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EroticaCommando 101 Guide for beginners
If you have any questions feel free to reply or DM Nitro#8237 In Discord or Erotica#2367

This guide is written/composed by  Erotica in cooperation with Nitro and has taken advice from Xyrius back on legends who is one of the best commando's out there.

Commando Stat priorities (The Basics)
First of all not all suits or stats are used as much now. i'll list the most popular and most used.

Stat Chart by MasterCosmo's back on SoE Live
[Image: iKHpa0fP8sJCfqh0JwUWe3C4LDeTnlUKdSZOpQDw...j96idFC1_m]
[Image: hg8i4VU8xb2ZnMI-QgV4wQQh8sPJR6SEKqkuGvem...BVGIeY-nIB]

Constitution: each point grants 8 health and 2 action points.
This is used in almost every suit for every profession it's also the most useful as straight health allows you to take more damage

Agility:each point grants 0.01% dodge, 0.005% parry and 0.01% evasion chance.
Cant say much on this as a Commando.

Luck: each point grants 0.0033% dodge, 0.0033% evasion chance, 0.1% evasion value, 0.0033% critical hit chance, 0.005% strikethrough chance, and 0.1% strikethrough value.
Adds even more Defenses goes very well with Con also adds Offense values

Strength: each point grants 0.005% block chance, 0.5 block value, 0.01% hit chance, and 0.33 melee damage.
Now..heres the thing block is currently in a bad state as is really not to great on anyone but frontman commando's as it was nerfed patches ago and does not do to much as it should. no reason to stack this unless you're going for a PvE block suit , in which you want Con and BV to go with.

Precision: each point grants 0.005% parry, 0.005% block chance, 0.01% critical hit chance, and 0.005% strikethrough chance.
This is is most Commando and Bounty Hunter Suits now days. adds some defense and offense.

Stamina: each point grants 2 health and 8 action points.
Useless on every profession but a sample trader

Critical hit defense/reduction
Full details/guide on this can be found here thanks to mastercosmo https://mastercosmo.wordpress.com/20...l-hit-defense/
This stat is worth stacking in exotics on all three pieces if you PvP

Glancing Blow Increase
Full details/guide can be found here thanks to mastercosmo https://mastercosmo.wordpress.com/20...glancing-blow/
Not worth stacking on a Commando

Dodge Chance
Full details/guide here thanks to mastercosmo https://mastercosmo.wordpress.com/20...nalysis-dodge/
Not worth stacking in exotics you get more from having other stats.

This stat is very rare to get but one of our best...MC Explains it below perfectly

The Devastation combat roll is unique to Commandos only. This is designed to be a special roll that will only occur while the Commando is using a Heavy Weapon. Both COE and AOE Heavy Weapons can roll a Devastation. What a Devastation roll does is increase your base Heavy Weapon damage. Your listed MAXIMUM value for damage is now the new MINIMUM when you roll a Devastation. The new MAXIMUM is a 50% increase to the new MINIMUM. For example, if you Weapon has a Min-Max of 500-1000, you will see a Devastation land between 1000-1500. This bonus is added at the very beginning of combat, so your damage can still roll a Critical Hit.

To stack Devastation, you are very limited in the ways:

2.0% Innate Devastation Chance
6.0% from 3 Exotic Attachments
6.5% from Juggernaut Set
8.0% from Position Secured (Burst Fire)

Maximum Devastation Chance – 22.5%

One of the positives of Devastation is that there is no Diminishing Return to worry about.
DPS Increase – The increase in damage from a Heavy Weapon attack can greatly improve. Combining this roll with a Critical Hit can result in massive damage potential.
AOE Bonus – Because your weapon is an AOE type, you will hit multiple targets with the Devastation if you roll one.
Personally this stat is the most OP stat ingame i have personally seen it hit players for up to 4,800 Damage AoE on a crit. with a CR-1 Blast cannon it is even higher.

Commando Heroic Sets

[Image: tQBVPHo5KZPfgcuo3hUSjpunCM9EvOuPOfNg_BNM...lPk6qH8ZXD]
This is every Mando's Main set. this is because it gives you devastation one of the best stats we have and most deadliest and very expensive and rare to get. be advised that runing this requires a offensive build like Con Luck Prec to be of use.

[Image: Zj2CSRlkf14wDziUxDm4SRultA6ZzI1dHfQbAZe7...daOlXiFhgK]
This is our tank set and really i would only use this if you are using a block suit to get the most out of it. you can use without but it wont be that huge compared to a full block suit.

[Image: 03nNG7iYqFHJSQNw7gK2QVvobRqYsaLBdAi56un_...acv_NTL833]
This set...is well..very expertise based its very overpowered when you can master it but it is extremely hard to master and most can not pull it off as you need to time it perfectly and run macro's and keybinds and more. this is a set that really no one can help you master this one is purely based off skill , reactions , timing.

Commando Entertainer Buffs (Making sure you have the right buff)
Here is a list of some great Ent buffs that Commando's use some are pretty useful. they are however based off 35's and expertise and 5 pieces.

1:750 Kin,1500 Eng , CHR , Crit Chance , 7 points in Con or a prefered stat/stats.
2:750 Kin,1500 Eng , ACR , Crit Chance , CHR, 2 points in Con or a prefered stat/stats.
3:1500 Kin,2250 Eng , ACR , Crit Chance , CHR
4:1500 Kin,2250 Eng , GB , Crit Chance , CHR
5: 1500 Kin,2250 Eng , ACR , Crit Chance , CHR
6:2250 Armors or 3000. CRit/CHR or ACR and another like CHR/GB/Crit and 2 points for like a stat or second chance.

Commando 35 Suits (Advanced Basics)
Here is a list of some of the most popular and used suits that sync very well on Commando's. and the most popular.

Con/luck/Prec HWD/Devastation/HWC (Devastation is a super rare mod and can cost up to 50 million per exotic but is worth hunting for)

Con/luck/Prec HWD/HWC/HWA (The most common build that most use and gives great damage and some defense)

Con/Str/BV BC/BV/CHR (This is one of the most and the best frontman build you get BV from Strength , you get Health and crit defense as well as bonus block chance)

Con/Luck/Agi HWD/HWC (This is something i have seen others use who want extra defense but dont wanna rely on frontman. the extra exotic can be whatever some do CHR some do HWA some do Con. its all up to you)

Con/Luck/Prec HWD/HWC/CHR (Bit of defense in the exotic while keeping the damage you can trade out the crit to devastation as well)

Agi/Luck/Prec HWD/HWC (Another popular build for BH/Commando. this is more for the defense and bit of offense. 3rd exotic can be whatever. personally not having con makes you far to easy to kill in PvP)

Commando Skills

Commando Heavy Weapon Abilities (The Basics)
Explaining The Usefulness of the Commando's Abilities.

Burn down!
[Image: rzHsLZmPZ5VEiUpoaTmOMrbjYd7NN1UBc9rpmQ0u...GaM9m9fNOh]
The AoE version of it burns. applies a Dot based on the heavy equiped that stacks up to 10 spam this ability. you can macro it like some.

It burns
[Image: rKDkHonNdGgby7WOzC2xs1hUq1-klRGEcNlvv5BN...Q_yhPH_UPc]
A non aoe version of burn down. i do not think anyone uses this lol.

Focused Beam
[Image: rwHYU-sq16yfj3xxgmtPoMbhtZXY6xMh2wvdT8N7...wfm4efLADc]
This ability is a hard hitting heavy weapon attack. i have seen it hit from 1,000 to 5,000 damage. its a good ability to have unless you are going for a full tank setup.

Lethal Beam
[Image: LOsiHnCzSJlWQxGSPFsH6iwHe8g450jB4tanQBLl...IQVM8kJK1U]
This ability some use some dont. personally i do not and i do. it hits the targets action and does a bit of damage. its up to you if you want it. be advised its really only a PVP Ability due to npcs have unlimited action.

Non Heavy weapon Skills ( The Basics)

Supressing Fire
[Image: 4phhBtTAcCnz19t42dBNlsdu5_x1l0x_oSLZHuUN...eDpFJcSOJM]
This ability can be useful and also not useful. it reduces the targets movement speed and reduces the chance they can glance you.

Remote Detonator
[Image: PUb6QKvwJaaLJXTpS6ngdrzFy-8Bln6lGHOZa3s7...2vlijFeorT]
This ability and line is useful but also not useful. its more of a fun gimmick to use.

Armor Shredder
[Image: ssDdyzCcgtWSpoJAXJSBqOLAA4I6smKgrlEAvHev...YB2x3sYzrT]
This ability is a hard hitter and applies a debuff that reduces the targets defense and armors. in PVE this ability is far to useful to not have maxed out. stacks with the Bounty Hunter Version sol very easy to keep up and this is our AoE version we are the only class with this AoE Version.

Conceal Device
[Image: PLLqwtJdrH3vm2CRGHd5n8qQ9GpVehm5foW2zuLf...NZenEntboE]
Not worth using old school like disarm device.

Cryoban Grenade
[Image: HlHvriTjFuAK_y4KkcX27Ez4pgnLATrc2sWf0U33...lSJvZKb4SR]
This is a grenade kinda nothing to say about it you can choose to use them with heavies in the rotation or not. requires a rifle to use.

[Image: -srVPYqrb8wk2cJzT1jSOvmvHVT6iga6--OSXYkG...AbihQvGVMj]
One of the commando's most over powered abilities when leveling up and even still useful in PVE/PVP at 90. when maxed out you can pump out serious DPS. when leveling up..this ability tends to one shot most packs of mobs. you can have a group of 8 to get the max amount of mobs. then use this and spam it and easy level up to 90. does require a rifle so use it with grenades.

First Aid Training
[Image: E3ADVun4n2ISaRjYFjIEKWCr7S4rQYhuA8o1Dhfi...kjEK_DhB8d]
This ability is a one of a kind ability it kinda acts like a medics healing potency and increases the healing you do to you. i would always use it before you heal extra thousand or two can be a big life saver.

Empowered Attacks
[Image: UZt6eVxrzhgeUN3fCMCSlfqIBYo-YRUDBI7gKSmN...E1wDciqlmT]
A useless ability unless you are leveling up to 58 doing quest otherwise do not use it a complete waste.

Focused Fire
[Image: sdZ0XHva_towmyoKxXh4hZCrkWJyM4gqnacYHpoJ...wPCkZ_SqiT]
A useless ability only used for a few levels when you first start out.

[Image: MUuIkBTu-xkaHJg6Ub9NdwIzufcVJhLBPRM3uWu2...XLOlp36dOz]
This ability gives you when maxed out reduced damage taken by 75% for a brief time. this ability in PvP is perfect for a push or trying to soak up the enemies damage or to bunker down. in PVE its just a life saver.

Riddle Armor
[Image: bqCFU-1bX_xcKMcQ-_PMmoBW7t9NgQJh4ahTCsJH...5lCcIR8slq]
A Non AoE Version of Armor Shredder. very rarely ever used.

Stim Armor
[Image: C2Sk4gsXCdMGpbgG_UasYigveQY7pZSqpjvTF1Jk...on8G6xWkJR]
Acts like a medics bacta infusion ability. gives you a tiny heal over time. if you are not with medics do not use it. as a medics HoT is far stronger.

Position Secured
[Image: 77HIPUSeyNFCXRBd1ZO6Un6e9Cg1XtSrjrVttnjT...DCfWzGilZn]
This ability roots the user in place gives you all kind of buffs. maxed out gets you a group based buff 1,000 bonus Armor and 5% Crit. you can also get reduced action cost. not worth having for large scale PvP where movement is key.

Mine 2: Plasma Mine
[Image: r_3AbRwEECBF86qQwbkfK4crnDjJN0CkN8KOuGIx..._ynReDzA0J]
This ability is great. run it on macro. decent damage AoE. perfect for AFK leveling or farming too!

Killing Spree
[Image: ioNU7BNpxxatq56TlR2TGYnupveXvp8O0BGFgfcS...5gR-GKpWR7]
This is a really nice ability in PvP or PVE when maxed out it is a on use for 20 Killer Meter.. it pretty much does a attack around you hiting targets has a cap but can be increased in expertise. say you are in PVP. you can hit this with a push maxed out it will hit 3 targets for 25% weapon based damage. goes epic with a CR-1 Blast Cannon. as this is the biggest & baddest baby you can get.

Fragmentation Grenade
[Image: dMk6bBHX9ZqY4tV_hdd1xkNmsJqqlmv3ulr6Nuyf...gviTRDRBDY]
This is a grenade kinda nothing to say about it you can choose to use them with heavies in the rotation or not. requires a rifle to use.

Sweeping Fire
[Image: ZoaUQ6vKCot6xFD4ZmkASInJwXMNU8-rWFvhnIPr...LuHg8x7ifc]
A ranged non heavy weapon ability. the only use for this is leveling up or afk leveling.

Stun Grenade
[Image: UUDSZuegVspwJJqeoJZ2W44EyM9IMwlxFtDoy29-...OGJXqldi2T]
This is a grenade kinda nothing to say about it you can choose to use them with heavies in the rotation or not. requires a rifle to use.

Double Time
[Image: Gi4RCCltQXd1X8m88XIsncmB869tLQHUfIsVYnoN...H5VOCLANzE]
This ability gives you a boost in speed for a shirt time a mini force run for 10 Kill Meter points.

Disarm Device
[Image: bSl6RfW4Pr4cs2rWGMx8ejdT5D9oIYEVUeRbxnmr...aRheu56Ztl]
This is a old skill that honestly you never see used anymore as combat is fast paced but this was only for Player placed faction bases or player mines and allowed you to remove them from hurting anyone. not really used anymore.

Mirror Armor
[Image: f6RrnrpDeNkMRecSubsZXZ2NZcD5xb8wt-F5Xlnc...1KrzGLnj8V]
Hides you off the minimap/map from other players when SF. they wont see you coming. its okay to have but not needed.

Notable Skills and Expertise (The Basics)

Youll Regret That
[Image: rDAxbjcZ0XizwuIdzIrrfJxm6HncAEJaaDMhBnN5...s8Daww4T8w]
This expertise ability is passive , when you get snared or rooted it gives you a buff that buffs all armours by 1,000 [er point spent max 4,000. having 1 to 2 points in this is a must great vs mobs in some heroics/open world and extremely great in PvP combat vs bounty hunters , jedi , spys. you get the idea.

Base of Operations
[Image: QDJkDagkm9VM6OmrCz1XihozhOnJnPXPC73nPdoM...LV37nBN7Jw]
This buff is a group buff its great for pve but serious PvP its lack luster as you want to be moving nonstop. its tied to the Position Secured Line.

Misc Abilities (The Basics)

Pet Incubation
[Image: 4DoSnw9E9bIygCe2SmKFeAzwc2xHjvLzs4ABIwdf...YdHn4ncurE]
Needed for the use of a pet. not going into detail on this.

Commando Expertise
Here is a list of the few pretty popular and most used and all around sets of expertise!

Setup One
PVE Hoth build with frontman purely meant for tanking & holding all aggro while pumping out massive AOE Damage.
[Image: iJY_UO32guZXXx04eNsnEOHVQm85rONp268543TP...16Z-oGUg4z]
[Image: PIsV7YkNL5IH7w6p8yCJf82g3jpI_YsQn7G-7V_z...VkBRCLQHWR]

Setup Two
This build gives you the Max on Heavy damage with Position Secured and a bit of action cost reduction and Dot resist and the full Cluster/KS so if you are after just something like mass pulling mobs say Dant Jedi npcs in group of 8 this build lets you mass pull & aoe them down. you can use it elsewhere or tweak it.
[Image: FJ4tW1BSt2jJYcDS-MSNLWn3-u1yNHllXk-aW1Bc...2aIvVna_oj]
[Image: Jq-ZkILoLGHfOgHalmIkLoqn19QsI61EZwAGL3ur...2YDwPbkxIy]

Setup Three
This is a standard build you get the Full group buff , full straight up passive dot % while keeping the defense area to the max. so if you like PVP or PVE or both this build works out nice. pretty great for Heroics to supply the group with a tank and a nice buff .
[Image: i_b0-Ik2G1bVsjYnoP3HWzoKG4JHRh1czkrJiniW...M2rijVMP5B]
[Image: JMFYQXkWWZfIGkJjXJbS73Ss1nBAymGpW2SBC1wu...NondCpF00K]

Setup Four
This is the build i use for pvp fighting bh's or other commando's or officers. you get the most out of tanking while having the main damage skills extra devastation a nice buff while having that nice dot resist.
[Image: Y5K7tjhnJUO-N-p6oqBG5zHqlim54UWSHTV-29o2...PpyWk5ja1l]
[Image: d8VaWwwh0pF_mvbiVwSWTYd51aVpY2RBaIfP6KKG...9c_ghkSLF5]

Setup Five
This build gives you Maximized Damage and Tankage in PvP/PVE while having 3 free points to spend anywhere can be used in PVE as well you could drop lethal beam or put the extra points in canisters for more passive dots. you get cluster and killing spree. you can drop cluster for extra points if you do not like grenade switching and grab full canisters.
[Image: 6W0tnY_kvRdjjuj3x57cmFXErYgBMWiDbvqqGQEE...rIruQ9y8Iw]
[Image: 6AT_ruL8UwhVFLt0-NLv_HAZx4U_EjFryAe065SY...V638divfPD]

Setup Six
This is the Grenadier Build you would want..very expensive again this build requires so heavy on you switching to a rifle and keeping up the damage from the heavy weapon meaning keybinds , macro's play a massive role and setting it up so perfectly so when you switch every grenade and cluster goes with is not something easy to pull off. but is a very rewarding build for doing huge amounts of aoe damage think of a officer but having a mini sfp on spam.
[Image: ZY_CJvyt_uSnE_2NN7nikfUCWYykuvii9xQqTyiJ...pgbZ3Z4xyS]
[Image: zqrDkMArQXWAQaRNBpNEhPJoyS9gUPGFzLDejxVZ...w6CO8O72k_]

Setup Seven BM
BM Commando Build. this is the #1 BM build and the only one you keep break full standfast. and the damage comes from the dots and the pet. you will still be tanking. you can drop 3 points in Beast Armour if want to grab more in Tree one but if you do plan to tank with the pet you want it.
[Image: 3rN9z_6-hFniH47HnxmjSjOxuY0Qb1KG668Malri...PsetdZ5gdh]
[Image: cxkn8M_B9jrxdGQ-RK2jYM3pBKmjy8sVO7VgzPwm...x1yrVSPVcD]

Food , Drinks , Weapon Selections , Armor Selections and elemental damages and powerups!
Here is a list of all food,drinks,weapons,armor and elemental damage types and powerups that are best used with medic.

Food/Drink Selections for Commando's
Here are some foods and drinks ranked best first that medics will use quite alot in the game.

High Con/Dodge Chance

High Luck/BC/BV

Agility/Movement Speed



Weapon Selections
Going to only list heroic weapon types that have the high damage bonus or other sources such as battlefields , Invasions.

CR-1 Blast Cannon:
Battlefield Cold Heavy. one of the ugliest but best out there till reedux adds the CR-2.

Pulse Cannon:
Heat Heavy from Invasions Caps the same as a Lava Cannon Best Heat Heavy you can Obtain to recraft.

Blackscale Acid Launcher:
Best Acid Heavy Obtainable to recraft. hard to get.

Coreillian Destroyer:
Drops in the dead forest of wookies by the villiage. best electric heavy you can obtain to recraft

CM-Frag Rifle:
Best Kinetic Heavy and cool looking. from restuss.

Lava Cannon:
Iconic Musty Heavy a lot love recrafted can come out to 1385. decent/one of the best heat heavies and cool effect.

if you want a full list of heavies check out the wiki link below i only put the best of the best.

Commando Armor

Primus Battle Armour is a commando's best type due to our expertise it allows us to get up to 10,000 Kin/9,000 Eng before a ent. allowing us to do 750K/1500E in our ent and use points elsewhere. you can however use a Primus Assault. it really comes down to if you want perfect protections or more Kin based.

this quest series is easy and the stats on the katarn armor is 5664 to all. so its great starting out and can be sold later. also looks cool.

otherwise unlayered battle armor is 6000 all resist and most of the time cost under 1 million credits

Commando Elements
So alot ask what elements do what here is a list of them and what they do. personally i use heat>Cold. due to Heat adds a second dot and its damage is based off the weapon/elemental.

Duration: 6 seconds
Effect: Adds a Heat DoT attack that will tick 3 times with 2 second seperation for 750 damage per tick before armor mitigation.

Duration: 3 seconds
Effect: the Acid Elemental effect is a Critical Chance increase to all attackers on that target. The target will have a 75% chance to be hit by a Critical Hit for the duration. If you are stacking Critical Chance on top of this, you will likely hit every attack with a Critical. Very useful and probably the most popular elemental type.

Duration: 6 seconds
Effect: the Cold Elemental effect will increase all damage being dealt to the target for the entire duration. The % increase in damage is dependent on your cold elemental value. Basically, your cold elemental is divided by 5 and that value is the % increase in damage your target will see. This increases all incoming damage by all attackers to the target. Useful and underrated mod since this will stack with Critical and Strikethrough attacks.
36 cold elemental on the weapon x 0.2 = 7.2% Damage Increase.
100 elemental value on the weapon = 100 x 0.2 = 20% Damage Increase

Duration: 6 seconds
Effect: +75% Glancing Blow increase debuff on the affected target.
Note: While the tooltip will state that 'Trivial Hit' is the one being modified, Trivial Hit is a 96% damage reduction and a remnant from an old combat system, while Glancing Blow is a 60% Damage reduction. The correct modifier is Glancing Blow, the tooltip is incorrect. The combat log and skill mod character sheet will confirm this.
Note 2: The effect of this element is regarded as being most useful in PvE, due to the benefits of Glancing Blow in PvE

Commando PowerUps
Here is a list of best powerups to use with a medic situations vary. because it all depends on you're playstyle as well and what you're comfortable with.

HWD:Heavy Weapon Damage: Increases the amount of damage you do with heavy weapons auto attacks , skills , but not our dots.

Healing Potency: Yes HP can be useful on a commando in PVE some 1v1 PvP this is because with this First Aid ability and HP you can get up to a 7,500 Heal this is nice but i really advice at stacking HP due to it takes a hit to our damage. you can get the same benefit off more useful stats.

Block Chance: only used with a frontman/Block Suit.

CHR:Reduces the chance to be critically hit, very effective stacking and caps out at 29+, 31+ if we ever obtain the bonus RE chance. very useful in PVP when you are the front line reducing the crits to non crits can keep you going. allows you to be a damage soaker while applying dots and stress.

There is not very many power-ups a commando has access to that work great. glance is not worth stacking neither is crit chance. so try to remember this.
Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Do you use grenades?
Answer 1: Yes when i am using my AoE builds i tend to use them nonstop. i am constantly switching between content something with commando you are very likely to do if you switch between PVP/PVE.

Question 2: What's the best suit to use?
Answer 2: There really is no best. there are close in which i put them in the guide. the best way to find what suits you is testing them out.

Question 3:Whats the best element to run?
Answer 3: This varies based on the group or if you are solo. as a group with multiple commando's you should all use a different element. never stack 3 heavies unless in PVP then this can demolish a group under dots.

Question 4:Best Rifle to use?
Answer 4:None you only use it to switch to. then throw nades and go back to the heavy weapon.

Question 5:Best pet?
Answer 5:There really is no best pet tbh. you can use something with dots. or tanky. or aoeish it comes down to really what you like mostly.

Question 6: Do you think rifles line will ever be useful?
Answer 6:No even Sony admited rifles was shit and commando was heavy weapons or bust. maybe they can redo that area of the expertise with something like stat mods or new abilities. maybe something like healing like SWTOR Commando's?

Question 7:SoonTM
Answer 7:SoonTM

Question 8:SoonTM
Answer 8:SoonTM

Question 9:SoonTM
Answer 9: SoonTM

Question 10:SoonTM
Answer 10:SoonTM
Commando Video's


Want a video listed of you playing commando shoot me the link in a PM.
This guide will be getting a update very soon. 

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