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adorkdarkflyGalactic Homeshow (April 2021) Community & Staff
[Image: t5Y8xzT.png]

That time is upon us, The Galactic Homeshow for April is now OPEN!

Simply post a waypoint for your humble abode you wish to enter and you are then entered into the show!  Top three finalists will receive a one of a kind painting of your home to display or TCG packs of your choice! Entries can be made until the 26th of April, with the results being posted the following week.

Special for this month, we are having a separate Homeshow for staff members.  The catch for this is that you the community will decide who is the best decorator on staff. Staff will have until April 16th to submit their entry then we will make a separate post with a poll and you will be able to vote on your favorite there.
wp lok -742 -3140
House of PHNX, entering for the Staff Homeshow /way talus -4386 -6059
Entering my garage for staff homeshow, CorStar Industries, Dantooine in Volusia wp is -1733 5225
Entering my Starship hanger for the staff home show... Texas Starship Repair in the city of order wp 6730 -1133 dantooine
Fireflight Guild Hall lok 4091 -3371
Entering my Pool House in the Staff Homeshow.

Corellia 4716 699
Dantooine, Volusia,  wp -1454 5189

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