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ChavexReeCG (NEW Trading Card System) and how to use it
1. Much like before, you will still get 5 free packs per month by using the /getb command.  You can still also purchase packs for 3 million credits per pack via the TCG Vendors at Vengeance Outpost on Endor.

2. Once you have selected your packs and have them in your inventory, either double click them or use the radial menu and select "Use" to enter them into the TCG "system"  They should disappear if they are successfully redeemed.  *Note: The script that does this is quite involved and it is possible that you may get the error "This Card has NOT been successfully redeemed".  Not to worry, you may have just clicked too quickly, just give it a second or two to catch up and try again.

3. Now the easy part.  In your chat window just type /claim and any loot items you got from those packs will show up in the rewards window.  No need to log into the TCG.  There is approx a 20% chance of getting a loot item from a pack, so it is possible you could get 5 items or anywhere in between all the way to  0 items.
Oh! Thank you SO MUCH!! I received many treasures Big Grin This is WAY easier! Have a WONDERFUL day!!

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