s) (modify stats on armor)
  • SEA(s) = Skill Enhancing Attachments (can be CAs or AAs)
  • WG = Warmly Glowing
  • DG = Dimly Glowing
  • FG = Faintly Glowing
  • BG = Barely Glowing
  • ORLH (OR, ORL, etc.) = Old Republic Lightsaber Schematic
  • TS (in relation to ship parts) = Top Speed (of an engine)
  • LC = Lava Crystal
  • BH = Of or relating to Bounty Hunter Armor (or profession) OR Bane's Heart (special lightsaber color crystal obtained from NK-Necrosis)
  • LS = Lightsaber
  • JMC = Jedi Master Cloak
  • GKH = Gurk King Hides
  • BF = Woolmander Bone Fragments or Battlefield
  • GDK = Giant Dune Kimiloga Scales
  • DJK = Dark Jedi Knights
  • DJM = Dark Jedi Masters
  • Exp = Experimentation (a mod on; for example CAs)
  • Kim (Kimo) = Of or relating to a Kimogilia Dragon (spawn on Lok, anywhere)
  • WoD = Witches of Dathomir
  • NS = Nightsister
  • SMC = Singing Mountain Clan
  • TK = Tusken King
  • NSEL = Nightsister Energy Lance
  • MC = Master Crafted (Bounty Hunter Collection Weapons)
  • WS = Weapon Smith
  • AS = Armor Smith
  • TCG = Trading Card Game
  • AM = Axkva Min
  • ISD = Imperial Star Destroyer
  • EK = Exar Kun
  • Echo Base = Hoth Heroic Instance
  • DE = Droid Engineer

Backpack Buyers Beware 101/Info
  • Be cautious when buying backpacks with items that are advertised to be in it. scamming is very possible (report it if staff finds its a legit scam in most cases its easy to tell then you're likely geting you're credit's back) be sure to see if the player is a known player and not someone on a new account trying to scam.
  • Never call someone a scammer unless you have proof. many times someone will buy a item/backpack from a shop and place on a public bazaar in towns and someone buys it and claims scammer! look at the backpacks name make sure the seller is the actual person who has their name on the pack easy to tell when someone has bought from another player. some will use this as a method to ruin a players name so be warned.
  • When listing a backpack please put in the name of the backpack the items in it. for instance a heroic set would be Heroic 5 piece Setname (W/band) if it has both ring/band if not put (No Band two Rings)
  • When listing lightsaber kits high-end or current server best please list every resource in the description with stats. as well as for what saber and the resource amount inside. if you want to a longterm seller being professional about you're kits goes a long way.

Weapon Smith 101/Info
  • When you're looking to get a custom weapon made be sure to bring multiple 35 power bits , mod bits , aug and enhancers you can not 100% cap a weapon every go. it is a very hard and risky process creating weapons. high end weapons like the elite tusken rifle or master crafted or p-8 i would advise bringing the mats for 3 to 10 tries on the core. it is so risky sometimes you can not cap a weapon in 10 attempts
  • When you're buying weapons make sure to look for a socket on it if you wish to attach a weapon attachment onto it
  • The cap on a aug is 250 health or action and enhancers cap out at 30 which is 3.0% crit chance. 226/26+ drop from heroics only or some rare theme park bosses.
  • When creating a custom weapon always use assembly pups on the initital schem of the weapon. and use Bespin port on every experiment attempt!
  • Always wear a Crafter suit on weapon crafting as well as full luck in the rest of you're suit. a suit should contain a weapon , armor , shirt and x8 pieces of armor or use a deconstruction armor in place of the biceps/bracer. always pop a shard of retaliation before you experiment on very expensive weapons. luck effects you're chance to get a better experiment success roll!

Fastest Leveling Option For Trader
  • Structures is the most fastest way to grind a trader to 90 it takes 2 hours with X2 bonuses so it goes by very fast any higher. I would advise doing survey tools then harvesters then crafting stations then fountains then gungan heads in that order. it's crazy fast. you can sub out fountains with stations to 86 if need be if you can't get the water/ore. and it will only take a bit of extra time with higher rates.
Random Lingo:
  • QFE = Quoted for Emphasis (to make/enforce a point)
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