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JayceusJay's RP Guide for Surviving RP
Greetings Prophecy friends.
I put this most of this guide together a long time ago back on live, and decided to touch it up; and share it with you all. My first RP experience was on Starsider on SWG live (ended on Chilastra on the final days), hell even the first MMO I've played. Bringing me to pick up a lot along the way. This thread is intended to teach and/or sharpen the skills of those who need be. Please, the following is merely my thoughts on how properly to roleplay, I'm not saying these are the golden standards by any means. I am pretty sure everyone else has their methods and standards, but these are the ways that carried me throughout my days on the live game. I put the following in a specific order, that way the concept of RP is better grasped.

Well the first part I am going to stress is timing and delivery. A lot of times I seen people sit writing paragraphs (I admit when I started I use to do it too). I understand you want to set the mood, get into vivid details when you are speaking. You have to realize you're only dragging out the  session, and may be leading it to unorganized conversations. Also, you're creating an eye sore of a wall  to read. What you want to do is keep things short, sweet and on to the point. You want the story and conversations to progress easily. Type responses and statements, sentence by sentence. That way you allow the other person to interject if need be (allowing others to contribute to the session). Example below.

"Where did you come from?" Darth Jakass says.

"How did you find us, Jedi!?!?" Darth Jakass says.

"I don't speak "Murdering monster." Jedi Knight Face Bindu says.

"If you want answers merely lower your voice and ask nicely." Jedi Knight Face Bindu says.

That's a tiny snippet, but you get the idea. Keep it short, sweet and to the point. Who knows after a reply from you, the conversation can go into a different direction and make the session action packed.

Next thing I want to touch on is grammar, to me this is a big to me. I can not stand when I am in the middle of session and someone breaks out a "u" and not spell out "You". Or breaking out with run on sentences, with no punctuation marks. Abbreviating in role playing should not exist and should never be done.  Also if you can't spell the word, don't try to (just dumb it down)! Don't get me wrong, people make typos, understandable. Simply put the correct spelling (if you want) in parentheses. Now the exception to this is if you are trying to convey an accent or a language (Where misspelling is necessary) make sure you imply that you're doing so.

Now there will be a reason that you need to say something not in character. If you need to say something "OOC" (Out of Character) in spatial, the usual etiquette is to use double parentheses "(( ))" with the message inside. People generally view this as a great tool if need be, and so they can disregard OOC stuff that needs to be said. This is great practice, so the conversation in a session isn't disrupted.

Next, the are two cardinal sins in role playing to me. Committing these two sins are not only very likely to give you a bad rep, but can halt any session in it tracks. The following with their definition.

Godmodding - is taking control of another player's character during roleplay. It's frowned upon and with good reason: you only control your character and no one else's.

Metagaming -  describes a player's use of real-life knowledge concerning the state of the game to determine their character's actions, when said character has no relevant knowledge or awareness under the circumstances. Example would be, knowing what happens in the game's lore and using it to their advantage. Also it can mean to miraculously giving your character powers or abilities beyond game mechanics.

Now that you have some important do's and extremely bad Don'ts. What about your character as an individual? Should you just spontaneously join a role play session? The answer to the latter question is no, at least to me. You want to enter a session prepared. The best you can be prepared is by creating a back story for your character. How do you do that? Start with the basics. Where was your character born? How old is your character? Does your character have family? Does your character have any life changing experience? To list the few. The cool thing you can utilize is the Character Bio, in the community tab in-game. There you can give a brief description of you character, and give others an idea on who they are dealing with when they examine your character.

Lets now go into emotes, the /emote command, and the mood in-game mechanic. Emotes are vital to role playing, it allows an individual how to express themselves and/or what they are doing. The cool thing about some emotes in-game have an animation *Cough* /backhand. Now if you want to be a tad bit more descriptive in your emotes, the /emote command is where it's at. An example of how it works is like this.. you start the line with /emote , then the description of what your character is doing or feeling. So it would be entered as /emote wonders how long ago did he eat. It will appear as, Jayceus wonders how long ago did he eat. Now the mood command mechanic. If you look in commands under the Moods tab, you'll see a bunch of emotions. Those emotions affect your tone when typing in chat, not only that but can change your character's facial expression and posture. Which is really neat, in furthering how you are expressing yourself.

*Small tip, make sure you don't have your weapon out while in a regular conversation. Some people take that as you're going to convey a hostile attitude with your character. Best to tuck that bad boy away, unless need be. Smile *

*Another knowledge bomb.. /OOC and /Roleplay really have a purpose.. Please try to remember to use the correct status so other Role Players know who to approach. As well take serious.*

*For the ones that keep up with current hip hop culture, as DJ Khaled would say, "And anotha one.." Please be creative, have fun with the stuff you're going to say. Remember you're trying to create an experience with and for yourself/others. As long as you're creative. anything is possible if you can tell the story right.*

*I barely mess with the storyteller stuff, but also a great tool to use in a great session.*

And the finally... The last things I want to mention (atleast for now), which is the integral part of role playing is, to keep in the direction where the conversation moving forward and consistent. This is always the general rule in RP. It is very annoying when players get in a serious bare knuckle RP session, then someone comes out of nowhere and says "Who wants to accompany me to Endor and savagely murder Ewoks?", (I would be down to do that anyways) don't be the silly goose who disrupts or side tracks a great RP session. And if you want to leave the session, simply wait to an appropriate time to speak and excuse yourself. If you need to log off immediately and can't excuse yourself properly, using the OOC parentheses and explain that you want to leave. It will kind of stink if someone is about to say or include you in something, they look at you and you already disconnected. It is poor etiquette.

Thank you guys for taking the time to read my guide. I appreciate you taking the time and interest. Hopefully this jump starts epic adventures on Prophecy.  If anyone wants a 1 on 1 session to try RP'ing, I will be more than happy to help. Contact me through Prophecy Discord under JayMando. AND YES... I am a member of TEF and guild leader of True Mandalorians, lol. I have a specific toon I use outside of my guild to Role Play. Nitro is a Role Play god.. Let that be known!!
- Jay

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