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chlpreacherHoming Beacon
Wondering what the possibility would be to make the homing beacon account wide so that any character on the account could land there.
Would removing the no trade on it do this? Then you can have all your alts pick up and drop the homing beacon in the same structure. Alternatively, what I've done is drop a chronicle tent near the house and just have everyone pick up and drop it there and transfer structure.

Ideally since we are talking about this, I'd like to bring up how broken the homeport is if you launch from your house.

1. Launch from your home.
2. do space stuff.
3. homeport
4. end up in mos eisley (house is on dant)
when i launch from my house i finish back at my house in this way:

1. launch from house
2. do space stuff
3. hyperspace back to my home planet
4. request permission to land, select 'land at private homing signal' (or words to that effect) - and there i am back at my house every time

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