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JacenSoloAuto Invite Macro
/alias ll /invite <----- Write this into your chat bar and run once to create the entry in the alias.txt file


/ui action startChatReply;
/ui action chatCursorHome;
/ui action chatCursorRight;
/ui action chatDelete;
/ui action chatDelete;
/ui action chatEnter;
/tell [b][your name][/b] Auto Invite is running....; <---- replace with your characters first name, delete the brackets
/pause 8;
/macro invite2;

Now all anyone has to do is send you a tell and you will auto target them and send them a group invite. You must be the group leader in order to do this.
The /tell in the 3rd to last line sends yourself a message so you don't end up spamming the last person you sent an invite to.

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