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Master Underworld Smuggler
I believe that my uncle made a similar post a while back but I didn't see it here.  Please revamp MUS PvP missions, currently they only pay out 10 more faction upon completion than standard missions.  The risk/reward just is not worth it when one can run a couple more missions in a sitting with little to no risk and end up with the same rewards.  I would like to suggest making the PvP missions payout double that of the PvE missions.  I love my Smuggler and will continue to do these missions either way but would LOVE to see a revamp of these missions, would make for interesting hunting for the resident BHs as well Smile
I did post something similar in the old forums a while back and still agree
SOE never added it for increased points they added it as a form of PvP back on live for the smuggler PvP community who wanted a aspect of pvp without having to flag up. it was never meant to give more just a bonus if you wanted action. plus it takes roughly 2h to max underworld if you set it up properly .

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