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Erotica-IE- Imperial Emporium
This thread will be under construction a lot.

Brief List of Items i'm selling atm

Old Resources in stacks of 100k Bricks:2million (500k more then a 30k deed for 70k more resources) you'll find mainly high-end stuff no-longer obtainable unless deeded.
Hoth Snowspeeder ITVS:5m each
60 point rasp:100m
Jedi 4/5 Waist:75m
60 point Blackwing Rancor:250m
Master tamers necklaces:22.5m each
1H OR Hilt schems:15m
Most tcg cards: 2.5m to 5mil
89+ Iso's:200k each
11+ Lyase:1mil each
PLC:12.5mil each
BL:10mil each
Jetpack base:20mil each
47 5piece heroic sets:25m each
tactical binocs:2.5m each
Crates of capped battle/assault primus cores:10m crate of 100
Ferv Mutation mod bits:5m each
tk rucksacks:30m each

adding stuff as i go

-IE- (Weaponsmith Vixenkitty)
Old weapon stock/caps:100k
Non Auged 1190-1192 (Acid) Rifles/Carbines/Pistols:250k each
Non Auged 1190-1192 (Heat) Rifles/Carbines/Pistols:250k each
Non Auged 1190-1192 (Elec) Rifles/Carbines/Pistols:250k each
Non Auged 1190-1192 (Cold) Rifles/Carbines/Pistols:250k each
Non Auged 1390-1394 (RK's are 1373) Heavies:250k each
Auged CR-1's 1418-1435:5m
ETK 1211 DPS Heat(26 Crit 246Action +1 Damage):25mil
Massassi Enforcer Blade 1247 DPS (25 Crit 224 Action +2 Damage):10mil
Non Auged CC-V's 1388-1392 DPS:1mil each

-IE- Armorsmith
OR PSG 83.5R 2499E:1.5mil each
OR PSG 80.6R 2499E:750K each
OR PSG 79R 2499E:300K each
OR PSG 78:9R 2499E:250K each
Regular PSG'S 78.9R 2499E:250K each
Primus Battle Suits (Coming Soon ~ Block,Heavy,HP,CHR,Pistol,Carbine~):500k each suit
Primus Assault Suits(Rifle,Heavy,Carbine,Block):500k each suit
R.I.S Suits (Coming Soon HP,Heavy,CHR):3mil each suit
Non Layered Battle/Assault (No built in ~ Coming Soon):250k each suit

-IE- & -Sunspear- Foods (i do not plan to heavy stock and my prices will be higher slightly.)
I'll be stocking soon once i get my factories running.

-IE- BM  Inc 
Element Processors 3.0P/1.2+M:250k to 500k
Element Centrifuge 3.0P/1.2+M:350k to 500k
Element Re-processor 3.0P/1.2M+ 200K to 300k
Element Processing Canisters 3.0P/1.52M:1mil per Crate of 50
Element Re-Processing Cap 3.0P/1.52M:750k per Crate of 50
Enzyme Centrifuge Separation Tray 3.0P/1.69M:1.5mil per Crate of 50

Vendors Waypoint: /wp 1124 -5294 
in Naboo Heart of Darkness inside the Diner by the shuttle.

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