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TheSiegeBeastChange recharge rate on quickcharge cap upgrades
The crafted quickcharge capacitor upgrades have a progression problem in their recharge. Currently, there is no reason to craft mk2 or mk4 quickcharge upgrades because they give you the same recharge rate in the final craft of the capacitor, but the mk2 and mk4 have a higher penalty to the capacitor energy than their next lower counterparts. The mk1 quickcharge upgrade gives a max of 5 recharge rate, and the mk 5 quickcharge gives a max of 7.


Increase mk 2 and 3 recharge rate maximums by 1. This would make the mk 2 max 6 and the mk 3 max 7.
Increase the mk 4 recharge rate by 2, making its max 8.
Increase the mk 5 recharge rate 2, making its max 9.

The mk2 and mk4 already have a higher penalty, but don't benefit from a higher recharge rate. The buff brings them into usable territory.

The mk 3 and mk 5 would get higher recharge rates, and should get a slightly increased penalty to maximum energy to compensate. A 20% increase to the mk 3 penalty and a 17% increase to the mk 5 penalty would keep the bonus:penalty ratio statistically equivalent.
I don't dislike this idea, but there is a major problem that has to be addressed with it.

1. collections. Lot of people use collection parts including caps in their builds. This would make a lot of people needing to get new collections done.
2. Only way 1st would work is if the changes were retroactive which would be a nightmare to figure out.
3. You only get 1 collection completed per toon. That's major headache that's worked around by creating burner toons. Not everyone has a 5th slot free to to chain create burner toons then drop a full set collections.

There was another suggestion that was made in discord by Gadget:

remove Mk2/4 from the game. rename the QR MK I-III respectively. At the least very least it would prevent people from using the bad parts. The main issue is, there is such a narrow spread on the raw parts, unless you do a complete rework, it's very difficult to tell the difference.

Quick Recharge Battery:
Mark I
Capacitor Energy: (-115/-85/0.3)
Recharge Rate: (3/5/0.02)
Mark II
Capacitor Energy: (-126.5/-93.5/0.33)
Recharge Rate: (4/5/0.01)
Mark III
Capacitor Energy: (-139/-103/0.36)
Recharge Rate: (4/6/0.02)
Mark IV
Capacitor Energy: (-152.5/-112.5/0.4)
Recharge Rate: (5/6/0.01)
Mark V
Capacitor Energy: (-167.5/-124/0.435)
Recharge Rate: (5/7/0.02)

Going buff levels as you suggested is bit too much tbh. MKIV caps with mk III quick recharge, it's possible with suit, buff station, and amazings to make 61 recharge rate 1542 CE on MKIV collections. If it wasn't for the 14k mass, it would be completely insane.

Buffing the recharge rate to the insane levels you mentioned below is too much. That's the sort of thing that throws off game balance and you'd see an exodus of a lot of the silent vet community.
You missed the part where I said increase energy penalties for those pieces that are actually receiving buffs. They'd have less energy then they do now. The mass , even more so the RED, in the crafted collections is much more than a good RE project of the equivalent level. You can shave off over 1000 RED with a mediocre RE cap, 1300+ with a really good one. If people that don't/want to do the collection again for the 1 point increase in recharge, they can buy a new one... Or they can enjoy their pre-nerf capacitor energy levels.

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