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ChavexSWG: Prophecy Discord Guidelines
Discord Guidelines


The SWG: Prophecy Discord Guidelines supplements the Terms of Service and Code of Conduct. Violating these guidelines carries with it the same consequences as if you violated the Terms of Service or Code of Conduct.

Messages deemed as “inappropriate” in any channel, or any that violate any of the rules included here or in the Terms of Service or Code of Conduct, will be removed and will not be reposted.

Should you encounter any issue that potentially violates these guidelines, you can send a member of the SWG: Prophecy staff a Direct Message (DM) via Discord, or report the offense directly to Discord.

Player Channel Guidelines

#server-discussion - Relevant in-game or server discussions, discussions on updates, events, gear, leveling, anything related to SWG: Prophecy servers. 

#general - Discussions about non-server related topics. (No Politics or related discussions)

#cantina;- Reserved for the use of Star Wars and non Star Wars related pictures and memes. This is a NSFW channel and thus is 18+. This does not give leniency to violate any of the guidelines listed in the Code of Conduct or Terms of Service. (No political memes/posts)

#screenshots - Appropriate screenshots of SWG: Prophecy.

#top-g-voting - A new thread for TopG Requests will be posted at a new month, everyone please remember to vote daily.

#community-suggestions - A link thread for player idea discussions from the forums. Keep the threads on the forums clear of flaming and trolling; Standard moderation will apply. https://swgprophecy.com/forum/galactic-i...uggestions is the new home for the discussions so they see proper light.

#player-announcements - One announcement per 24 hours from the players last post. Keep it as brief and concise as possible.

#player-guides - Helpful information or guides for the SWG: Prophecy player community.

#space - Pilot and space relevant discussions.

#trade;- Discussions and auctions are not allowed. This channel is for posting looking to buy items in game (WTB, LTB), looking to sell items in game (WTS, LTS), looking to trade items in game (WTT, LTT), and/or price checks on items in game (PC). Please use direct messages for anything that's not anything listed above. If you wish to organize an auction, please use the forums. Shop postings may utilize a picture advertisement or may use up to 10 lines to showcase your wares.  Shop postings are limited to one post every 24 hours.

#tester-army - Active tickets will be posted for on going tests. If you have a ticket on mantis you may be pinged here to update it if its requiring more information. Please if you have not done so, register for mantis and be as detailed as humanly possible.

#lfg - Looking For Group discussions are frowned upon. LFG posts are only allowed in order to form and find groups. This channel is used preferably for Heroic Instances but can be used for general group finding and creating.

#resources - Discussions on resources only. This includes what's currently in spawn, what was in spawn and what might be in spawn.

#crafting - Crafting discussions only, looking for crafter, crafter comparisons of crafted items or resource relevance.

#pvp - In game PvP relevant discussions, setting up and coordinating in game PvP.

#beast-master - Beastmaster relevant discussions.

#city-guild-recruiting - City and player association (guild) discussions are frowned upon. Player association or city recruitment posts are only allowed in order to form, find, or establish player associations or cities.

#roleplay - Reserved for relevant in game roleplaying discussions, setting up roleplay and role play events in game.

#gcw - All topics related to non-PVP Galactic Civil War (GCW) attributes.

#entertainers-medics-buffers - Discussion and requests for player buffs.

#starwars-spoilers - Discussion about new and future Star Wars films and shows.

General Guidelines

1) Harassment

Creating an unpleasant or hostile situation - especially by uninvited and unwelcome verbal conduct - that repeatedly targets a specific player or group. Harassment is a broad category, and refers to the intent of the message, not simply the literal understanding of the words used. Harassment in any form is strictly prohibited on the SWG: Prophecy Discord server.

SWG: Prophecy will do everything it can to help ensure a comfortable environment free from harassment, however the responsibility of the player cannot be overlooked.  Discord has numerous tools at your disposal to help unwanted communication between players, such as disabling Direct Messaging, blocking certain players, etc. We ask that players utilize those tools to assist us.

2) Obscene and Vulgar Communications

Verbal or written (images, videos, text) communication that disparages or discriminates against any race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, nation, disability or creed is strictly forbidden on the SWG: Prophecy Discord server. This includes - but is not limited to - the use of masked language, the use of alternate spellings,  symbols of obscene or vulgar words and phrases and/or inappropriate usernames, profile pictures, custom statuses, etc.

3) Staff Attacks

SWG: Prophecy is a nonprofit project that was created for the community. Every staff member that is involved in SWG: Prophecy contributes their personal time and effort towards the project and receives no financial compensation in return. Because of this, it is important to emphasize that any personal attacks, harassment, inferred intention or otherwise unwanted attention of any kind towards a SWG: Prophecy staff member will not be tolerated. 

4) Violation of Local/State/Federal/International Law

Any action that is in violation of local, state, federal, or international law is strictly prohibited on the SWG: Prophecy Discord server. Any criminal activity on the server will result in the loss of access to all services provided by SWG: Prophecy.

5) Staff Directions

Any directions given by the SWG: Prophecy staff must be followed as soon as reasonably possible. Refusal to obey these directions, may result in additional discord actions taken to enforce the directions. 

No SWG: Prophecy staff member will direct you to reveal any personal information aside from your SWG: Prophecy registered email, account name, or Discord name. This information is required to access the SWG: Prophecy Discord server.

6) Masking Trolling

Disguising trolling as the topics of any of the Discord channels does not grant license to violate these or any rules. Claiming the use of “Discussing real Roleplay” or “Working out a trade deal” will not be accepted in defense of any of the policies above.

7) Discord Disruptions

Please do not cause or participate in public disruptions on the SWG: Prophecy Discord server. We understand arguments occur and players will disagree on many things. However, it becomes an issue when disagreements start disrupting the chat for other players. If situations like this escalate, a staff member, most likely a CSR, will step in and either quell or de-escalate the scene.

2. Spamming

2.a Voice Chat
Spamming through the use of voice chat is not allowed. This involves transmitting disruptive, usually deafening, sounds through the connected microphone.

2.b Text Chat
Spamming through the use of text is not allowed. This is defined by - but not limited to - the excessive use of repeated letters, words, sentences, paragraphs, quotes, images, and phrases. This form of communication is not limited to the usage of by one player.

8) Sharing Personal Player Information

Any action that makes a reference to or blatantly shows personal information of any player is strictly forbidden. This does not apply to sharing your own personal information, though it is not recommended to do so. 

9) Advertising Other Servers

Advertising other Star Wars Galaxies servers is not allowed under any circumstances. This is simply because it is disrespectful to the SWG: Prophecy staff and the project itself. This includes both open and private promotions

10) Discord Account Guidelines

 Users are allowed one discord account for their gameplay account.  Attempts to circumvent this by having multiple discord accounts is not authorized and the alternate accounts will be permanently removed from the SWG: Prophecy Discord Server.

Attempts to use other discord accounts to either circumvent action to your main discord or to appear as another member of the community is prohibited.  Alternate accounts created for this purpose will be removed.

11) Enforcement 

 Discord is a valuable tool to help communications in game, however it is not required to play.  SWG: Prophecy will use a 3 strike policy with regards to enforcement, however SWG: Prophecy Staff may take any of the following steps at any time:

1st Strike: Verbal/written warning to the offending player(s) and a warning on the gameplay/forum account(s)

2nd Strike: Seven day ban from SWG: Prophecy discord server and a second warning on the gameplay/forum account(s)

3rd Strike: Permanent ban from SWG: Prophecy discord server and a third warning on the gameplay/forum account(s)

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