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ChavexSWG: Prophecy Multiple Account Policy
SWG Prophecy Multiple Account Policy

Access Requests

SWG Prophecy allows only one account per household. In order for more members of the same household ip to get into game without being deactivated, you will need to submit a picture of all players left hands with forum handles on paper above each hand (on hand is acceptable if legible). Tickets with the above mentioned information can be submitted here: 

General rule of thumb (pun intended), there can only be 1 account per hand in the pictures. These need to be submitted in a forum ticket and brought to the attention of one of the CSR's. Once all information is verified (Account name of second account - Picture with each players matching hands and forum handles) You will be granted access. This is entirely at the discretion of the CSR and Admin teams. 

All players within the household are required to remain in good standing with the server. EG, excessive infractions, warnings and abuse of any kind can and likely will affect your multi access status. 

Households with members that are banned, will likely also have their accounts suspended. This has been the policy and will remain until otherwise noted. 

Creating a second account without obtaining approval first will net an infraction on the main account, and subsequent approvals can be suspended. 

Audits happen regularly and it is always recommended to get the approval first before creating the account to ensure the system doesn't immediately kick it into banned or suspended status.

Account Sharing

Sharing accounts (including approved multiple accounts) is not permitted.  Each account is granted for the approved individual only.  Account sharing is when you log into an account that is not your own (to include family members or others in the same household) even if you have permission from the actual account owner.  This also includes having multiple accounts logged in from the same PC at the same time.


Additional accounts that are created, without authorization, will be terminated. The original account will receive an infraction for having an unauthorized, multiple account. Exceptions to this policy can be made should there be others in a household wishing to create a SWG: Prophecy account. Thus, refer to the Multiple Account Policy above. 
Multiple Account Authorizations can and will be revoked, for all accounts that fail to maintain good standing and status. 
Ban evasion through the creation of multiple accounts is not permitted. Doing so will result in the additional account being terminated, as well as the possibility of the original ban being lengthened, leading up to and including account termination.

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