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XanXan's Strikethrough Guide

I made this guide since I could not easily find this information out in any one place. I have taken information from multiple sources that I combined with my and my friends testing.

Strikethrough is a stat that you can stack in SWG and if you use it properly it can do wonderful things. Unlike critical strike though, it is a lot more complex. I have taken a while to understand this stat and with the help of some friends I believe I have figured out MOST of it.

The first thing you need to understand about strikethrough is where it lands in the combat rolls and how it differs from a critical strike.

The first thing you should know is that strikethrough can only happen if the attack does not miss, get dodged, or get parried. So those defenses counter strikethrough well. Strikethrough rolls before critical strike so if you fail a combat roll for a strikethrough you still have a chance to crit. Strikethrough and crits also cannot be glanced. They CAN be blocked even though it doesnt read in the combat log I have confirmed that ST's and crits get reduced by a block.  What it does better than crit though is it is NOT effected by crit hit reduction! This stat seems to mainly be designed with PVP in mind.

Critical strikes increase the damage of an attack by (1%-50%) and can be very powerful. In fact, with my personal testing critical strikes can actually do the same or more damage to LOW ARMOR TARGETS. This is mainly PVE of course as most pvp’ers have a good amount of armor. Where strikethrough shines is attacking high armor targets. The whole point of the roll is to hit THROUGH the targets armor so it makes sense that the more armor of your target the more effective your attack will be against them in comparison to other attacks.

The next thing you need to understand about strikethrough is that there are TWO stats that are important to stack in order to use strikethrough effectively unlike critical strike. These are called Strikethrough chance and Strikethrough Value.

Strikethrough Chance:
This increases the chance you will land a strikethrough attack. Very straightforward and similar to critical strike chance. The main difference is this stat is it is incredibly hard to stack. Unlike crit, you cannot get this in an entertainer buff, it is not in a lot of expertise trees and having it on exotics gives you significantly less than a critical chance increase would give. Having strikethrough chance on an exotic only increases your chance by (not exactly) around .5%. So having it on all three only gives an additional 1.5% chance. With crit, if you stack REGULAR critical chance increase you get 2% PER exotic SEA. You can get some chance from from some regular stats like precision or luck.

We get .5% ST chance from each 100 precision and the same from luck. This is not bad considering how hard it is to get this stat. There are a few professions that give some STC in their expertise so keep that in mind as well. Also, if you are using Razor Cat as a spy you receive some ST chance % from that as well. Now we are moving on to the harder of the two stats to understand: Strikethrough Value.

Strikethrough Value:
This stat determines how much of the targets armor that you actually penetrate with your attack. You can get a strikethrough on an attack and only get through 30% of their armor which may or may not be worth having instead of a critical strike. So there for if you stack strikethrough chance you will also want to have a good amount of Value as well to make sure your strikethrough’s hit as hard as possible.
Where critical strikes can land anywhere from a 1-50% damage increase, strikethrough can go up to 98% through the targets armor! As a spy I personally have gotten MASSIVE hits with this especially in pvp. Getting hit by an ability that strikes through 98% of your armor sure does hurt! Through all my testing it does seem that 98% is the “cap” hit you can get with a strikethrough. I have not in all my testing or research seen anything at 99 or 100% but I have been able to get ALOT of 97% and 98%.

There are two ways buffs give you ST value. One is a flat % increase like Luck or the Jedi meditation buff. These give you Strike through value %. The second way is strike through value points like flameout. Flameout gives 30.0 value. For a number without a "%" sign, each point adds .5%. So for flameout which gives 30.0 value that equates to 15% value. The other case you see this is the ST value stat buff you get from killing IG-88 10 times. You get 10 value in total which equates to 5% value.

Strikethrough is similar to crit in that each time you land one the amount of the attack is always different. Where crit can land between 1-50% damage increase, strikethrough lands in a % range of the amount of armor you have penetrated. I have done a lot of testing on what determines the RANGE that your strike through % amounts can land in. I really wanted to find out why one strikethrough can go through 50% of armor and another can go through 85%.

This next part is the part I am not 100% sure on but it sure seems to lean this way with all my testing. I have not confirmed with any outside sources.
So, it seems that the percentage amount of St value you have is correlated to your “max” strike through you can get. For example if I had the stats for a total of 95% value, the highest strike through I can land is a 95% hit. That is pretty straightforward, but what determines the “minimum” percentage strikethrough you can land with a given value? With my testing it is leaning to this formula (although again not confirmed by any means other than my personal testing): Min Value= STV/2

So if you have 90% Strike through value then you should be landing strikethroughs that range from 45% and 90% armor penetration. What you can take from this not only is your range but it also tells us that stacking value OVER 100% does in fact increase your range further! It increases you minimum value only though. Your maximum hit can not go over the 98% mark.
So for example: if somehow you achieved 140% strike through value, your hits will land between (140/2) 70% and 98%. So there is diminishing return here but that stat still does something over 100% which is interesting.

Most Common Ways to stack value:
The best way is Luck by far. 100 luck = 10% value. So if you have 1000 luck that is 100% value on its own.
Jedi ST buff. (50% of this server)
Killing IG 10 times (5%)
Flameout (15%)
Exotics: 8 value per exotic which is 4% each.
Power ups: around 28 value so 14% each.

Strikethrough is definitely hard to stack and probably only suits a handful of professions. I made this guide because I could not find most of this information easily and definitely not in one place. Please let me know how your testing compared to mine. Again I am not saying that all of this is 100% correct. These are just the conclusions I have reached through testing and research. I hope this helps you out in your builds!
thanks for the post, good to see someone crunching down the numbers.
There is actually a minimum and maximum value for Strikethrough that you need to take into account. The ST Value you get from Vision of the Present is also 50 flat, not 50%. Not only would 50% not make sense mathematically because there's no way of knowing if it's a 50% to Minimum or 50% to Maximum (It would over-cap the Minimum Value), but that's just way too much compared to any other source you get ST Value from. It's more logical for it to be a 50 Flat ST Value and I'm pretty sure that unless it was changed on this server to be a %, chances are good it's still a flat value. The same goes for the Evasion Value Meditate buff as well, though I can't recall off the top of my head if that's a % or a flat value. Anyway, here's the formula you can use to math out your Minimum and Maximum Strikethrough and Evasion Values.

10% + (Luck / 10) + (Evasion Value / 2) = Max Evasion Value
5% + (Luck / 20) + Evasion Value / 4) = Min Evasion Value
10% + (Luck / 10) + (Strikethrough Value / 2) = Max Strikethrough Value
5% + (Luck / 20) + (Strikethrough Value / 4) = Min Strikethrough Value
Hard cap 49% minimum and 98% maximum


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