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EroticaNew Player Beginner Guide and Prophecy Changes
Welcome new comer and returning player to SWG: Prophecy this will be a guide that gives you a lot of info to get you started on the server/game.

Starting Out:

Upon hitting Mos Eisley there is a few things you can do first and i'll mention a few below.
  • Selecting your profession. this is key before you log in. you have traders who craft about everything a player needs or uses, you have entertainers who dance or play music and buff players. then the main 7 combat classes, Jedi and commando are by far the easiest to level/play starting out. if you plan to AFK Level a character i suggest using commando they have multiple aoe's by level 10 they also have armor breaks by level 30 that help's the group's DPS, they have mines which is their baby for afk leveling.
  • Fixing up the UI, making sure you have the settings to your exact liking. you can find most options under the interface area and offset camera is under the Graphics area.
  • Claiming all the rewards under /claim , you will find stuff like vehicles, a ship, XP Buff chip, and an ITV all of them will be a part of leveling and playing the game.
  • Doing /getvet , this will give you 200 Vet reward tokens that can buy items from the vet reward vendor in Endor at Vengeance Outpost at /wp -2950 5805, every month you can do it once for 60 tokens.
  • You can claim a free level 50 boost by finding any player and doing /refer after targeting them. this will give you a Holocron to boost to level 50, I highly would not use this if you are returning to SWG or new to the game.
  • You can also claim a one-time level 90 boost by visiting any force shrine and /kneeling at it and using the radio menu or ~ key. you can visit /wp 5958 -5685 on Tatooine outside Mos Eisley upon loading to boost straight to 90 i only recommend this if you are not new and know what you are doing.
  • Joining a faction is optional when first joining. to join the imperial faction visit /wp 3490 -4731 in Mos Eisley. For joining the rebellion visit /wp 70 -5348. either recruiter allows you to join a faction.
  • If you have not joined the discord you can by visiting https://swgprophecy.com/ then scrolling down and on the far right joining via the connect button.
  • Finding a guild, this one is up to you and most guilds advertise only in discord. for PvP the two main guilds are TEF for the empire ODIN ran by Vondra or Jak#0044 is the user's discord is the main Rebel PvP Guild here at the time. (contact  Nitro for the empire.) if any rebel guild comes along wanting the reigns of being the Rebel PvP guild contact Nitro do note there are always Imperials ready to fight TEF is a die-hard PvP guild. so any future Rebel PvP guilds coming over keep that in mind you will always have fights.
  • If you are looking for a more PVE Based but a relaxed guild Chavex runs PHNX currently sphiynx is running it while chavex is mia on the rebel side which also houses a lot of EU Players. there is also  NYTES ran by Sintara which is multi-faction and her discord handle is Sintara#9144 and Keye as well helps her run the guild and his discord handle is Keye#3921.
Need Credits??? Then here's a few good ways!
  • Best method to farming credits is selling junk loot that can be farmed in Dearic or Nashal or Moenia. or selling stated loot to a junk dealer NPC or players at 500k-750k a bag usually.
  • Best method to getting credits off the bat is via your vet reward tokens and selling free crates of resource deeds for 1.5m to 2m each.
  • The next best method to credits is an old school way we did in the NGE, which was farming stat loot and selling to a junk dealer every character full is roughly 250,000 to 450,000 credits so 5 characters can yield almost 3million an hour or more a proper bot group that's roaming farming stat loot can yield about 5-10 million an hour this way in a group of 8. the best method of NPCs is night-sisters for this as they can drop up to 2 pieces of stat loot per kill rarely 3.
  • Another method of credits for higher-end/geared players is DeathWatch Bunker or Jedi Holocron farming both can yield great $ when sold to players, the going rate on DWB Liquids has been 20-30 million each, while Sith or Jedi 4/5 Waistpack are roughly 30-50 million.
  • Another Source is selling ranged Enhancements  24-25+ can yield 100-200k pop very regularly.

Gearing Up
  • If you are not able to afford armor yet you are in luck you can do an easy quest as a neutral player I highly suggest as neutral as you can get access to Jabba's palace and unlock DWB without having to go through any of the theme-park, the quest is https://swg.fandom.com/wiki/Avenging_Mort which rewards you with a set of clone trooper armor with 5600 protections good enough till you can buy a set of primus armor off the bazaar.
  • Weapons is a tricky one you can buy some cheap ones for 100,000 credits on vendors by searching under weapons and the type you need. you can also use Rare loot weapons or mustafarian or Kash weapons till you can afford one.
  • Buff Crystals. if you are after crystals such as a shard of retail or lair crystal or any of the Mustafar ones or the village crystal's the best method is farming RLS chest and opening them. they can drop all of the needed buffs as well as perfect power crystals if you are a Jedi.
  • Primus armor. you can buy primus sets of armor by looking under vendor search under misc>wearable container and looking. they can range from 500,000 credit's to 1,500,000 credits. unless it is a rare armor than the price skyrockets.

Space one-time ace trainers.
  • Imperial Rogue Pilot /wp 2443 -3887 (Be combat) (Emperor's Retreat Naboo)
  • Rebel Rogue Pilot (Tatooine Anchorhead bottom of the house) /wp 122 -5347 (Be combat)
  • Neutral Rogue Pilot ((Be on leave if on a faction) /wp -874 1632 (Endor Smuggler Outpost)

TCG Vendor locations.
3 Million credits per TCG Pack.
  • (Series 1) /wp 3457 -4814 (Tatooine  at Mos Eisley)
  • (Series 2) /wp 3457 -4814 (Tatooine  at Mos Eisley)
  • (Series 3) /wp 3457 -4814 (Tatooine  at Mos Eisley)
  • (Series 4  /wp 3457 -4814 (Tatooine  at Mos Eisley)
  • (Series 5) /wp 3457 -4814 (Tatooine  at Mos Eisley)
  • (Series 6) /wp 3457 -4814 (Tatooine  at Mos Eisley)
  • (Series 7) /wp 3457 -4814 (Tatooine  at Mos Eisley)
  • (Series 8) /wp 3457 -4814 (Tatooine  at Mos Eisley)

If you looking for a proper full TCG List of all loot cards by pack with there images visit https://swgprophecy.fandom.com/wiki/Loot_card

Eisley GCW2  Vendors

Brief info on the vendors, they act exactly like (Kash Nunes in Ord ) except that they take GCW2 aka space battle tokens. they have the exact same cost as Kash Nunes this is a massive boost for spacers who have projects that can span months to years to get that perfect part, so duty tokens are no longer the only method here. 

  • Rebel NPC /wp 3374 -4592
  • Imperial NPC /wp 3361 -4600

Heroic Account Wide Unlock NPC & 5 piece vendors & Heroic Loot vendor.
This npc is special after you unlock your first character on your account you can visit it with all your other 4 characters while grouped with the character that completed all pre-quest and all are nearby the NPC. you can have each locked character speak to the NPC and unlock all heroics without having to re-run the quest ever again and saving you hours upon hours.
  • Unlock NPC /wp 5342 -4047 (Dathomir Aurilia Cantina)
  • The room full of Heroic 5 piece vendors. /wp 5354 -4150 (Dathomir Aurilia )
  • Heroic Items NPC Location (Hetzao) /wp 3540 -4779 (Tatooine Mos Eisley)

Event & Custom Vendor locations
  • Osa (The Unobtainable Vendor) /wp 3358 -4775 (Mos Eisley)
  • Hetzao (Heroic Items Vendor) /wp 3541 -4779 (Mos Eisley)
  • Lady Gysyndra (Entertainer Token Vendor) /wp 3371 -4612 (Mos Eisley)
  • Procurable (Publish Gift Items  Vendor) /wp 3500 -4810 (Mos Eisley)
  • Fixer-8 /wp 3481 -4832 (Mos Eisley)
  • Mysterious Droid (Vet token Vendor) /wp 3411 -4798 (Mos Eisley)
  • Meekarov (Vote Rewards Vendor) /wp 3515 -4940 (Mos Eisley)
  • Chera (Anniversary Vendor) /wp 3500 -4810 (Mos Eisley)

Mustafarian Changes and Vendor Locations
  • All Mustafarian instances now reward 2 Mustafar tokens except Old Republic Facility. 3 New Vendors have been created for mustafar tokens.
  • Vendor 1 (M-U14 Mustafar Item Vendor) /wp -2985 5825 (Tatooine Mos Eisley)
  • Vendor 2/3 (Brunk'kssss and Frunk'ssss) /wp 3448 -4861 (Tatooine Mos Eisley)

Special Changes to SWG: Prophecy

  • Elder Jedi Robes are obtainable through MJC Collection. https://swgprophecy.com/showthread.php?t...135#pid135
  • Default Rates on Prophecy are. 4X Heroic Tokens , 2.5X XP Rates/Harvester , 2X Default GCW/GCW Tokens ,X4 Default Duty Tokens , 1X RLS Drop X2 Duty Tokens.
  • RLS System you can obtain Rare,Exceptional,Legendary. chest from any Creature/NPC within 7 levels of yours upon death. https://swg.fandom.com/wiki/Rare_Loot_System
  • Vet Reward Vendor with 2 Vet tokens every day you login. claim through /getvet daily.
  • Actual TCG Game/System from Live emulated and created from scratch by Iosnowore. You can buy packs ingame only with credits this is the only way to obtain packs other then the 5 free monthly packs from /getb
  • Mustafar Token System with vendors.
  • Pets Share your Buffs and Debuffs.
  • Entertainer Token System.

Community Guides List

Veteran Token System

Upon logging in you can claim 200 Veteran  Reward Tokens via command with  /getvet. The tokens can be used on many things i will go through them all below with waypoints to what vendor. note you can get 60 tokens every month by logging in and doing /getvet. the vendor to spend tokens is in Mos Eisley Tatooine in the cantina at /wp 3411 -4799

Custom Pets on Prophecy Info.

Krayt Dragon Abilities

  • Health Leech 1-3 & Drain Essence (Health Leech 4 found on the  Heroic Vendor)
  • Disease 1-5
  • Enfeeble 1-5
  • Puncture 1-3
  • Bolster Armor 1-5
  • Provoke
  • Shield Master
  • Dancing Pet

UPDATE: updated the post with all new changes and new info about the server and touched up errors. i will be adding  stuff as i go as i am upkeeping almost a dozen post this takes time. if you have any questions feel free to reach out to Nitro
UPDATE: updated the post With new guide links. will be adding more stuff later.
UPDATED The QOL List at https://swgprophecy.com/showthread.php?tid=739
UPDATED added the new GCW2 vendor locations and brief info about how they work.

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