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EroticaNew Content Ideas./QOL List
This thread is something i'll update regularly with ideas i come up with.


New Mandalorian Group Boss Death watch based. that can be started in the same way as the undead rancor that summons DeathWatch  Waves of loyal fighters then calls down the Boss at the end of the last wave that comes with his loyal royal guards.

The loot..this is something that would be insane and people would go nuts over...Craftable Boba-fett armor you see him wear ingame. the boss could be a world boss that maybe roams the DWB outside as well with his followers. and he has a chance to drop new items some of which are the Schematics for the new armor. this boss should also be hard .

(Mandalorian Jetpack collection)
Remove all jetpack pieces from the loot tables and replace with new jetpack pieces that are a new collection lootable in DWB off the npcs that drop liquids.

Complete the Entire Collection
Reward:1 Time use  Schem for a DWB Jetpack Backpack (65 Slots)
The jetpack exist ingame and also has a unused/uncompleted version for a backpack one and this would be a great addition to Prophecy as well as a new collection. the old jetpack parts should be moved to blacksun on endor/yavin only which also increases the rarity of the jetpack which atm is currently very easy to farm.

QOL Ideas/Suggestions that would help.
Increase the manufacturing schematic size from 1000 to 10,000 max.
Reduce factory object crafting timers by 30%-50%.
Allow shipwrights to factory run parts and ship chassis.
Increase the listing times for items from 30d to 60d
Move the Weapon Aug/enhancers and power bit to the weapon skin instead of the core(Helps with a broken weapon system that also had bad rolls on live)
Reduce the cooldown on all TCG Buffs from 1 hour to 30 minutes.
Remove No trade from all mustafar looted buffs from the instances.
Add stats to the chiss poacher backpack (this thing takes more work to get yet has no stats).
Make All Mustafar Weapons Deconstructable.
Make all non Heroic weapons have a  slight DPS bonus on the skin. 
Add a crafter heroic set for traders that effects crafting.
Increase the Crafting Assembly buff term buff timer from 5 minutes to maybe 15 or 30 minutes.
Remove Gender Restrictions from all clothing.
Purchasable Augs/Enhancements with heroic tokens.
Make recycler parts stackable
Bring back the craftable  grenades for WS and buff them up slightly (heres the link to the list https://swg.fandom.com/wiki/Grenades )
New Entertainer heroic set for buffing (Such as bigger ticks , longer buffs)
Add the elemental damage and % to lightsaber color crystals as seen in this image ( https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/6...ot0001.jpg )
Boost TCG Item Buffs (Either lower there CD by half or to 15 min like shard..and boost there buff timer to 10min like wampa arm or make it. its own buff line) currently they are useless they take the D slot give less then shard of ret and also are the same timer yet 60min cd except wampa is a 10 minute buff yet still useless.
Add a Clothing color kit craftable by tailors.
Add a craftable DE item that can change crafted object names  i.e rename armor weapons clothing but craftable by DE kinda like color kits.
Bring back 11+1 Lyase(They were working fine here all they do is allow you to cap a pet without missing a stat which degrades pet values maybe add them as a rare RLS Drop or cost for heroic tokens).
Change the imperial color from grey to light blue.
Limit the amount of Bounty Hunters from 3 to 2 that can hunt any player at once.
Merge all Battlefield tokens into one type of token and increase the cost of items I.E armor pieces 25 per , Weapons 100 per.

Add a bank terminal to restuss.
Add a bank terminal and bazaar to Mustafar
Allow jedi to add a melee aug/enhancer to the lightsaber this would also up the price on the items that currently a majority of the game do not use melees.

New Unlockable Jedi Class (Jedi consular or Sage) Healer 
So here is the old thread I created https://swgprophecy.com/showthread.php?tid=257
However came up with some new ideas for the spec that are below.
Current Jedi who completed the elder robes+MJC collection. can talk to a new NPC. this NPC will send you to locations throughout the galaxy where there are force ghosts, such as Obi-wan  Kenobi. you will also be sent to locations where only Jedi can enter similar to the Aurilia fog but only a Jedi can enter (Use Yavin , Endor , Dathomir) you will then be tasked with killing Sith Assassins and as you go through the latter of  areas the waves you get an increase in difficulty till eventually, you fight a new mini-boss that is purely Darkside that will also use the classes new abilities as a hybrid to fight you. after completing the jedi trials you are then granted a new profession wheel much similar to the space wheel. but with a catch. there will be new groups of humanoid npc's throughout the galaxy  on (Yavin , Endor , Dathomir) that are Jedi that are exiled and are former Jedi consular's or lightside elders or darkside elders they will be in groups of 3-6 and randomly spawn.
You as a Jedi will now have to hunt them down and will be rewarded XP to your new profession wheel , upon hitting max in the wheel you will return to the NPC that started the grind , The NPC's will also have a very small chance to drop a Holocron that rewards a medium XP amount to the new profession wheel that can be sold or used by any Jedi that are going through the Jedi consular trials unlock. upon hitting max trials you will then be given a new force ghost message from the new NPC that tells you to return for your reward. 
Unlocked a 6th Character Slot.
Option on the 6th Slot to talk to a New NPC that can only be found at one of the Jedi shrines throughout the galaxy that will Convert you into the new Jedi Consular. unless you decide to use this for a old profession you will have to pay a fee of XP holocrons to return to Jedi Consular by Talking to the NPC again. Yes you have to relevel too.
Elder Jedi Title and badge for that character/Account.
No-Trade Shared Kenobi's Legacy Crystal.
A quest to unlock your new robes at 90.  after completing the jedi/sith holocron collection (Yes you would have to regrind this unless staff found a way to add it to the new character without killing the market)
Granted Jedi Force Ghost Ability we had on live as a elder
Jedi can group together for  Shared XP/Quest.
The new profession wheel is multiple tiers of XP to grind kinda how space professions are and how PRE-CU padawan trials were. 
New TEF system is added in for jedi fighting the new npc's ( No One but jedi can help you this means you are tefed so no heals no buffs unless it is from a jedi can effect you. this would create a whole you are on your own you have to fight either solo or with other jedi on the new quest. you  can get buffed before fighting but cant be effected by others during fighting npcs )
[Image: SWGJH2.jpg?width=954&height=636]
Added Jedi Consular to the very last area of the post.

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