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ChavexGame Update 4.5.3 Patch Notes
Greetings Prophecy!
Vengeance Server will go offline today for Game Update 4.5.3
A client patch is needed for this update so make sure to run the Launcher and update!
Ewok Festival of Love is enabled and updated for 2021 badges/content.

Festival of Love Adjustments:
Matchmaking collection is no longer specific
Rejection Debuff time reduced to 5 minutes
Quality of Life Updates:
City decorations can now be rotated at 45 degree angles
The following items form the Chu-gon Dar cube can no longer be sold to the junk dealer:
Constitution Boost Stim
Stamina Boost Stim
Willpower Boost Stim
Poison Interdiction powder
Poison Prevention powder
Synthetic powder
Bug Fixes:
Added the Empire Strikes Back poster to fixer for no trade removal
Removed the "No Trade" from the Imperial Life Support Flight Suit (and added it to the Fixer list for existing items)
Event vendors will now accept regular credits again
EFOL "Mr. Hate" quest will now allow players to complete it.

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