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ReeduxPatch Notes 4.5.0
Greetings Prophecy!  
Vengeance server will be going down today for Game Hotfix 4.5.0.

A client patch is needed for this update so make sure to run the launcher and update!
Galactic Moon Festival Has now been enabled.
Changed Server Rates Are As Follows.
3x Restuss Comms
2x Mustafar Tokens
3x GCW Point
4x GCW Token
Galactic Moon Festival
New badge boxes from previous years/new costumes, on new vendor
Crafted Spider and Bat pheromone items fixed, ones already created will need to go to fixer
Proper sign item placed on the vendor
Any costume can be used for trick or treating
Ugnaught costume fixed
Rewards added to the end of heroics/undead rancor for the event (one per character)
Bug Fixes
Officer stims now follow there levels properly,
Invisible augments should now appear properly in inventories
Battle worn rebel assault gloves now act like gloves
POB's can now be properly repaired
Restuss armor/weapons no longer sellable on the junk dealer
Eliminate rebel/imperial quests from invasions now auto complete
Stopped the infinite spawning banks/bazaar terminals in Vengeance
New BH trophy helmets will not be equippable
Added Vader pod controls (will require fixer for ones already in circulation)
Tusken rifle elite calls for the correct resources
Rubina will no longer get stuck in a quest loop if you are able to go to the WOD theme park but still have quests to do, she can now also remove incomplete collections after you finished or have the quest to move on
New Features
Combat ent's 5 piece now grants a better action cost reduction.
Multiple pob's can be decorated.
Jukebox added to vote reward vendor
very nice

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