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NitroNew Player Guide (By Erotica)
Welcome new comer and returning player to SWG: Prophecy this will be a guide that gives you a lot of info to get you started on the server/game.

Starting Out:

Upon hitting Mos Eisley there is a few things you can do first and i'll mention a few below.
  • Selecting your profession. this is key before you log in. you have traders who craft about everything a player needs or uses , you have entertainers who dance or play music and buff players. then the main 7 combat classes, jedi and commando are by far the easiest to level/play starting out. if you plan to AFK Level a character i suggest using commando they have multiple aoe's by level 10 they also have armor break by level 30 that help's the group's dps, they have mines which is their baby for afk leveling.
  • Fixing up the UI , making sure you have the settings to your exact liking. you can find most options under the interface area and offset camera is under the Graphics area.
  • Claiming all the rewards under /claim , you will find stuff like vehicles , a ship , XP Buff chip and a ITV all of them will be apart of leveling and playing the game.
  • Doing /getvet , this will give you 200 Vet reward tokens that can buy items from the vet reward vendor in Endor at Vengeance Outpost at /wp -2950 5805
  • You can claim a free level 50 boost by finding any player and doing /refer after targeting them. this will give you a Holocron to boost to level 50 , i highly would not use this if you are returning to SWG or new to the game.
  • You can also claim a one time level 90 boost by visiting any force shrine and /kneeling at it and using the radio menu or ~ key. you can visit /wp 5958 -5685 on Tatooine outside Mos Eisley upon loading to boost straight to 90 i only recommend this if you are not new and know what you are doing.
  • Joining a faction is optional when first joining. to join the imperial faction visit /wp 3490 -4731 in Mos Eisley. For joining the rebellion visit /wp 70 -5348. either recruiter allows you to join a faction.
  • If you have not joined the discord you can by visiting https://swgprophecy.com/ then scrolling down and on the far right joining via the connect button.
  • Finding a guild , this one is up to you and most guilds advertise only in discord. for PvP the two main guilds are TEF for the empire and PHNX for the rebellion (contact either Nitro for the empire or Chavex or Reyna for the rebellion.
  • Best method to farming credits is selling junk loot that can be farmed in dearic or nashal or moenia. or selling stated loot to a junk dealer npc.
  • Best method to getting credits off the bat is via your vet reward tokens and selling free crates of resource deeds for 2.5m each.

Gearing Up
  • If you are not able to afford armor yet you are in luck you can do a easy quest as a neutral player i highly suggest as neutral as you can get access to jabba's palace and unlock DWB without having to go through any of the themepark , the quest is https://swg.fandom.com/wiki/Avenging_Mort which rewards you with a set of clone trooper armor with 5600 protections good enough till you can buy a set of primus armor off the bazaar.
  • Weapon's is a tricky one you can buy some cheap one's for 100,000 credits on vendors by searching under weapons and the type you need. you can also use Rare loot weapons or mustafarian or Kash weapon's till you can afford one.
  • Buff Crystals. if you are after crystals such as shard of retail or lair crystal or any of the mustafar one's or the village crystal's the best method is farming RLS chest and opening them. they can drop all of the needed buffs as well as perfect power crystals if you are a jedi.
  • Primus armor. you can buy primus sets of armor by looking under vendor search under misc>wearable container and looking . they can range from 1,000,000 credit's to 1,500,000 credits. unless it is a rare armor then the price skyrockets.

Space one time ace trainers.
  • Imperial Rogue Pilot /wp 2443 -3887 (Be combat) (Emperor's Retreat Naboo)
  • Rebel Rogue Pilot (Tatooine Anchorhead bottom of the house) /wp 122 -5347 (Be combat)
  • Neutral Rogue Pilot ((Be on leave if on a faction) /wp -874 1632 (Endor Smuggler Outpost)

TCG Vendor locations.
3 Million credits per TCG Pack.
  • (Series 1) /wp -2970 5837 (Endor at Vengeance Outpost at)
  • (Series 2) /wp -2968 5839(Endor at Vengeance Outpost at)
  • (Series 3) /wp -2964 5839 (Endor at Vengeance Outpost at)
  • (Series 4 Agent P) /wp -2970 5837(Endor at Vengeance Outpost at)
  • (Series 5) (Coming Soon) /wp -2970 5839(Endor at Vengeance Outpost at)
  • (Series 6) (Coming Soon) /wp -2970 5839(Endor at Vengeance Outpost at)
  • (Series 7)
  • (Series 8)
  • (Series 9)
  • (Series 10)

Heroic Account Wide Unlock NPC & 5 piece vendors & Heroic Loot vendor.
This npc is special after you unlock your first character on your account you can visit it with all your other 4 characters while grouped with the character that completed all pre-quest and all are nearby the npc. you can have each locked character speak to the npc and unlock all heroics without having to re-run the quest ever again and saving you hours upon hours.
  • Unlock npc/wp 5342 -4047 (Dathomir Aurilia Cantina)
  • Room full of Heroic 5 piece vendors. /wp 5354 -4150 (Dathomir Aurilia )
  • Heroic Loot NPC Location (Heroic Henry) /wp -2989 5825 (Endor Vengeance Outpost)

Mustafarian Changes and Vendor Locations
  • All Mustafarian instances now reward 2 Mustafar token's except Old Republic Facility. 3 New Vendors have been created for mustafar tokens.
  • Vendor 1 (Mustafar Mike) /wp -2985 5825 (Endor Vengeance Outpost)
  • Vendor 2/3 (Brunk and Frunk) /wp -3008 5782 (Endor Vengeance Outpost)

Special Changes to SWG: Prophecy

Quality of Life list by aspect.

Combat related.
  • Concentrated Bacta Tank Update.(Can now be used in combat, but only heals a player for up to half their maximum health.Bio-link is now required.)
  • Added Sneak Ability & The sneak ability now shows as a buff.
  • Revamped the Beast Master Expertise. The tree is now separated into two sides, combat and crafting. It is much more player friendly now!
  • Removed PvP buff decay on death.
  • PVE Death Buffs decay 10% instead of remove on death.
Item Related.
  • Jedi Arbiter and Oppressor Robes System(Elder Robe)The secrets of obtaining an Elder Robe is a mystery, perhaps an exiled Jedi may lead you to clues.
  • Factional GCW General weapons are now deconstructable and recraftable.
  • Added the Portable Bazaar Terminal reward for players (2 Uses)
  • Increased Officer stim lifetime from 5 hours to 6 hours.
  • Added the Portable Space Terminal. reward for players (2 Uses).
  • All tokens are now no-trade shared.
  • All tokens may be withdrawn from the heroic token box.
  • Mandalorian armor has had their profession restrictions removed.
  • Officer heal stims now drop in stacks of 8 instead of 4.
  • All armor has no biolink.
  • All Faction armor has no faction restriction.
  • All Crafted Weapons no longer have a biolink.
  • Box of Achievements now only show tokens that players have.
  • All tokens are now no-trade shared.
  • Added YT-1300 House Schematic to Tier 6+ in Ord Mantel.
  • Added Kash Tree House Schematic to NK-Necrosis as a rare drop.
  • Added Krayt Dragon DNA as a rare drop from all Krayt Dragons with a custom skill load out.
  • New Beast Master Heroic Sets (Biologists 5 Piece (Crafting)Destruction 5 Piece (DPS)Reflection 5 Piece (Tank)
Crafter Related.
  • Increased mutation chance cap from 30 to 50.
  • Increased beast master incubation mutation chance
  • Added a search box to the crafting window for easier access to schematics.
  • Increased Advanced Droid Frames and Armor Bio Cartridges manufacture stacks from 10 to 100.
  • Ingredient hoppers in factories now stack items, including junk loot.
  • Crafting draft schematics for all Beastmaster Pet Food and the Mark 1 Fusion Generator can now be made into factory schematics.
PvP Related.
  • The War Intelpad now shows the number of SF players in each GCW zone.
  • GCW Decay is half here , Ranking up is also slightly faster. Current Decay for keeping general is 2500 GCW
NPC Related.
  • Updated Veteran Reward Vendor.(Self Powered Harvester Deed: Increased cost from 3 to 30. Removed purchase limit,A Crate of Free Resources: Increased cost from 6 to 30. Removed purchase limit,A Extra Inventory Deed: Increased purchase limit from 1 to 5,Respec Voucher: Increase cost from 39 to 78. Removed purchase limit,Mynock, Gacklebat, and Mouse Droid Familiar: Increase purchase limits from 1 to 5,Hover Chair: Increased purchase limit from 1 to 5,Life and Death Temples: Removed purchase limit,Gamorrean Greeter: Added purchase limit of 5,Respec Reset Device: Increased cost from 87 to 174. Removed purchase limit,Resource Supply Generator: Decreased cost from 90 to 50. Removed purchase limit.
  • Ten new vendor NPCs have been introduced for each class. you can now buy any class heroic sets.
  • Added Heroic account wide unlock NPC.
  • Added a One-Time free ace pilot for all players.
  • Added Junk Loot spawns to Dearic, Moenia, and Nashal.
  • Restuss Rebel and Imperial reward vendors now use the vendor UI.
  • Decreased faction swap cooldown from 5 days to 2 days.
  • Added Heroic Loot Vendor to Vengeance Outpost.
  • Added 3 new mustafar vendors to Vengeance Outpost (2 Pet DNA , 1 Mustafar Loot Vendor.
  • Added Publish Gift Vendor to Vengeance Outpost.
  • Tusken King experts should now be a bit more hasty to get to where they need to go!
Buff Related.
  • Increased GCW flag buff durations from 10 minutes to 20 minutes.
  • Increased Officer Tactical Serum buff duration from 15 minutes to 30 minutes.
  • Added a Beast Master section to Entertainer Inspiration buff options. These options include.(DNA Harvesting,Incubation Quality,Incubation Time Reduction,Mutation Chance)
  • Reduced the cooldown of these buff items.(Sith Holocron: Cooldown reduced from 1 hour to 30 minutes,Shard of Ferocity: Cooldown reduced from 1 hour to 30 minutes,Flight of the Veteran: Cooldown reduced from 6 hours to 3 hours,Wild Force Shards: Cooldown reduced from 1 hour to 30 minutes,Shard of the Serpent: Cooldown reduced from 1 hour to 30 minutes,Biological and Synapse Focus Crystals: Cooldown reduced from 24 hours to 6 hours.
  • Increased Jedi Meditate buff durations from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Added a cycle for Jedi Meditation Buffs.
  • Increased Favor of the Elders buff duration from 15 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Increased Power Up buff duration from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Increased Mustafarian Injector buff duration from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Mynock, Gacklebat, and Mouse Droid Familiar:Have 2 stats instead of one. (Gackle 40 str/prec,Mynock 40 agil/Luck,Mousedroid 40 con/stam).
Drop Related.
  • Increased drop chance of 11 statted lyases.
  • Augments will now be between 230-250 when dropping from the end bosses in heroics.
  • Enhancements will now be between 28-30 when dropping from the end bosses in heroics.
Command & Misc Related.
  • Reduced the cooldown of /locateStructure from 24 hours to 6 hours.
  • The default Copy/Cut/Paste have been set to Ctrl+C/Ctrl+X/Ctrl+V respectively.
  • Added confirmation message box when setting a player as a referral.
  • Players no longer have to go to the IG-88 instance in order to gain Aurilian travel access.
  • Reduced PvP GCW Decay by 50% also 50% faster to rank on officer ranks.
  • Decreased the amount of loyalty required to reach BFF by 50%.
  • Double clicking on travel points now send you to the location.
  • Newsnet Terminals now take players to the TopG vote link.
  • Hospitals now give medics the Medical Assistance buff. This gives a 30 minute duration increase to medic buffs.
  • Removed faction restriction from Abandoned Rebel Base and Exar Kun Temple POIs.
  • Traveling now automatically store vehicles, familiars, pets, and droids. This includes shuttles, ITVs, and GPPs.
  • Removed entertainer captcha window when buffing players.
  • All tokens may be withdrawn from the heroic token box.
  • City System Changes. (City Spec Changed :Rank 2 from 3, Shuttle Change :Rank 2 from 4, Register City Change: Rank 2 from 3 (Disappears atm after a reset unless rank 3).
  • Added Rare Loot System.
  • Added TCG system from live.(Thanks Iosnowore).
  • Added a "Silver Box" to the Chronicles Vendor which will allow you to trade 1 Gold Token for 1000 Silver Tokens.
  • Factorys should now be accessable by any character on the same account as the owner
Space Related.
  • Players may now dock their ships on a group members POB.
  • Added RLS Chest/System into Space.(Space has it's own RLS Table)

Community Guides List

First of all i see a lot of people who refuse to buff or don't know what buffs are and foremost, if you do not use the buffs smartly you will feel in  combat. on average 1 buff shaves off about 1-4 seconds on kill time in PvP this is even more you will notice it.  a player completely buffed can almost instantly kill someone who has no buffs if they know their profession.

Please remember all the below buffs minus food stack together meaning you can have 1 food buff and every other buff below. it is priority that you obtain them all..you will notice a massive difference in damage and surviving in not only PVE but PvP Combat. i have put  together an entire list of buffs below what you should have and strive for.

if you would like the wiki to find where each can be obtained from visit  https://swg.fandom.com/wiki/Buff please note not all buffs on here will be useful. i left TCG buffs out as they are useless and they have to long of a cooldown to use vs having both a lair and shard.

Buff List that should be used everyday and always up.

  • Accarragm
  • Breath of Heaven
  • Deneelian Fizz Pudding
  • Flameout
  • Parwan Nutricake
  • Thaktillo
  • Vercupti of Agazza 
  • BoleruueeIthorian 
  • MistVeronian 
  • Berry Wine
  • Ahrisa
  • Timpian
  • Mandalorian wine
  • Rancor Aide (can be used with other food/drink)
Medic Buffs
  •         Nutrient Injection
  •         Stamina
  •         Enhance Strength
  •         Enhance Block
  •         Enhance Agility
  •         Enhance Precision
  •         Enhance Dodge

Category C.
  • Favor of the Elders (Special)
  • Biological Focus Crystal
  • Synapse Focus Crystal
  • Experimental Electrobinocular
  • A Hoth Radio
  • Aurilian Crystals
  • Powerups
Buffs you can activate for a short time that stack.

  • Lair Crystal
  • Shard of Retaliation
  • All GCW Rank Buffs
  • GCW Banners
  • Tactical Electrobinoculars
  • A Hoth Radio
  • Force Entry! or Smuggled! (ISD buff)
  • Powerups
  • GCW Base Stims
  • Veteran Reward Familiars
  • Ewok Festival of Love familiar
Category B.
  • Shard of the Serpent Does not start 60 minute cooldown on other buffs in this group, but does occupy Buff Slot B and is seen as more powerful than the "Mustafarian Injector" which will be overwritten by this buff.
  • Mustafarian Injector
Category A
  • Tactical Serum (provided by an Officer)

Misc Buffs for shits and giggles that you'll often see on TEF Members that do nothing mostly for e-peen among  the pvp community.
  • Crafting Stations
  • Healers Touch
  • Exceptional milking buff
  • Undead QZ buff
  • Event buffs (can be useful depending on event)

Extra items that are  bit harder to obtain but worth having.
  • IG-88 Head ( Can give you a major heal or a insane dps buff or the old BH Shields or can backfire and root or snare you)
  • Concentrated bacta tank (Gives a major heal in or out of combat does  not seem to matter much very much worth having)
  • Fried Ice Cream..(not worth it to most but can be used)
  • Meatlump buff can give you 100+ Luck or debuff you.

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