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EroticaMedic 101 Guide for beginners
[Image: alHvOREP2WhmnZIugMg6FvMUo5mQc9lz8R7VF9u5...hj4S3wwexy]

If you have any questions feel free to reply DM Erotica#2367

This guide is written/composed by  Erotica and created by her over the 2 decades of experience from not only SWG from the PRE-CU all the way till now in the NGE , but from other experiences from other games within the healing role.
Welcome to medic ladies and gentleman , this is a guide that should help you with your profession. we will go over everything from combat to support to beast-master. medic can be one of the more harder professions to master and also one of the most demanding and most stressful.
As a new medic you may encounter a struggle learning and timing your abilities. a medic can make or break a group not everyone will find it fun , not everyone will find it easy to learn because it's not but when it comes down to it. you control you're group's health and if they can continue the fight or not.
a very good medic will be able to heal under pressure a very skilled medic will be able to heal and debuff targets under pressure most of the time.
A lot ask about BM Pets and tell others to pick up a defense pet and say armor on the pet=defense this is untrue this has no effect on its defense stats. every pet has a bonus to stats it gains when created. the 60 points on pets matter. a 60 pointer capped is better than a 55 unless a suit was used with it then it can be just as good!.
for an idea of a pet you want for stats..here you go this will help hugely where many have no damn idea wtf they are saying. http://www.swgpets.com/pets?group=Avoidance notice how the Dod:0.2 Pry:0.2 Evs:0.2 EvR:2.0 are high? that's what you want that is purely defense stats. that is high parry dodge evasion.
if you want a block pet..then use http://www.swgpets.com/pets?group=Armored otherwise the list above is far better as dodge parry evasion is a huge stat for us. remember the DPS/Armor bonus is not used for us if you're pet is just here to give you stats
Medic Stat priorities (Part I)
First of all not all suits or stats are used as much now. I'll list the most popular and most used.
Stat Chart by MasterCosmo's back on SoE Live
[Image: 9ZF3w0EsYIa797CKLbCSOPGF8Bh5-aDLISN-tQ1V...bptshYNngM]
[Image: L-EskrbbtSw6PJTUbQTEB_jRCHVm-L0VJQI65nJO...adpRGtrTfm]
Constitution: each point grants 8 health and 2 action points.
This is used in almost every suit for every profession it's also the most useful as straight health allows you to take more damage and as a medic you need to survive.
Agility:each point grants 0.01% dodge, 0.005% parry and 0.01% evasion chance.
Very useful for medic adds flat defense and adds more then the straight up exotic versions.
Luck: each point grants 0.0033% dodge, 0.0033% evasion chance, 0.1% evasion value, 0.0033% critical hit chance, 0.005% strikethrough chance, and 0.1% strikethrough value.
Adds even more Defenses goes very well with Con/agi.
Strength: each point grants 0.005% block chance, 0.5 block value, 0.01% hit chance, and 0.33 melee damage.
Now..heres the thing block is currently in a bad state as is really not to great on anyone but frontman commando's as it was nerfed patches ago and does not do to much as it should. no reason to stack this unless you're going for a PvE block suit
Precision: each point grants 0.005% parry, 0.005% block chance, 0.01% critical hit chance, and 0.005% strikethrough chance.
Not worth stacking as we are not going to be focusing damage.
Stamina: each point grants 2 health and 8 action points.
Not as useful as it once was as a medic as we have access to officers and reckless stimulation very old school medic stat back with the old con/stam/agi suits
Critical hit defense/reduction
Full details/guide on this can be found here thanks to mastercosmo https://mastercosmo.wordpress.com/20...l-hit-defense/
This stat is worth stacking in exotics on all three pieces.
Glancing Blow Increase
Full details/guide can be found here thanks to mastercosmo https://mastercosmo.wordpress.com/20...glancing-blow/
Use this if you can not afford Healing Action Cost. or known as HACR
Dodge Chance
Full details/guide here thanks to mastercosmo https://mastercosmo.wordpress.com/20...nalysis-dodge/
Not worth stacking in exotics you get more from having other stats.
Heal Action Cost Reduction
Alot will say this is good and bad. it's actually really good on a full support medic it's used over glance because the amount of action it can reduce is quite decent. and if you're solo with no officer it actually helps out quite a lot on sustaining action. however, it is quite hard to get a hold of as the junk loot very rarely drops and cost millions so only use this if you can afford it but it's worth it. it is a long term stat that you will want. i however do not use it because i have mastered medic so well that it's useless to me vs the bonus defense.
Medic Heroic sets (Part II)
Here is the list of heroic 5 piece sets we can earn I did not list heroism as it's really not used by medics as flat stats do not out weigh our actual sets, not like a Jedi where they can gain quite a bit from that set.
First Responder's/Response
[Image: 0iQIYuBuly5Cki5HKBeJq3sGE-J9efngwp52NucP...SMEKhPGjm7]
This is every medic's main set due to the fact that you get reduced revive timers, swift revives which reset the cooldown, then swift heals which also resets the cooldown. then you also get reduced evasion cool down and stasis...which is huge.you also can get free shot heals which reduce the cost of that heal you just used to 0 however for a while this part has been bugged. note this set only resets single target heals and not you're bacta spray.
Word of advice run this set if you do not expect to never win in PVP. if you can't rez well then congrats you just lost the battle. people keep saying Doom is superior and this is far from it because, with FR a swift bomb bypasses said debuffs, decent medics can clear all the debuffs in 5 seconds. note the swift heal is pretty damn big while it may only 10% I have had at times 4-5 swift bombs in a row and that is 100k healing in 5 seconds.
another reason is rez timers are extremely long without we are talking 2-3 minutes. so in a PVP scenario, let's say it's a 16v16 and boom 7 guys die to an SFP you area rez..you recovered that 2nd volley goes out 5 more deaths or maybe more. well, there goes 2 rez timers killed you are now on lockdown. you now rely on that 2nd medic, well guess what his rez timers are on cd to because you both used it. well, now you are down 3 players and losing more unable to rez.
this has a big domino effect and as I did point out...medics are the backbone of PVP groups without us the group is nothing. not to mention evasion+stasis timers are huge.
think of evasion as a mini stasis but with no damage reduction instead, you can still drop a cloud.
Blackbar's Doom
[Image: gy0l_yIcbPhbR5mLYCgS1aXcujtJ-smvMHXz6pyA...TnryCUn7bR]
This is your doom set it's nice to have if you ever plan to spec into doom expertise otherwise it's not needed.
People keep saying Doom is best and it's not. it's decent. but it's far from op. if two medics can strip the debuffs in a few seconds the set is doing nothing for you. the set is only useful for taking out a shot caller out with assist macro and you dooming him. however, your #1 job is to heal. if you say doom is DPS then you are 100% wrong, it is to heal and doom on the offside very few medics can heal while dooming in hardcore PVP. you can not just do the whole I'm a deeps i don't heal. that is exactly why some get steamrolled in PVP.
Strikers/Battle Hardened
[Image: atIRZLBn9RXbtbrSBrTxdZ6-7qYkJOOdj1OuxqVU...gpQb-qXaSq]
This set is your buff set mostly and really only used for buff bots or medics who carry all buffs it's a back up set it extends your buffs out to 1 hour and 30 minutes which is quite nice to have. never use it in PVP as it's mainly just a buff set.

Medic Entertainer Buffs (Part III)
Here is a list of some great Ent buffs that medics use some are pretty useful. my advise never stack crit or anything that will add to offense you are purely stacking defense you are so squishy that even though you got a big heal kit most underestimate that we do not have tanky skills
1: 10% Healer , ACR , 2250 Energy, 1500 kin
2: 10% Healer , ACR , Con 150
3: 8% Healer , ACR , 2250 Energy, 1500 Kin , 60 Con
4: 10% Healer , ACR , Glance
5: 10% Healer , CHR , Glance
6: 6% Healer , ACR , 3750 Eng , 3000 Kin
7: 6% Healer , ACR , CHR or Glance , 1500 KIN+ENG
Medic 35 Suits (Part IV)
Here is a list of some of the most popular and used suits that sync very well on medics and even officers. for officers never stack HP/HACR HP can be used on officer i have seen it done in pvp to help get the most out of you're swift heals from generals 5 piece. now to the suits! in order from most popular/used/great to least. the first three are most used/popular are overall sync so well on a medic that you can become pretty damn tanky fully buffed up.
1:Con/Agi/Luck HP/HACR/CHR
2:Con/Agi/Luck HP/GB/CHR
3:Con/Agi/Luck HP/GB/GBR
4:Con/Str/BV HP/BC/CHR
5:Con/Str/BV GB/BC/CHR
7:Str/Prec/Con BC/BV/Str
8:Con/Agi/Luck HP/Dodge/CHR or GB
9:Con/Stam/Agi HP/CHR/GB
Got any suit idea's you want added feel free to let me know <3
Medic Melee Vs Ranged (Part V)
So something like this gets asked quite a lot....
The reason you will see PvP medics use melee over ranged is very simple it allows you a bonus to the defense aka parry which is a melee only weapon. quite nice. it's also the only defense that helps vs a DSJ as the skills they use are classified as melee all but maelstrom so this is why we use it. now I'm not gonna go into details but for PVP a melee weapon is far more useful than a medic hitting someone with a rifle cause a medic's job is not to damage which is tiny.
Also, note if you are helping AFK players melee weapons make you not move when attacked by a ranged weapon. so you can put the medic on follow and likely never move out of his or her range of healing or nerve gas.
On to ranged weapons. ranged is mostly used for doom 5 piece , blowing up bikes, keeping a player in combat so they can not escape. or in general PvE combat to keep at bay. however, melee tends to play a better role in combat as it can glance every single melee attack and since can effect as seen below. it is more suited in PvP. solo gameplay a ranged weapon will be quite better.
Glance comes from multiple sources:
Officer Buffs.
Medic Skills Part Two
Medic Healing Main Abilities (Part I)
They's Abilities will buff you're target or group they are highly used and great to have if you're playing a full support medic. the buffs timers can be increased from 30 minutes to 1 hour and 30 through a heroic 5 piece known as (Strikers) very worth grabing for pvp and heroics as you're second 5 piece.
Bacta Bomb
[Image: V8tFfmF6-KH-hptPBZTNl-cd0VoSCyWMCDhegg8h...LFP7Mud5Mj]
This is you're main heal only use this if you're target is below 30% Health or 50% if not much healing is needed. this heal can if speced and geared right can get up to 20,000 Health restored. this skill can also be coupled with (First Responder) heroic 5 piece to receive a swift heal reseting the cooldown of it. if you're with multiple medics and in voice i advise calling out who you're healing it with.
Bacta Ampule
[Image: vx8MUI10QuQEJBiXEaD678stWDxzuLt03vs9CeCb...8VVJJ7hPWg]
Bacta Amplule is a low heal that is spammable...my advice only use this heal if your target is above 50% health under very certain circumstance you can use it below if you're target is not in harm's way. this skill is great for recovering health fast it's low cost very effective in long fights and very cheap on the action. i just advise not using it on someone about to incap you may get them killed!
Bacta Spray
[Image: AoOSV0oet7TnPoDmEQzo1fac6IfaWi3ZJbybR4q8...nvmrbzyg4E]
Bacta Spray is a Area Heal that is used quite alot. it is best used when AoE damage is being dealt to you're group/team-mates. this heal can get up to 10,000 health per target which in any heavy damage fight can be a real life-saver. if you're with multiple medics and in voice i advise calling out when you're going to use it so you don't get any wasted area heals or bacta bombs!
Bacta Infusion
[Image: JhmCWxtpcFmfXdvyQe_wNbkfze5-KgZeCeorsfpy...bxM5pFLNyy]
Bacta Infusion is a HoT (Heal over Time) this is a skill i advise using on cool down and using it on you're top three players and keeping it up. however now that we have a AoE only use this for single target/you're self or when you're solo.
Bacta Burst
[Image: 7Cj-ChGewJEI71qGHeJEfkPBqqOqgh3I5KPM4OfE...n2mJdJceSW]
Bacta Burst is you're Area Heal Over Time much the same as infusion but is a Area version and this should be kept on you're group at all times. this heal is mainly used to offset the damage of officer or spy DoTs. this is a skill i advise keeping on cool down.
Bacta Grenade
[Image: Xjl88wSeeT7Eksb3KOm2YudkGtn78RL_ms37CmLO...gvGOkAznhy]
Bacta Grenade is a low cost heal and is now separated from other heals and is now it's own heal and is now a must have ability for it is a mini bacta bomb well kinda.
Bacta Jab
[Image: 3pX84WkvNMl6pRrcj6ou5uG-R9SsuLywaI97jqj5...JsKz51-c2S]
Bacta Jab is a heal used for solo combat when you have no pet and are on you're own it's much like bacta bomb but a bit less healing and a very faster cool down and cost much less.
Medic Support Abilities ( Part II)
Medic Buffs
[Image: SZPaQvgWzWuvjWHaydJE57rqTSrVCdZit2lQoiui...MDNHX7rVqy][Image: Fzw834u9zJR9zA3qP07ndtnZ9iROuVMqKrWdslL_...wz4d155eLw][Image: 6nV0NOxIs9ingqAfU6TfMT7LwvONcPM_o1kFTnRf...yNWW2nM4KD][Image: z8r9DFa2HzSmFtZTaWuHEYEkISzXIuiNyqSVxbB8..._dLM9s9veG][Image: ydwOAOHJUbf6UlIVuf5yG9VjCONy6M864w5Qqn6W...TKNf-w7T5E][Image: FmuOC2b5Cs1lhdHT-jH4bngKVQZoQRX_kWnlWo1P...9Ec63I6QPn][Image: 3vXkU7Gl4GElIzpbZqDBUkdXRsoiPpWsgZ9eidTL...nGLLtvKDr3]
This is you're support role medic buffs. they are 30 minutes long. they can be increased to 1 hour 30 minutes long with a 5 piece heroic set known as (Strikers) i highly advise picking this up as you're second 5 piece for medic. i highly advise geting the buffs if you're runing alot of heroics and pvp if you go full support medic.
Serotonin Boost
[Image: 5wS972GCNRYDlIXDRzyxVfYmGGfsw7icUNDqDGwH...jpxMm2zO7H]
This ability will be used quite a lot mostly in PvP combat as it can remove one debuff from a player and is mostly used to remove stuff like bacta corruption (Doom Medic) or dreadstrike (BH) this skill is useful but if you're a solo medic and trying to use this and you're target is being hit by a full doom medic it's almost impossible to remove the heal debuff. you are far better having them hang back to let the debuff wear off otherwise you will not get it in time. however if you're target has dreadstrike and corruption remove it asap or all healing on that player is pretty much useless!.
Cure Affliction
[Image: 2Plt0UkvjIo7ZeWAhTxcZARwjeYHfzQQfEOR83_x...gNgt7fpcpv]
This skill is a godsend this should be used on cool down never ever let this stay un-used in PvP combat if you're being hit by (commando's). this ability removes 5 stacks of a dot. so if you're target has every dot at a 10 stack this removes 5 from every stack. this ability also gives you're target 1-2 seconds immunity to all dots being applied on them. so if you're target has a 5 stack heat dot use this and it's gone!!!!! please use this skill a lot it will save you're group and you will notice how big of a deal it is in mass pvp. in pve it's not used as much. i advise not using it on targets who only got officer dots. spy one's yes.
Blood Cleansers
[Image: lTcqEO7S99pej2Du86-PN0mC0UraO2aDzDRrHluN...67LqGpUj7i]
This ability is also a godsend in PvP or PvE what it does is removes the incap timer from you're target so if they get knocked down then back up use this on them asap so they do not get death-blowed this will help in large scale pvp , heroics , battlefields.
Drag Corpse
[Image: LjOMdQqLRCfumL4JOdxnNbisKT9ag67SE7PdQiJt...AjTgfHsjpH]
this ability i only use in pvp what it does is drag you're group members corpse's to you're location if within like 45 meters and a viewable range i would use this in battlefields and large scale pvp. this ability can clutch win a fight you may be able to use this drag you're group to safe area and mass rez and you're back up. this ability can drag none group members to if they /consent you however i have no idea if this is working atm.
[Image: ogCM6fG4RFcUGVO8m3Q-Vr0nJZDc0mZxkFpiI53W...EFfyAVR1vZ]
This ability is a holy crap button or a get out of dodge ability. this ability gives you some serious evasion much like a spy's ability this is used best for heavy aoe when it's about to drop instead of using a stasis i would use this and be able to take the punishment given vs others may get killed this allows you to save a stasis for when you really need it. never use this while in stasis. this ability can also be used to get out of combat remove any dots or debuffs you have then hit it and call a bike make sure to spam the bike as you hit it. and boom you can bike away from a losing battle!. in pve this ability really only has use if you got aggro or are being hit by aoe's or need to get off a none combat rez/area revive.
Reckless Stimulation
[Image: 4BOTRopwDQ2DH-kdt2KLteNvBMD8mSv9yb2sLjNq...r3jXavXDBg]
This ability...is tricky it restores action at the cost of health now if you do not have 2 general officers in you're group you may use this quite a lot. i would highly advise using one rank lower then the max so use rank 5 as this restores about the same action but does not take a huge chunk of health. use this only above like 30% health otherwise you may kill you're self and regret it. you can use this near death but if you do try to be out of harms way and no dots. so you can safely restore action hide behind walls/objects so no one can just hit you while using it. however with current update you can use rank 6 and be fine as it was changed to take less health and restore more action. still this is more for advanced medics who trust there self or group.
Stasis Self
[Image: caQaC3Wmd4CnJei-bIBl7AZb2p79Lq8J-w-flJ_s...6OOiN2VSh9]
This ability will be used so much in all aspects of the game. what this ability does is for a brief part of time makes you immune to all sources of damage however doom medics can still damage and apply debuffs to you through the 5 piece heroic sets proc. otherwise use this ability when you're low health or when you know you're about to take so much heat that you know you can't out heal it. this is great to use when you're pvp group pushes into a group of the enemy and you may be the first target so you would hit this and it makes all the damage going to you useless. great ability and if you dont have this you are not playing medic right.
Stasis Other
[Image: xP5NmllRiTd3uDUQfEYgiMTqUiBj4lsX6J-TVm3-...kd90dNyvJH]
This ability works the same as above with a twist..now you can use this one on group members , mobs , enemy faction/enemy anyone who is red to you. or in you're group. this ability can be used in pve to stop a mobs damage or to save a team-mate or as a back up stasis for you're self. it can also be used on enemy medics to pre-stasis then before a push and they will not be able to use their stasis on them and are singled out to be killed. you can also use this ability to target a enemy who may of hit force run or sprint stim or a burst run and most cases by the time the box wears off they are slowed and dired or dead in a instant. use this on bh or jedi who hit burst/force run's and it will pretty much neglect it and they are screwed.
Area Revive
[Image: jnYQn1JHmM3APhgFw20zTGOe53Z9TQltpf7gMPrg...8KGY92gPAK]
This ability is a out of combat area revive this ability can revive everyone at you're feet or within 5 meters. if you're not in combat that is.
PVP Area Revive
[Image: RSt4mLaowTgieLw3yuRp2EJNs8aGJd2DflBUyqtf...qKXAM7pgn2]
This ability works the same as above however it's allowed while in combat but for PvP combat deaths only by players.
PvP Combat Revive
[Image: 0lXNEAAchuq9NWHymt784xMhAYB--NbVyIyHDNfn...vIRkYC-x7f]
This ability works the same as the above PvP revive while in combat and will be one of you're main revives.
PvE Combat Revive
[Image: cRGCyXvVqdQWB2VBCPjHHLGMBMJ4jPcgUHmxRUMA...cot0DXuB4c]
Works the same as the above PvP combat revive but also works in PvE and does not share the same cool down so this gives you 2 single target revives and one AoE for PvP.
Combat Medic Abilities (Part III)
[Image: BSJksVMOizk7SGCSM8F6-bJZ41nq_9uYySz-oCle...LVZHClt9aC]
Reduces the movement speed of you're target.
[Image: LgdAXXN3NbBIKLnDspk25Ll5Es-h5UE8V9fZLKIK...iv6wAEbvxs]
This skill looks like it may of been fixed in our version  so it is useful
Deuterium Rounds
[Image: 5cVPXiYtCmB0YGcgTJXHP44pB7i6vN2fz2VuQAmp...7v5pTBIrHA]
Fun ability that adds a dot on basic attacks with ranged weapons. 
Poison Knuckle
[Image: IAUHfafzjA7qFKdpXB1tpc2aCq4kcUGGH0NY0245...LaavxpP7vZ]
Now..this ability works the same as rounds..
Nerve Gas
[Image: hglj3p1-86o5O-iD8ys4_AW7PrSyvWjyBWIO57SD...5FFSWSvEGM]
This is a AoE ability great for medic to deal AoE damage that also has a chance to apply a long dot on anyone hit by it. very useful in all combat and even great in PvP when you're group may push into the enemy multiple medics dropping this adds quite a lot of extra damage that helps alot.
[Image: M0Kziu-uiCAHQ2pFjhWGv4pXjuRrtto2douaQV0k...5XQOh4vcOA]
Pretty much a Damage ability that has a chance to apply a dot but over-rides nerve gas.
Vital Strike
[Image: KOaAkIc_kUDXF7lVUfX8dAyqR6dXevYN0Mx2Fwe3...LOpNKTiT2l]
Vital Strike is a Low damage skill that is used in mostly PvE/solo combat cost to much action if playing a PvP Support Medic
Combat Medic Doom Abilities(Part IV)
Alright so as a doom medic it is very skill Dependant on the player and players he's with in PvP. if you go this route i would advise picking up a 5 piece doom set. the reason is because when you use one of the skills below there is a 20% chance that for every doom buff below you have in expertise it applies every debuff when it procs. so if you used corruption on a target and have all the debuffs and it procs Doom...then every debuff is applied or refreshed. Doom is fun but it's not just as simple as hiting someone with the debuff...you will need to be able to heal under stress while completing the task of throwing out debuffs, now this is pretty tasky and most fail at this and find out they can not do both and keep going. there is no chance for fuck ups. it can cost you're entire group and can also cost the enemies entire group if you're skilled enough.
if you go the doom route be advised it's heavy on action you also need a second medic with you who has First Responder otherwise two doom medics will not sync very well and the long revive timers and no swift heals it can be pretty stressful and very risky in mass PvP. play at you're own risk otherwise i would try support then see how well you do and ask others and if it's doing great then maybe you can do both at once. Doom has no place in PvE it's mostly a PvP role and is highly sought after very skilled one's for battlefields. however it may be worth having a couple of the skills to toss on enemy medics i'll put that in the skill description.
Bacta Corruption
[Image: ax0yYHRCiNA1m2R5AqQ8KAPYXl3QnEdVvsZZNEt5...YFrbZWTbmr]
A very good debuff this debuffs the target reducing the healing they can get. this is worth having to use even without doom as it can be used on prime targets to reduce the healing they get. use this on medics officers or shot callers.
Serotonin Purge
[Image: BXtd_0q8VTWfA2ylTal1zmKmB-i5EUQBk6jL4h4q...vjxSjNnUe4]
This ability strips a buff from the target a very useful skill as buffs make a huge impact in PvP. i advise looking into grabing it maybe.. also note this ability looks like the doom proc dot. also this ability can be used to strip buffs off the ISD bosses who have SFP or used in the hoth instance to strip the buffs from the Gold troopers which remove SFP or the general buff that gets applied to all npcs around them...so this is useful in PvE big time!
Electrolyte Drain
[Image: 465rhDXm691VdobiA3zrX2z1hYyVIk7zy_DOFWAE...e9gYdEGX5f]
This ability reduces the movement speed of you're target.
Thyroid Rupture
[Image: _ylnnsHVJvbEfKSgb9l5p25OOIawdsCIi_qOOyh7...o1dqTJfSZF]
This ability reduces the damage you're target deals and is quite useful in PvE on heroic bosses. or the undead bosses but is very great in PvP for high value damage targets
[Image: Zs76WXBbm6z2iDdb8x_I43m_OsobJxtbz2JOAQpJ...XdNnKUiVVx]
Reduces the targets action pool also slowly drains them of action. very useful for fighting officers medics bounty hunters. no action=dead weight
Rheumatic Calamity
[Image: ynPbUVJSBCnAMfoBN25xAq5dgpmHk6OZLEyYGeTi...uTvmF6bcA7]
This ability is decent/good what it does is when you're target spends action they take damage. much like the clenched fist of hate boss in EK just less damage but it does add up. quite useful with doom. in our version/gu22 this does quite a lot of damage. can even kill you're target in pvp..
Misc Abilities (Part V)
Pet Incubation
[Image: qZK7xEuYEAP_jiIFnT28xJ_8bze3JV9cWxr2O_cY...aYhEPe0pjc]
If you are doing PvP alot grab this and a pet with high defense stats as even if the pet is level 1 and dead you gain part of it's stats which add to you surviving and is actually quite a huge impact
Medic Expertise
Here is a list of the few pretty popular and most used and all around sets of expertise!
Setup One Full Support Build (Most Used)
This is pretty much the main support build everyone used near the end. you had full support buffs and heals and abilities. 1 point is for the pet for bonus stats
Expertise Tree 1
[Image: uHmORl-Xy5jtMhqmggW2dsfpfOWuMColufWkD25y...tLGwNPCtzt]
Expertise Tree 2
[Image: 3UVqWf39OqL3lxHIYujHjUYqghYzgkmJMh1jSLq-...oHAB985Uw3]
Setup Two Full Doom Build
This is the main Doom build you can of course switch out the electro to something else like stats or what not. 1 point is for the pet for bonus stats
Expertise Tree 1
[Image: CPR8xaAmWscXhSkfBsp6a4zBHRizXdPjGNpoTvhy...HEv1K_aCAN]
Expertise Tree 2
[Image: eJHHjO6yToifSAqtwOn2cTA05tEXpcNC2dY_w-jl...cnAGdMTlFc]
Setup Three BeasterMaster Support Build
This is the BM Build you can change out armor bonus for the pet to extra skills if need.

Expertise Tree 2 (nothing goes into one)
[Image: qRHq01boM1GTbCYu4Y4hhfhZuQosGqEklyyGctYu...9UBG7G-CLv]
Expertise Tree 3
[Image: DFTklQb5t3Mqe0wT5Jr_AXTXRHJVZm-FZeMVFvNo...2wp31mPTyj]
Setup Four Evasion Doom Build
You can change out the debuffs however you always want bacta coruuption atleast the other two can be switched to Thyroid which works just as good. purge is nice for stripping buffs. 1 point is for the pet for bonus stats
Expertise Tree 1
[Image: O_Gj11kNIKKPylr6ATAv9ytTw3x7JYhEX_-62eq9...8TUo2vvsAK]
Expertise Tree 2
[Image: f2PUVZ0-LkQRYHifblxMwV97MFUPj_wyzr4tLJiM...jbrHnpPaMg]
Setup Five Full Combat Medic Build
This Build you can switch from ranged or melee expertise it is pretty fun to mess around with and is something you rarely see but it is pretty interesting if they ever fix the two rows of skills it may be worth having. either way have fun with it! i put one point in BM for the stats incase you get in mass pvp then you are still useful , you also have the full buff line as well so this gives you still quite a lot to play with. you can also change out the last 4 points in armor to get flurry or burst.
Expertise Tree 1
[Image: i7_WPcYNQaAhMcKxDkbfMjHKim_64btqdS1MjUPv...BjmVJhBeip]
Expertise Tree 2
[Image: 68yrfzB41yotTu2ksHyszmYlmfcmI5Zhgzi_o9kK...GkE2xwQ6Eu]

Food , Drinks , Weapon Selections , Armor Selections and elemental damages and powerups!
Here is a list of all food,drinks,weapons,armor and elemental damage types and powerups that are best used with medic.
Food/Drink Selections for Medics
Here are some foods and drinks ranked best first that medics will use quite alot in the game.
Healing Potency/Con
High Con/Dodge Chance
Healing Potency/Con
High Luck/BC/BV
Agility/Movement Speed
Weapon Selections
Going to only list heroic weapon types that have the high damage bonus. from cheapest/easy to hardest/most expensive the more expensive the more harder it is to obtain and likely better. not going to list heroic weapons that are weak. i did not addbattlefield weapons as they can take alot of work to unlock and also require some more hard to obtain resources and given the work to get them they are more of a high end weapon. and most use tokens on the pistol or heavy weapon.
Charric Carbine:
Invasion token weapon pretty on par with heroic weapons and very easy to obtain then a heroic weapon.
Massassi Guardian Carbine:
Very Cheap and very easy to loot drops quite alot. but is locked to cold.
Whistler Carbine:
Decently Cheap very good carbine decent damage and quite easy to get compared to most heroic weapons.
A280 Blaster Rifle:
Cheap/cost effective but not that great in the element area. but used for combat/doom medic.
E-Web Rifle:
Cheap/cost effective but not that great in the element area.but used for combat/doom medic.
TC-22 Blaster Rifle:
Invasion Weapon very cheap good and decent and just as decent as a Elite TK and barely any effort needed to obtain.but used for combat/doom medic.
Massassi Enforcer Blade:
Very nice melee weapon the highest damage of all and extreme elemental and cold locked so it does amazing.
Acidic Paragon Axe:
Very decently priced often very good the only heroic polararm that is lootable other then NSEL which is not good in combat.
Elite Gaderiffi Baton :
Pretty expensive for a melee weapon but pretty nice and cool looking but in my opinion cost to much.
Elite Tusken Rifle:
Very expensive very good high damage and elemental but also very rare and sought after.
Medic Armor

so alot ask about what armor to use with medic and pretty much the best all-around is primus battle armor which is 6660 Kin 6600 Eng 5400 Base. this all around is the best to use. however, it can be costly in the millions to tens of millions of credits.
my advice if you're starting out and new is go and do this quest series. if you're after unlocking dwb do not choose a faction and do the non-faction quest.
this quest series is easy and the stats on the Katarn armor is 5664 to all. so its great starting out and can be sold later. also looks cool.
otherwise, unlayered battle armor is 6000 all resist and most of the time cost under 500k credits. however, primus is as low as 500k now. so for new players its very cheap.
Medic Elements
So a lot ask what elements do what here is a list of them and what they do
Duration: 6 seconds
Effect: Adds a Heat DoT attack that will tick 3 times with 2-second separation for 750 damage per tick before armor mitigation.
Duration: 3 seconds
Effect: the Acid Elemental effect is a Critical Chance increase to all attackers on that target. The target will have a 75% chance to be hit by a Critical Hit for the duration. If you are stacking Critical Chance on top of this, you will likely hit every attack with a Critical. Very useful and probably the most popular elemental type.
Duration: 6 seconds
Effect: the Cold Elemental effect will increase all damage being dealt to the target for the entire duration. The % increase in damage is dependent on your cold elemental value. Basically, your cold elemental is divided by 5 and that value is the % increase in damage your target will see. This increases all incoming damage by all attackers to the target. Useful and underrated mod since this will stack with Critical and Strikethrough attacks.
36 cold elemental on the weapon x 0.2 = 7.2% Damage Increase.
100 elemental value on the weapon = 100 x 0.2 = 20% Damage Increase
Duration: 6 seconds
Effect: +75% Glancing Blow increase debuff on the affected target.
Note: While the tooltip will state that 'Trivial Hit' is the one being modified, Trivial Hit is a 96% damage reduction and a remnant from an old combat system, while Glancing Blow is a 60% Damage reduction. The correct modifier is Glancing Blow, the tooltip is incorrect. The combat log and skill mod character sheet will confirm this.
Note 2: The effect of this element is regarded as being most useful in PvE, due to the benefits of Glancing Blow in PvE
Conclusion: Heat and Electric are bother very good options as a medic with acid being 3rd.
the reason heat is so good is it gives you a 3rd dot and this alone adds a bit of damage add in someone else's crit or cold debuff and it adds up.
also note that acid overrides cold they can not stack.
Medic PowerUps
Here is a list of best powerups to use with a medic situations vary. because it all depends on you're playstyle as well and what you're comfortable with.
Healing Potency:Increases the strength of you're heals caps out at 14 , +15 if we ever obtain the bonus RE chance. every 1 point of HP=1% Healing potency so a 14=14%.also this gives the best benefit for medic, going up to 20k on a bacta bomb and 10k area sprays is insanely huge.
CHR:Reduces the chance to be critically hit, very effective stacking and caps out at 29+, 31+ if we ever obtain the bonus RE chance
Glance Blow: Decent but not exactly worth stacking unless solo in PvE as it does help. caps at +7 rarely , +8 if we ever obtain the bonus RE chance
i'm not gonna add dodge , evasion , block as honestly they are hit so hard by diminishing returns and you are better off stacking a basic stat in you're exotics/pups because it's not hit by diminishing return as badly as the flat stat stacking on them.
my advise is use HP For mass pvp big fights need alot of heals and with food/pups capped. you can get some crazy heals..without it will show very hard and you will wonder if you're doing something wrong.!
Frequently Asked Questions
Question 1:Why don't you have Harmonious Understanding in any of you're expertise setups?
Answer 1: Because I don't rely on damage and 25% reduction with medic honestly is not that big of a deal.
Question 2: What's your advice on farming credits as a medic?
Answer 2: A lot of heroics selling loot and 5 pieces or get an alt commando and officer and gear them and set up an afk group at night sisters or dwb.
Question 3:How would you go about gearing first.
Answer 3: it depends. what you are going to shoot for first? weapon? then invasions. armor? then Avenging mort quest. also, do all of Mustafar! sell you're heroic loot and eventually buy a 35 suit. trust me it makes a big impact.
Question 4:How would you go about leveling?
Answer 4:Legacy and doing daily terminal missions. otherwise AFK groups
Question 5:What pet would you use for Beastmaster?
Answer 5: well it depends. DPS/Tanking? Cats are great. Klikniks are great as well and have double dots.
Question 6:Best 35 suit to use?
Answer 6:Con/Agi/Luck , HP/HACR/CHR Or instead of HACR GB®
Question 7:Best Element to use as a medic?
Answer 7:Heat (more dots)
Question 8:Best Crafted Armor for a medic?
Answer 8:Battle primus or unlayered
Question 9:Best heroic 5 piece to grab?
Answer 9: First Responder (more heals less cost swift revives)
Question 10:Best Weapon choice to pick ranged/melee.
Answer 10:Ranged For PvE and melee for PVP with a ranged weapon. however, if you go doom please note you need a rifle for the range bonus.
Question 11:Why do you always push forward and aggressive like? thought medic was supposed to hang in the back?
Answer 11:we are supposed to. but when you're group pushes it helps pushing with. if people hang back your push won't work, everyone pushes. I push straight in I'm not afraid to run into 20+ players and eat the damage with stasis because most of the time my team is right with me. medic is also great at being the first target so when everyone's trying to kill you with stasis up that damage is not on you're guys. I learned from live too passive as a medic will not cut it. if you're passive and never aggressive your team will die you just can't have a passive medic with aggressive DPS. however please note i'm no normal medic i have roughly 30,000 hours in medic maybe more since live. so i trust myself enough to know I am extremely capable of taking the heat vs most medics to freeze up or freak out and that's a sign you are not ready. it can take years to get to the ability to where you trust yourself, however, this is only part of the factor.

add in the factor you need to trust your group. and I'm afraid to tell you this will never happen unless they are in the same skill set and you have been with them years to where everyone knows how each person plays. without this you will never be able to completely be able to be at your fullest. also you need insanely high reaction times most humans do not have without being younger and having the experience under their belt.
Question 12:Why are you moving so much? you look like a headless chicken!!!
Answer 12:Yeah that's because the movement is key in PvP so you always want to be on the move ready at a moment's notice to slip back or make a massive push into the enemy, to dodge AoE's. if you just stand still you're making yourself a massive target (HEY KILL ME IM STANDING STILL) not good as a medic not to mention a melee spy can one-shot you and if you stand still..you're feeding them a kill and win. be warned the more you stand still the easier it is to damage you. every aoe ingame has a range where the damage starts dropping off till it becomes 0. so constantly moving can allow you to evade aoes that may be thrown at a teammate.
Question 13:Whats this I hear about clouding in deep?
Answer 13:This term is used by pvp medics to say they are going to run into the enemy group or near and drop nerve gas to add more damage or get counted for credit to get Restuss Comms. it's risky but it's a medic's life.
Question 14:Why no ranged weapon?
Answer 14:Because the role of a medic is to heal not damage that 300 to 600 dps every auto attack is pretty useless when everyone else can do 10x the damage, a nerve gas is a great way to do damage. this is why you see me with melee only. it gives medics extra defense that ranged weapons won't get. so use it. the only time you will see me with ranged is tagging a player's bike or tefing them out of a buff house. if your doing damage and trying to heal you doing it wrong if you are not insanely skilled like some of us. your DPS is insanely tiny compared to a combat role even a droid does more damage than a medic most times.so the bonus defense to be able to parry beats a bit of useless damage you won't be doing.
Question 15:Are combat expertise skills worth it?
Answer 15: only if you are solo and don't want to have buffs on standby which is kinda a bit retarded as having buffs on the go means you can farm longer. however it's not needed so it is a fun role to play if in PVE...PVP not do much.
Question 16: Do you stream your gameplay?
Answer 16:Yes I do when heroics other no but i can if enough people ask. i do more than medic , I play my alts. I craft for the server and my guild. I help people when needed.

Question 17: What's your youtube/twitch

Answer 17: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvuL3Ll...subscriber and https://www.twitch.tv/ladygothica
Notable Expertise & Medic Video's
Here is a list of notable expertise that are not listed under abilities.
Increased Armor
Increases all Armor Protections By 900.
Enhanced Armor
Increases all Armor Protections By 900.
Reduces Hate/Aggro Generation by 50% from healing.
Hasty Resuscitation
Reduces the cooldown of revive by 15 Seconds total
Bacta Efficiency
Reduces the action cost of all you're instant healing abilities by 35%
Bacta Potency
Increases the strength of you're healing by 25%
Bacta Concentration
Increases the heal over time potency of Bacta Infusion And Bacta Burst
Other Players Medic Video's
If you want you're video's listed please shoot me a pm with links and name to put them under!.
My Medic Video's/Erotica

This is going to be updated a bit more Soon

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