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Ovofifvowilarger energy harvesters
make larger energy harvesters for wind, solar, and geothermal, doesnt have to be elite versions. Or increse the harvest rating on the ones currently available.
I have never used a solar so can not speak to those. No point to making elite wind harvies or increasing extraction rates on them you would then have to increase maint paid on them as well to even it out witch is just making it an elite anyways. The reason as well is wind will never really get above 65% often on the spawn. It would have to be a dope server best resource for me to want to put an elite type harvie on that low % now geo harvies on the other hand could be a good thing to try to bump up or atleast the hopper size if possable.
Not a fan of changing the harvesters unless you're reducing the foot print. The server see's the foot print of the harvester as the same size as a musty bunker. (despite what it shows on the placement screen). This is why it's so hard to drop down on uneven terrain.

Ber rates: we already have boosted Ber. If you're misering your lots per toon, you should be able to drop 13x elites. Catching a spawn early enough will easily net you 10m of most resources.
Hopper size: I'm fine with what's present. there are no changes needed here.
Energy storage: No change needed.

As the harvesters are, I think they are just fine. There are all sorts of tricks to optimize for ber.

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