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EroticaThe Jedi Guide Compendium for beginners By Nitro
[Image: Dwk0P2_QgPtKkYSfQ3u1j8NMEclyQG59_iQpwAYq...RC83H8nkD4]

This guide is written/composed by both Nitro and Erotica in cooperation

Any Questions DM Nitro at Nitro#8237 

Welcome to Jedi all padawans and apprentices. Here is a little information about this class. It is a fun/strong class for PvE/small scale PvP. Dark Side Jedi (DSJ) is a great DPS class but can also do very well as a Defense/Tank class if you stack correctly. Light Side Jedi (LSJ) is a great Solo/group tank class. With the current update they are more viable for small scale PvP or Solo as well.

One big weakness for both DSJ/LSJ are mass pvp. AoE's and DoT's are a Jedi's worst nightmare if not managed right.

Jedi are one of the easier classes to gear out due to lack of AA's required like a medic/officer/etc. would need. It is also a easy class to learn.

Jedi Stat Priorities

Stat Chart by MasterCosmo's back on SoE Live
[Image: akEVr6JOp0j1J9zllsE_qsRm5JVMfYVluCzaXrN0...Tex0ViP6kN]
[Image: bu183j_mD-yVeY14Tk9ZHonnw10KyAQkbTe9r3xp...eMwUzRGwyG]

Constitution: each point grants 8 health and 2 action points.

Agility:each point grants 0.01% dodge, 0.005% parry and 0.01% evasion chance.

Luck: each point grants 0.0033% dodge, 0.0033% evasion chance, 0.1% evasion value, 0.0033% critical hit chance, 0.005% strikethrough chance, and 0.1% strikethrough value.

Strength: each point grants 0.005% block chance, 0.5 block value, 0.01% hit chance, and 0.33 melee damage.

Precision: each point grants 0.005% parry, 0.005% block chance, 0.01% critical hit chance, and 0.005% strikethrough chance.

Stamina: each point grants 2 health and 8 action points.

Critical hit defense/reduction
Full details/guide on this can be found here thanks to mastercosmo https://mastercosmo.wordpress.com/20...l-hit-defense/

Glancing Blow Increase
Full details/guide can be found here thanks to mastercosmo https://mastercosmo.wordpress.com/20...glancing-blow/

Dodge Chance
Full details/guide here thanks to mastercosmo https://mastercosmo.wordpress.com/20...nalysis-dodge/

Jedi Heroic Sets

Dark Fury:
Dark fury is the DSJ main heroic set and this gives your Lightning/Maelstorm/Shockwave a chance to reset on use and also reduces their cool down. It's the more DPS role set of a DSJ. Do remember you take a chance for these resets to happen and are relying on RNG rolls.
[Image: 9LUF0EuGBmq6h3X6ecVxhrvoFfPR3scJ6me4USY-...XdPkib3NUj]

 Duelist set is primary for LSJ who want to go DPS this set is a huge boost to you're dps if it's up to gu22. It reduces the cool down of all your melee abilities like strike, sweep ,flurry as well as the action cost? like you need that. Just like the DSJ's Fury set, You rely on the RnG gods and risk that chance over stats.
[Image: kffu3O5VrgYUP3J6_l8hEPgmFVmgSldcLsC9ndDQ...sSMu0AmHul]

 Guardian is a balanced defense set that is primary focus is tanking. Both specs use it as it gives a huge amount of con and quite a bit of defense as well as a extra attack that generates a lot of agro.
[Image: F-KDGG26MAkIMjw6E-gCqIRNPkbrpPDSkSIxvj9j...WkrCcB9JLE]

 Heroism is a all around set that increases you're stats it's great and versatile it adds a lot to defense and offense is used a lot by dark and light jedi due to the jump in stats. it's also much easy to obtain compared to other sets.

[Image: BU2RY7xTC3DMV7yeVIfuUcr6DfFRcavLecanqkg8...pF87ZUvHKK]

Jedi Entertainer Buffs

This is a list of the most popular/well used jedi entertainer buffed i/others use that work wonders.

1: 3750 k/e, Crit, glance
2: 3k k/e, crit, glance, 6% second chance
3: 2250 k/e, crit, glance, Luck
4: 3k k/e, glance, agility, luck
5: 3750 k/e, Crit 90 agility, 60 con
6: 3k k/e, Crit, chr, con

Jedi 35 Suits
This is a list of 35 suits that are popular or i and others use that work extremely well.

1: Agility, Luck, Precision
2: Con, Luck, Precision
3: Agility, Con, Luck
4: Agility, Con, Strength
5: Agility, Luck, Strength
6: Exotics (Pvp Crit, Crit chance increase, CHR)
7: Exotics (Glancing blow, Crit chance Increase, CHR)

Disclaimer: Please note what I might use and works for me, May not work for you. It all depends on your play style. So please, best way is to test on a TC or if you have alot of credits to blow, Try out different builds and such.

Jedi Combat Skill Guide

Dark Jedi Abilities

Force Drain: This ability is an attack/heal for a DSJ, Depending on your hit is going to be the amount of your heal, example: Drain hits for 2500, Your heal from it will be 5k. Drains can Crit but also can be glanced so that is a risk. It is also about half the timer of a LSJ's Heal.
[Image: WCvRSGxoSEEmTBkHitSKExwYvvy9uKVw9nKBrUyq...CfWIoFTR7t]

Force Maelstrom: This ability is a cone attack. Damage is based on your crit, I've seen 7-8k maelstorms done to myself and to others. Just watch what you hit in pve
[Image: SbJbjvszgkgbciKlXfzY0wXBkkJehIqNeGSnx3PJ...E76W-0zhwv]

Force Lightning: This ability is a direct attack that can be dodge, parry or glance. This ability also ignores armor. Just like maelstorm, Damage is based on your crit.
[Image: 8uYoUkHf_-pMuKwDBZRtyhCqfSshoOQbzwke78-b...zqZ1rZIUcx]

Focus Stance: This is your focus stance, without it, you will not be able to use your Force attack (ex: choke, lightning, maelstorm.
[Image: TXOSj6xkouUILiEsh_yMwQjpRTSn5qsdiihGPtwS...m1c4Wmf77_]

Force Choke: This ability... Who wouldn't want the ability to choke someone like Darth Vader did in the movies? (^_^) This ability can be a debuff for damage and also applies a electric damage over time (DoT)
[Image: pqu0_frpcWvEWq6wIf1IfdgX7gQqQDD8Gs6hZnQN...jeTHRJjsUT]

Light-Jedi Abilities

Flurry: This ability grants an attack that can attack that can strike your foe 3 times. Damage is based on crit or strikethrough. ( Please correct me if I am incorrect since I do not play LSJ much, I will add any corrections in )
[Image: 1kR2Jp4fCL1vmkT_T765Z5sO2rhRa3-_qqyTyUHR...v5v9V9Y8Gt]

Saber Reflect: Saber reflect deflects attacks and redirects them to the attacker.
[Image: nucfoCMPfLZ8maITz1OY0ja6udwA7bfcABXj9NmF...QLIoi4rY1p]

Heal: This ability is for LSJ heal that can heal 10k or higher with a chance of luck or Healing Potency ( highly not recommended to use Healing Pot as LSJ or DSJ )
[Image: HSlnhdCTTFOt_z2mp_1bNVGPIQREanChjxV9Rmcj...vjkTIYzA6f]

Strike: This ability is a single direct attack for LSJ/DSJ. Damage depends on the Jedi's Crit/Strike-through
[Image: L9v5tH6wWBIRBzawNqYoD6EAXBse3NKjxUFvEPOb...tTirusV8yA]

Sweep: This ability is a aoe saber attack for LSJ/DSJ. Damage depends on the Jedi's Crit/Strike-through
[Image: v-ixq0lVJCAqgZ9n01HRG7lkhi28L499_SW89L3r...0oR9C19GNq]

Jedi Stance: This stance is for Jedi to use their LSJ abilities like Saber Reflect/Flurry and such.
[Image: PjfNqZU9bCcdv4lM5Bpx06gISRd3qRjR-EO82oJR...934q5lwQG8]

Hermetic Touch: This ability is to remove damage over time (DoT) from themselves. Removes 5 stacks of every type of DoT. If you get a 10 stack of DoT from a commando, It will only remove a 5 stack of each DoT.
[Image: jNVrXuQ7lYMt6LnVSZrKbZIbJaGkXFcBC2ZyLPlC...U7kc6weg94]

Shared Jedi Abilities

Force Enrage: This ability is mainly use for PvE to take agro off a "support/healer" in heroics and such. Must be in Jedi Stance to use this ability
[Image: 8q7C44uSZZT5N11e0931dvC-RSjRLzFQaSzfVAkf...KBGq80o1Yh]

MindTrick: This ability is use to drop agro from a single NPC. DSJ/LSJ can use this ability without having to be in a particular stance
[Image: kRKI2R5MADdOdzR8syeA7rvoumj58BFiTcfXDMpA...bWap6J-luj]

Force Shockwave: This ability can be use for both LSJ and DSJ. This would be better use for a DSJ using the Dark Fury Heroic set for reset cooldowns.
[Image: I1l39h73gshDZmrWCfPpatCXcGp2cfjWrVTnU68y...ERGwD120H8]

Sense Danger: This ability is to reveal any Cloaked Jedi/Spy or player in stealth due to Smuggler Cloak ally ability.
[Image: E-i-8NwHhs-VCYa_mLKkHePU9_LF3DzRUShyrx4w...W-JFCj7IR8]

Force Cloak: This ability is to cloak a Jedi to escape combat. Just a note, it is very easy to be seen/reveal by other players/npcs
[Image: N0A0SUsErIj_5aG1YBFcA-YJyAOiKMTOc5H7AODR...D__qbKnwEH]

Force Run: This ability increases the speed of the Jedi to either escape combat or gain ground on their foe.
[Image: kB8rs-j-HqgEi0uC90oPzkpO4lhONCnXV4HShMzK...0rsbcsvHzT]

Saber Intercept: This ability directs all attacks to a target to the Jedi for 10 seconds. Great ability to use for PvE/PvP (Support classes will love you if you are able to do this and keep up with)
[Image: o4IzraN8hfp6blp2nb0fFHDGhNTe-GWAig48DzVh...2-HuWmXoRV]

Saber Block: A Defensive ability that will help deflect both Melee and range attack, More points into it the better
[Image: vf5R9H6GeLNxHwIT-1tzbX-HJpiGT-ApOWMfwEsg...aXOpEGk5xt]

Saber Throw: This ability grants the Jedi to throw their saber at an foe from 30 meters. LSJ do receive a bonus with this ability to snare their foe or root them.
[Image: yJYHmamb7WlWgAjmBRBKnsQAiplHZCo32YIrSl5b...Fw7jP9ySXs]

Forsake Fear: This ability is granted to Jedi that has the expertise points to it, and grants anyone in the group action for the length amount of time.
[Image: S_zdmzRnLywIQWK_6gAZr7xS7-napZUhJLgOZ-Sh...ZD0P51fsDI]

Jedi Expertise
Here is a list of the few pretty popular and most used and all around sets of expertise!

NOTE LSJ Builds are meant for both PVP/PVE As are the DSJ Builds..not every build works for everyone as everyone has a playstyle.

Setup #1 My PvP Build

[Image: 5SWd1U4aP2sPo2efD6LdtvZyXPkCIRcfy_E3yZ2J...OoZ_jd_dBb]

[Image: _u8_uJKIXrLkUUHRp1DbLMMuVE3y0n_91dBf8pKb...QPiFHcNQtU]

Setup #2 Basic Common PVP/PVE DSJ Build

[Image: LQORtU_UvZcfhTt7EXJ4dBpUyQfNRw9-kTtPZaFA...uvg_wPX-JC]

[Image: IRZ_dvhf-fcQxrPvaOJBgF9YcWgaHoPqIbh7gB9A...6U2zyshhz4]

Setup #3 DSJ Defense Build

[Image: v4PxHvLPV12A5om-RAnuGOEmydJzILGzmXYu7j03...grSIoANDzS]

[Image: Q16EKnxxDWwY8ThaMnwFsDjCUH8rJiSqQhNCu_Ay...dWtmMy5U7K]

Setup #4 LSJ DPS Build

[Image: 43bWxm5JaA8UiYnwLS0sEZ3Ozlh330g5X9Rog4uf...ypq7spwe8y]

[Image: EOWA-LlYPBh83A51niDuoVlodMqje1otjpqg_drv...oDZ6QuvXlH]

Setup #5 Defense LSJ Build

[Image: ye_SOVmHU0lrc16tjmYchiD0n7MmbFUvUnbswcKz...NTUPmjumE_]

[Image: mz5uK-xGUwRANJxSEunL0MPt1XwdZrHJqJ9eQqXD...T1l7cfrvmh]

Food , Drinks , Lightsaber Selections , Robe/Armor Selections and elemental damages and powerups and lightsaber crystals!
Here is a list of all food,drinks,weapons,armor and elemental damage types and powerups and lightsaber crystals that are used with jedi

Food/Drink Selections for Jedi
Here are some foods and drinks used by jedi

Evasion/Prec (LSJ/DSJ)

Str/Prec/Con (LSJ)

High Con/Dodge Chance (LSJ/DSJ)


High Luck/BC/BV (LSJ/DSJ)

Agility/Movement Speed (LSJ/DSJ)

Jedi Robes & Armor

Everyone has a preference below is a list of robes that are what you will want and obtain in order or whichever you can get first.

Armor Info: I've seen a lot of players that do prefer armor over robes, the benefit of that is an extra exotic and stats which isn't bad. Mainly seems to work for LSJ more than DSJ but that is just my take. I prefer robes due to bonuses that the robe offers me that suits my play style

Jedi Knight Robe:

Jedi Master Cloak:

Master Jedi Cloaks:

Elder Robes:

Jedi Elements
So alot ask what elements do what here is a list of them and what they do

Duration: 6 seconds
Effect: Adds a Heat DoT attack that will tick 3 times with 2-second separation for 750 damage per tick before armor mitigation.

Duration: 3 seconds
Effect: the Acid Elemental effect is a Critical Chance increase to all attackers on that target. The target will have a 75% chance to be hit by a Critical Hit for the duration. If you are stacking Critical Chance on top of this, you will likely hit every attack with a Critical. Very useful and probably the most popular elemental type.

Duration: 6 seconds
Effect: the Cold Elemental effect will increase all damage being dealt to the target for the entire duration. The % increase in damage is dependent on your cold elemental value. Basically, your cold elemental is divided by 5 and that value is the % increase in damage your target will see. This increases all incoming damage by all attackers to the target. Useful and underrated mod since this will stack with Critical and Strikethrough attacks.
36 cold elemental on the weapon x 0.2 = 7.2% Damage Increase.
100 elemental value on the weapon = 100 x 0.2 = 20% Damage Increase

Duration: 6 seconds
Effect: +75% Glancing Blow increase debuff on the affected target.
Note: While the tooltip will state that 'Trivial Hit' is the one being modified, Trivial Hit is a 96% damage reduction and a remnant from an old combat system, while Glancing Blow is a 60% Damage reduction. The correct modifier is Glancing Blow, the tooltip is incorrect. The combat log and skill mod character sheet will confirm this.
Note 2: The effect of this element is regarded as being most useful in PvE, due to the benefits of Glancing Blow-in PvE

Conclusion: DSJ I've seen favor Cold for increased damage and LSJ Can use Heat/Cold/Acid and benefit from that. Defensive Jedi might like using Electric for the Trivial chance. please note acid overrides cold which is bad as cold has a bigger output.

Jedi PowerUps
Here is a list of best powerups to use with Jedi.

PVP Crit: More crit isn't bad to use but only works in PVP... duh

Crit Chance: Good for PvP/PvE

GB Melee/Ranged: Great thing to have with CHR for defensive stacking

Lightsaber Weapon Damage: Increasing LSJ saber damage.

CHR: Reduces the chance to be critically hit, very effective stacking and caps out at 29+, 31+ if we ever obtain the bonus RE chance

Glance Blow: Decent but not exactly worth stacking unless solo in PvE as it does help. caps at +7 rarely, +8 if we ever obtain the bonus RE chance

Lightsaber Crystals Selection

1 Elder Crystal is  not added as it can not be obtained yet.

[Image: PqULGJvGtjcLR6aB5-l99y9mVSpaRh-3KlAEE6q2...GTxUHM-Zrf]
Windu's Guile
Elemental Damage: Cold (~6% of the Lightsaber's Maximum Damage)
How to obtain: Reward given to Jedi who has become a General in either the Rebel or Imperial Factions. Purchased from a recruiter for 1 million credits (without % reductions).

[Image: MYqvx5C.png]
B'nars Sacrifice

Elemental Damage: Acid (~6% of the lightsaber Maximum Damage)
How to obtain: Reward from the 2-year anniversary vendors

[Image: BRPlaRgWrVXNmXtLroEAaLY0OivU0VxSBxyRhhGh...eJrUSlyRe2]
Elemental Damage: Cold (~5% of the Lightsaber's Maximum Damage)
How to obtain: Bought from A Cold-Weather Rebel Trooper or An Imperial Snowtrooper, the Hoth Reward Vendors, in Aurilia for 50 Hoth tokens.

[Image: _NFCAU-WFD_iJW5kiwdzLNABpf4Z5pssoYQkPryP...6M9g8OPkQK]
Blackwing Crystal
Blade Color Modification: Blackwing Bezoar
Elemental Damage: Acid (~5% of the Lightsaber's Maximum Damage)
How to obtain: Death Troopers update brings the Blackwing Bezoar Crystal to Jedi players. To obtain, you must venture into the Quarantined Zone on Dathomir and go into the Undead Bunker. Inside you must go down into the caves where you can find a large room, with a Containment Terminal. Use the terminal to obtain the quest and slay the Undead Rancor before the time expires (10 minutes)

[Image: DX-TqVyT_M_OJpSWnIHeiSRVBXYVBeIcaQpW3qHZ...dcvioAy_Wi]
Lava Crystal
Elemental Damage: Heat (~5% of the Lightsaber's Maximum Damage)
How to obtain: Created using the Chu-Gon Dar Cube (received when you complete "Symbols of Chu-Gon Dar" quest), Warmly Glowing Engine Component, Warmly Glowing Skull, and Warmly Glowing Artifact).

[Image: 6FJ2Z1Q0j7ACnLN_pXuIyKz0i8-jseQs-0QW5f-P...txSZlSedhm]
Sunriders Destiny
Elemental Damage: Heat (~6% of the Lightsaber's Maximum Damage)
How to obtain: Rare Loot System may be no-longer obtainable 

[Image: YD2pgDyFUMptREdEF_QxQVmE0ZP4yY6Hwi1y64KE...3sR5q2cSU7]
Bondara's Folly
Elemental Damage: Acid (~6% of the Lightsaber's Maximum Damage)
How to obtain: This crystal is obtainable through the shard collection series.

[Image: K2Y34OpwgxhZhvcdjjI2nxjtzEa9dUcO-8TTFKq7...bQsbAIhJ_F]
Banes Heart
Elemental Damage: Electricity (~5% of the Lightsaber's Maximum Damage)
How to obtain: A looted item from N-K "Necrosis" or Rare Loot System

[Image: DzWD3njAvtq8421qI8tN1KrWmC4dX0x7iAGYQ5LY...H3G8uRZKTl]
Cunning of Tyranus
The Cunning of Tyranus Lightsaber Crystal
Elemental Damage: Heat (~6% of the Lightsaber's Maximum Damage)
Notes: This crystal was named after the Sith Lord, Darth Tyranus.
How to obtain: Rare Loot System may be no-longer obtainable
[Image: D9jtsJw.png]
Dawn of Dagobah

Elemental Damage:Electrical (~6% of the Lightsabers Maximum Damage)
How to obtain:1 Year anniversary no longer obtainable
[Image: XGFyWgb.png]
Gallia's Intuition

Elemental Damage:Electrical (~6% of the Lightsabers Maximum Damage)
How to obtain:2 Year anniversary vendor 
[Image: GlAtrro.png]
Horn's Future
Elemental Damage:Electrical (~6% of the Lightsabers Maximum Damage)
How to obtain:1 Year anniversary no longer obtainable

More crystals will be added as they are released. till then this will only have obtainable crystals!

however if you would like a full list of all saber crystals that we had at the end of live link is below

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What type of Jedi do you play?
Answer 1: DSJ due to DPS and play style.
Question 2: What type of element do you use for DSJ/LSJ?
Answer 2: For DSJ I use for offensive is cold and defensive electric. For LSJ I use offensive either heat/cold/acid and defensive - electric.
Question 3: How would you go about gearing first.
Answer 3: Farming Nightsisters for stat'd loot to give a crafter or afk junk loot. But good thing about Jedi is you can use the robes for a while and still be viable.
Question 4: How would you go about leveling?
Answer 4: Legacy/Kashyyyk/Mustafar or doing daily terminal missions or afk grind.
Question 5: Elder robe or CoH/shattlepoint cloaks?
Answer 5: Personally, I prefer Cloak of Hate as a Offensive/crit stacking DSJ
Question 6: Best 35 suit to use?
Answer 6: This is a hard one to say as best. My personal prefence is Agility/Luck/Precision (Pvp Crit, Crit chance Increase, CHR) Due to I pvp alot. But This depends on your play style.
Question 7: Best spot to grind Sith/Jedi holocrons?
Answer 7: Sith = Nightsisters, I've had my best luck in a full group running around random in dathomir killing them getting my holo's but if you want to afk, Nightsister Force Laber camp, NS vs SMC or Stronghold. For Jedi Being in a group and going to the North East corner of Dantooine past the Jedi Temple Ruins POI.
Question 8: Armor Jedi or Robe Jedi
Answer 8: I've heard For LSJ Armor is better. But personal preference is the Robes
Question 9: Best heroic 5 piece to grab?
Answer 9: Depends on play style. DSJ - Tank Guardian/heroism. DPS Fury/Heroism. LSJ Tank Guardian/Heroism, LSJ Dps Duelist/Heroism
Question 10: Best Lightsaber to use.
Answer 10: Old Republic 2-hand Saber.
This is going to be updated a bit more Soon

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