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capcomJedi revamp
Jedi need a revamp, No more holos. Med should be in skills around like 86. you get then craft their own robe at different lvls, then Master Jedi can craft all even COH, Shatterpoint at 90, And belt as well.   The 5th gen should be lvl 90 for all when you reach 90. even the Jinzu razor.  to be Fair its the only class that has to "work" to be good. Jewelry stays the same.
Jedi do need a revamp. There is a revamp already in discussion between the staff. Lot of things will be addressed, though I don't think it will be anything like what you have mentioned. The AMA's if you can attend can offer some insight.

You're right though. It requires far too much grind to be reasonably equipped and have all your skills. Just to be "average" and unwanted in groups. I can spend 20-25m on any other 90 and outfit them with full 35's, nice weapon, h-set, and capped armor. Then go out and roflstomp things and be able to find a group ridiculously fast.
To be honest and fair there are several ways you could do this you could have the holos as collectibles and then just basically have players go to POIs and collect them as for the statues you could make it to where they don't require you to beat them but just have you get a robe after your collection I mean there's a lot of things you can do it's just a matter of what are you what are they willing to do? As for the AMAs I've been to one and that was an in-game while ago, see one of the reasons why I mentioned crafting sabers at 90 is because jinzu resources are very hard to find people do have them oh yes however it's hard to find them so to make it easy rather than trying to craft your jinzu turn it in and then basically get a 5th gen that way.
Yeah, let's make everything as easy as possible. This sounds to me like complaining by people who don't want to put in the time and effort to be effective at their chosen profession. Sure, the holo grind sucks and I wouldn't be opposed to slightly increasing the drop rate, but the fact that you can do it completely AFK at this point, it's nowhere near as bad as it was on Live. Robes are so easy to get it's a joke at this point, you can buy a Master Cloak for 100k which is enough to see you through until you amass some vet tokens or complete your robe grind. You can get robes from the Vengeance vendors for a few vet tokens that have the same resists and stats as the COH and Elder Robes minus the damage proc or 4% electricity bonus (Which make very little difference) depending on which of the two you decide to use.

If you think the holo grind is tedious, try going for Master Underworld on a Smuggler, honestly I'd rather holo grind. If you're going to remove every barrier for entry on Jedi, then why not Smuggler as well? Let's get rid of the BH high end weapon collections and Mando armor grind as well, and give Commandos all their heavy weapons from the moment they log in while we're at it. We can give all pilots all of the best high end parts from the minute they log in on top of that. See what I mean, where does this giving everything away thing end?

Having something to work towards is always a good thing, otherwise people are going to get bored and then they'll be complaining all over again. Jedi are relatively useless in a group setting but they're the best, by far, at Solo PvE and they're effective at small skirmish and 1v1 PvP, if you know what you're doing, that's called balance. They're meant to be tanks and if you know what you're doing, they do that well enough. Can't have everything, after all.

Any tweaks that they might do are likely to result in huge imbalances, SOE had teams of QA and developers making sure things were close to balanced, and they still didn't get it right 100% of the time, we have no such manpower here. LSJ could use a few tweaks to bring them up to par with DSJ but other than that please leave the professions alone and work on adding new content and things of that nature. There are always going to be people complaining about this profession or that profession no matter what you do anyway, it was like that on Live and it's going to be like that here. Look at the forums of any MMO and you'll see something similar, people whining about tweak this and tweak that, it's the nature of the game. Change too much and you're going to do nothing but ruin the game that most of us are here to play in the first place.

The fact that we have one main developer means that any profession tweaks that they get wrong will likely be around for at least a month if not more. Look at what happened with Spy, it was basically unplayable for over a months time. I personally don't want to see that happen with other classes, including but not limited to Jedi, and I'm sure there are others who don't want to see it happen either. Leave the core game alone and give us some new toys to play with, imo.
@cap -- I have jinsu turn in kits on my vendor for 199k. it's garbage resources, but you only need it for the turn in for 5th gen.

@maub - do space convoys. You get a ton of underworld for doing them. + plus other goodies.

Security Rating 1: 20 Underworld Faction points + Tier 1 Contraband items + 2-6 Illegal Pistol Modules
Security Rating 2: 30 Underworld Faction points + Tier 2 Contraband items + 4-6 Illegal Pistol Modules
Security Rating 3: 40 Underworld Faction points + Tier 3 Contraband items + 4-6 Illegal Pistol Modules
Security Rating 4: 50 Underworld Faction points + Tier 4 Contraband items + 4-6 Illegal Pistol Modules
Security Rating 5: 60 Underworld Faction points + Tier 5 Contraband items + 4-6 Illegal Pistol Modules
I disagree completely. Jedi are stupid easy to set up. they are the only class that with one loot that is fairly common you are just as competitive as someone with a full set of armor and 35's. You have to put in work to be slightly better. The problem isn't with the class. I know plenty of Jedi that have no issues putting out more damage than other DPS classes. It's you are melee, so while I can shoot something at 50ish meters, you have to still run up to it which cuts into your TOT. Also Jedi have fairly weak AOEs. Mealstrom can do a lot of damage, but it shares a weird GCD with lightning. And it's the easiest class to play and learn, well maybe except Mando, that one could be easier. Regardless I think the farming and collections are just fine the way they are.

I did the grind in Pre-CU on live and I can tell you the collection grind is cake compared to that nightmare.
The only jedi revamp that's even been looked at was my post from ages ago which was https://swgprophecy.com/showthread.php?tid=257 and just adding a 3rd spec that gives them back there PRE-CU counterpart/Support role healer.

jedi in general is alrdy easy only hard part about jedi is holocrons but that can be easy as hell if you just find people or have a group of 8 for big spawns .

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