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ChavexFriday Feature: All about Fish
[Image: klIZiH4.png]

Greetings Prophecy!  Its time for another installment of the Friday Feature, today's topic is Fish and Fishing.  Hope you enjoy!

Not everything in SWG has to be about running and gunning. Sometimes we like to sit back, enjoy the scenery and maybe even do some
fishing. Now, I'm sure most of you know that fishing is a thing in SWG, but for those that don't know and those of you who haven't tried it, I'll give you a quick and dirty rundown of the mechanic.

Getting Ready to Fish
So, what do we need to fish?  Well pretty simple really, we need a fishing pole, some bait, and some suitable water. (Extra credit for a sweet fishing attire, but not required lol)

Fishing Pole
Its an equippable item and it takes the place of your weapon.  It can contain one stack of bait in it (and its similar to a lightsaber as you have to unequip it and open it to either add or change your bait).  Fishing poles are crafted by traders and there is still debate whether the quality of the pole really matters or not when fishing, but if you can make or get one rated at 70 or higher you should be fine.

Fishing Bait
There are 4 types of fishing bait in game: Grub Bait, Worm Bait, Chum Bait, and Insect Bait. They are all effectively the same during fishing, so doesn't matter which type you use (seriously, doesn't matter).

How do I get bait?
Well you have 2 main ways to do it.  You can simply walk around and /forage to get the Non-Chum Bait varieties, or after you start fishing and catching fish, you can filet your caught fish and get Chum Bait from them in addition to the fish meat.  You won't need much to get started, as you only lose the bait if a fish steals the bait or if your line snaps.  A stack of 5-10 will get you going until you can start resupplying with Chum Bait from your caught fish.

Fishing Locations
You can fish on any planet except Kashyyyk and Mustafar (Yes, that means you can fish on Tatooine!)  When you start fishing the location will pop up and show you two factors:  Fish Density and Vegetation.  they are on a 0 to 5 star scale rating.  High fish density will lead to more nibbles and bites (and in theory more caught fish) and High Vegetation will lead to more junk items like datadisks and has a higher chance of snagging your line when a fish bites.  Ultimately, having a lower vegetation is more important/preferred than a high fish density.  The loss of bait with snagged lines is more troublesome and should be avoided if you can. Also important, you want to find an area of shallow water so you can walk around a bit to move and try to improve your catch chances.

Okay Okay, I got my pole, my bait and I found some water..... Now how do I fish?

Glad you asked, just walk in the water a bit (don't go too far as if you start swimming you won't be able to fish), and then type /fish to start the mini game.

Once that is done you should get a pop up window within a few seconds.

[Image: i8RFT6x.png?1]
This window gives us a lot of information, it tells us the fish density and vegetation like we mentioned just a bit ago, it tells us how far away our line is (hint: keep it 3-5 m away from you so you're not running around trying to catch it), shows us our bait status, and the status of the fish in general and your next action.
A good rule is to always have your "Next Action" filled with a command.  It doesn't matter whether you select Tug up/right/left etc as they all essentially do the same thing, but you always want an action in the queue so when the mini game updates, it defaults to that action.  Lets go a bit further and discuss the mini game updates:

We're doing just that, waiting for a fish to find your delicious bait 
A fish is around your bait and investigating
You got yourself a bite, now its time to set the hook and reel in your catch if you can
Caught Something:
You've caught your fish, but its not over yet, now you need to reel in your catch

In order to catch a fish, you have to go through those  phases.  Once you get a "Caught Something" message and you select your next action the pop up window should go away and then you start to reel in your fish.  We had talked about keeping ourselves 3-5 away from our fishing line and this is where it pays off.  The fish is gonna run and move and move your fishing line, which is fine, but in order to reel in your catch, you must have the line about 3-5 meters from you.  Don't get too close or you'll lose your fish, and vice versa don't be too far away or you'll lose it as well.  (Hint: If you are having trouble finding that sweet spot, try walking out in the water a bit and then turning to face the shore and fishing that way, as the fish can't run away onto land, so it limits how far away they can go)

Hey, look at that, I caught a fish!  What do I do with it?
Well in addition to having a pretty cool piece of decoration for your house, you can also filet the fish and get fish meat which can be used in food crafting, you can also start working on your fishing collection which will get you some pretty cool rewards (a nice fish tank for your house if you complete them all)

[Image: qsjR0GS.png?1]

Now, as far as the varieties of fish, each planet will have the main fish varieties seen here:

[Image: mXtxwyF.png?1]
In addition, they will have "rare" varieties which are used for the collections and Naboo, Dathomir, Endor and Yavin have special fish varieties for the follow on fishing collections.

So that's fishing in a nutshell, if you've never tried it you'll either love it or hate it lol.  Feel free to ask any questions pertaining to it, and come on out to one of the fishing tournaments we have to test your angling ability and get some cool prizes.

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