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Rikmon-FairTrade- Lightsabers
Hey jedi! Look down at what you’ve got in your hand there. That’s a good lookin’ lightsaber my friend, bet you paid too much for it. Just like you, I was paying too much for my lightsabers. 1 million credits? 500,000 credits? Hell not my dudes! That’s why I started -FairTrade- Lightsabers a community focused and ethically priced saber kit company. My lightsaber kits are lovingly packaged by 100% union labor. That’s right! Rest easy knowing that every kit you buy was carefully put together by a droid who receives a fair wage, 15-minute mandated paid break per 4 hours of labor, and an hour lunch per 8-hour workday. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Why would you unionize a droid?” I am glad you asked because I am focused on the healthy, non-exploitative development of our community. I don’t just say I treat my employees well; I empower them to tell me when I’ve treated them well and I am bringing that same love to you!

-FairTrade- Lightsabers is going to put your next 5th gen in your hot little hand for 200,000 credits. That’s going to get me enough credits to replace my resources and get more kits to more jedi all while getting my droids taken care of. The right way. The truth the other guys don’t want you to know is that all of the kits on the market are selling you the exact same resources by name and number. -FairTrade- Lightsabers keeps the quality of your kit high and the price fair by cutting out needless expenses being paid by our competitors, namely exploitative greed. You will not find any of that here my friends, it’s disgusting and makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

Stop paying too much for lightsabers, get yourself a -FairTrade- Lightsaber kit brought to you buy Rikmon’s Treasure Pile. Take the waypoint below and come on down. (Seriously, just copy/paste it into your ingame chat bar)

Selling 98% lightsaber crafting kits good for gens 1-5.
200k Each
/way Talus -4439 -6121 "Rikmon's Treasure Pile" at River Run

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